19 years of experience
Seattle-Tacoma, WA

I've been in the industry for over 15 years, and began by building motorcycles with my family. I graduated with honors for advanced auto, collision, and paint repair and love what I do. Being a mobile mechanic lets me help people in need and I take great pleasure in getting your car back up and running.

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Honda CR-V
on October 10

Casey has done an excellent job once again on my 3rd repairs now via His performance has been consistent and helped us a lot in saving on our car repairs. Thanks!



Toyota Pickup
on September 23

Although Casey had a bit of trouble finding us (lots of folks do though, lol!) he arrived and made a quick diagnosis. He found the problem right away. After installing the starter and giving the battery a good high amp jump, my buggy fired right up! He is very courteous and knowledgeable in his work. I highly recommend him!



Honda CR-V
on September 29

Casey has done a great job documenting the status of my car before and after repair with photos and recorded explanations, so I know exactly how it looks like with the replaced component. He has good knowledge in diagnosing my car's issue and is also good at communicating with me in laymen's terms. He worked very hard in two of my separate requests, and I feel he is very trustful.

on September 16

Casey was professional and efficient I had a door motor and fixed on my car. This was of having my car fixed, worked better with my scheduled and I like having some one I could trust working on my car. I will definitely call Casey again.

on October 10

Casey was very easy to work with! His top priority was making sure my vehicle was taken care of. Great service!



Cadillac Allante
on August 16

So yourmechanic quoted me 1.5 hours labor, which seemed pretty low for a radiator, and it was explained by Casey that wasn't his time quote and it ended up being 3 hours, but he charged me 2.5.. and they gave him the wrong upper hose, but researching online for my car the upper hose isn't made by standard sources, including GM. He ended up trimming the old hose frayed ends and put it back on. A second appointment to install upper hose probably had another wrong hose sourced, but I ended up selling the car a few days later and relaying the issue to the new buyer.

on September 28

Was courteous and has done a great job on the requested services and helped me identify potential issues as well.


  • Inspection / Diagnostics
  • thermostat gasket


Plymouth Grand Voyager
on November 10

Casey was a life saver ...he was polite , professioal and very informative... i was quoted by several garage mechanics between 300$- 500$ plus a 140$ and up tow charge... Casey inspected my car and was very honest about my repairs...after the initial inspection charge of 70 $ which was applied to my repair Casey had me back on the road for a mere 84$ total... is now my mechanic for future repairs....Thank You Casey my new mechanic



GMC Yukon XL 1500
on November 02

We had a communication problem on where to meet (all my fault). but once we got to where the car was at he was able to verify and fix the starter on my car in a very quick fashion. He was very polite and very professional. Ive never had a mechanic work on my car who was that concerned about making sure the car is working properly. I will call on Him and for now on for all my repair needs on my car!

on October 27

Casey was very helpful. He got the new serpentine belt installed in no time at all. Although, it was disappointing that my car wouldn't start but that was not his fault. My car had other issues. However, I appreciate that he had stayed a few extra minutes and helped out with what he can. Overall, Casey knows his stuff and I will definitely book him again for any minor repairs if I need it done fast. Thank you, Casey.

on August 15

Casey was knowledgable about the services performed on my car. He recommended future services and was honest about how urgently I needed to get these taken care of. He took the time to answer my questions and explain why he made the recommendations he did. Most importantly, he wasn't pushy about the recommended services/didn't try to upsell. This was my first time using YourMechanic and I was impressed with how convenient and affordable the service is. Definitely will use them again.

on October 18

Casey was amazing! He explained what the problem was and how he fixed it. When we ran into a small snag, He went above and beyond to fix the problem for me. I feel very confident driving my car knowing he has been inder the hood (I didn't even have that confidence when I bought it ). Funny, engaging and down to earth, Casey made what was turning out to be a horrible day at work, a happy ending after all. Thank you!

on July 03

Casey was patient when I was late and did excellent work and left the garage spotless! I will have him back in the future and have already told friends to ask for him!

on June 14

Casey is really professional and honorable. He re-evaluated my quote, inspecting my auto status, and deciding that there was no need to fix one item I booked on website. He finished his job quickly and correctly. I really appreciated him!



Volkswagen Passat
on June 17

Very professional and friendly. He kept me notified of his status when he was going to be a little late. Very helpful and courteous. I appreciated his taking time to explain maintenance and other repairs my car will need in the future without pushing anything.



