27 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I have been an automotive technician since 1996. Over my career I've worked on all types of Asian, Domestic, and European vehicles. My years of experience enable me to diagnose and repair any automotive issues my customers may have.

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on November 22

Carlos was a really nice guy and I enjoyed my time talking to him. However, I would never want him to service my car again. First, he cancelled/requested to change my appointment twice. The first time was OK, as it had worked better with my schedule, but the second time was literally 10 minutes before our rescheduled appointment. The excuse was the store he went to to get supplies for my oil change didn't have the synthetic one my car needs. I'm sorry, but that doesn't seem like my problem. I know things happen, but I think that would be on the mechanic and YourMechanic to solve any of those issues internally. Secondly, I paid for him to check my ABS light as it had been on. He ran some sort of diagnostic and told me that my brake sensor was broken on my front right wheel and I need to go to the tire shop to get it fixed. I went to the tire shop and told them what Carlos had told me. They then went to the computer to check and told me my 2006 mini cooper doesn't have brake sensors. As a result, I feel like I had wasted money on the inspection fee as Carlos gave me improper information. Lastly, I went to the tire shop not only to ask about my brake sensor but because I needed two new front wheels. If Carlos had done the 50-point inspection as it states on the YourMechanic website and on my invoice, I think Carlos should have told me about this issue instead of me having noticed it about a week later (when I noticed it, these tires very obviously needed to be replaced). So with him not knowing my car didn't have brake sensors and not informing me about additional needed maintenance, I really question the quality of the work and the services provided by YourMechanic. This is sad as this was the complete opposite experience I had a year prior when I had another oil change done.

on April 04

Carlos was awesome. He even called and checked back on me the next day. He offered me a lot of advice. (I made it down and back to Pleasanton, Too!) If the problem shows up again with my coolant system, I will be sure to call Carlos. Thank you, Carlos !

on May 26

Great job. Showed up on time did all the work. This was very convenient. Will call for anything else

on April 08

Arrived in time . Very professional. Great service. Thank you.

on July 31

He made a special accommodation for us on the time and was very pleasant and professional.

on April 18

Best experience with a mechanic I have ever had! I scheduled my appointment this wrong day and called Carlos, he was at my home in 15 minutes.. Spent an hour and a half diagnosing my car and explained every detail to me. Than you so much!!

on April 25

Knows his stuff. Was efficient and very informative. Struck me as a very honesty individual

on May 23

good one find the issue very quick



Chevrolet Lumina

on April 25

Carlos was the best! The repair wast fast, and Carlos is a nice guy!

on April 26

Job well done. Courteous and great advice.

on August 05

Fixed the issue, but overpriced for the effort

on May 10

Good figured out the problem quickly

on May 12

Very good

on December 09

Funny mechanic :), shoewed up ontime

on May 19


on December 22

Very thorough!

on August 16

Much Appreciated

on June 29

Carlos arrived on time and completed the job, oil change and tire rotation, quickly. However, I was a little disappointed by 2 items: 1) He did not reset the dash board change oil reminder, 2) his inspection report was not filled in accurately with respect to tire tread. Regarding the tire treads, he designated "Good" on the report indicating remaining tread of 3/32-6/32 for each tire (that is a broad range). However, when I inspected the car (my wife's) after his service, I noticed that all 4 tires were bald on the outer 2-3". When I called him, he indicated that I needed new tires, but that was not communicated in his report. Our reason for service was to insure the car was road worthy ahead of a long family vacation.



Toyota Sequoia

on January 27

Carlos was very personable and knowledgeable. Explained everything. Called before arriving on time.

on October 23

Very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. Carlos put me at ease in inspecting a used vehicle my daughter was to purchase (3,000 miles from home, neither one of us being able to physically see the car before purchase). His experience shined through.

on February 18

Had him do a Pre-Purchase Inspection on a 93 Bronco, he gave great detail and even told me all the accessories it came with. Currently in the buying process. Will recommend!

on March 18

Carlos is very methodical in how he looks at the issue. He is very knowledgeable and will do his best to get you back on track

on January 03

Very positive experience. Will be using Carlos again!

on January 03

Carlos was great! He showed up on time, was friendly, knowledgeable and so very helpful! I’m not hoping to require additional service anytime soon, but if ever I need another mechanic, I’ll be calling Carlos.

on November 15

Carlos did great and thorough job not only fixing an issue, but also communicating with both parties: customer and company; getting extra mile requesting needed additional parts, rescheduling an appointment, etc. Hope to have my cars next service with him. He will be highly recommended.

on March 22

i was very pleased with the work that Carlos did on my car. I would definitely recommend him to a friend. i was very pleased with the work that Carlos did on my car.



Honda Civic

on September 23

Wonderful experience. Carlos was great. He was professional, experienced mechanic and took his time to make sure the job was done right. Thanks Carlos



Honda CR-V

on September 26

Carlos did a great job changing out my fuel filter even though the bolts were badly stripped. He went above and beyond to help me diagnose some other starting issues that I am having with my vehicle.

on October 02

Very hard working and friendly man. Thoroughly explained the process of draining brake fluid to me before doing anything. Would definitely recommend.

on October 04

Carlos did a fine job on the diagnostic inspection.

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