Nissan Maxima
on May 31

Friendly and very professional. I initially booked for replacing brake pads for all 4 wheels. After Casey had a look, he suggested to replace only to rear brake pads as front ones looked good. He even suggested to replace the rear brake calipers and rotors as they were in bad shape. I liked the honesty and felt these small things make a huge difference. Looking forward to get the brakes fixed and will definitely recommend Casey to all my friends.

on April 27

Casey showed up on time and was very nice. He took his time to explain things and put us at ease. I am looking forward to him coming back and doing the repairs. Very highly recommended

on April 26

Casey is very professional and knowledgeable about his work. He was able to troubleshoot the problem of my truck and in the process of getting ready to replace the starter he discovered that there was a faulty solenoid to the starter. He replaced the solenoid ( a $10.00part) and avoided having to install a new starter saving me over $ 300.00 ! I will definitely use Casey again in the future

on April 21

Casey was awesome. He arrive a little late, but considering the horrible traffic, totally understandable for a 7PM appointment. Explained the situation and get the work done quickly. Did courtesy inspection and suggested me to change the front pads as well since they start having speaking noise. Will schedule him for the front pad replacement sometime next week, if he is available :p

on April 07

Casey changed valve cover gaskets on my 2001 Subaru six cylinder engine. A very time consuming job. He arrived promptly and worked diligently to get the job done. I recommend him for any work that is needed to be done. My job was something I did not want to do myself and Casey performed better than I could have expected. Will use him again if the need arises.

on April 12

Casey was great at communicating with me before the appointment. He made sure he had all the right parts for my car before the appointment, which made him run late, but he let me know and still got the job done in a reasonable amount of time. My car is older and had never had the struts replaced, so he had his work cut out for him and it was a long job. He also went through my fuel injectors and found that everything looked great and that they didn't need to be replaced after all. Not only did yourmechanic save me hundreds of dollars compared to the shop I normally go to, but Casey then saved me a couple hundred more dollars because I didn't actually need my fuel injectors replaced like the shop said I needed. I appreciate this SO MUCH! So grateful to have a mechanic that will be honest and helpful, will work hard and then save me even more money at the end of the day. This is seriously a priceless service. Thank you, thank you!

on March 07

A true test for mechanics are having extensive knowledge about fixing your own car. Casey was straightforward about how much time it would take to fix my pcv valve on my Volvo and I completely agree with him since I have replaced several Volvo pcv valves and it takes me about an hoiur longer than him. No tricks/gimmicks.

on March 01

Casey was fantastic! He arrived on time, got right to work, and was humorous and friendly even when my Escalade was being a butthead. Casey was patient but also reminded the Escalade that he was in charge. The brakes work great and I couldn't ask for a better job. The only thing I would ask is that he wear a cape, he's that good!

on March 01

Casey did an outstanding job in performing the pre-purchase inspection. He was extremely thorough, and patient and friendly in explaining the items he had found. I would recommend him, and YourMechanic in general, to anyone looking to get a thorough and honest pre-purchase inspection done. Great value for the price. Keep it up!!!

on February 19

Casey Dmitriev was superior in every way. His work showed that he is highly talented as a mechanic and the decency of his interaction was outstanding. Casey was so helpful. It was a rare experience of trust in an automobile repair process from the price to the advice. I would recommend Casey and this company to anyone needing this kind of service.



Hyundai Elantra
on October 10

Great, fast service! He was running late and gave me a call to give me a heads up which was nice. It was so easy to have Casey come to me instead of having my car towed somewhere to be fixed! He switched the battery in and out, checked my alternator, anti-freeze fluid, and brake pads (by looking through the hubcap?! Who knew it was that easy?!) And that was it! Easy peasy. I would definitely use your-mechanic again.

on October 28

Casey performed a pre-purchase inspection on the prospective car that I wanted to purchase. He was full of helpful knowledge that helped me make an informed decision. I would definitely recommend him and the whole Your Mechanic team. They really made the day for an out of town purchase. I had certain window of time that I was available and Casey and Your Mechanic really came through with an after hours time of 7p.

on February 10

Hard work. Great sense of responsibility. Who would open until 10:30 PM to get the job done for you, and he did. He worked to 10:30 PM in a freezing rainy until the job done.

on October 01

Casey is very personable and professional. He arrived within the specified time and clearly communicated with me regarding his timeframe. The job was completed within an hour and a half and he even checked my fluids and brakes! Top notch and I will definitely use these guys again! I'm recommending them to anyone who needs vehicle work done! Thank you Casey for rocking the casbah!

on January 27

Hedid a great job on my oil change. It was dark out and still did it in a timely manner. He was very nice and knowledgeable. It is so convenient that I don't have to drag my kids to a shop to get an oil change. I will definitely be using his services again.

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