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I've been in the industry for over 15 years, and began by building motorcycles with my family. I graduated with honors for advanced auto, collision, and paint repair and love what I do. Being a mobile mechanic lets me help people in need and I take great pleasure in getting your car back up and running.

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Honda Element
on August 21

Casey was professional, friendly & competent. He explained the entire process and described what he was doing throughout the service. He would've probably finished quicker if I hadn't been chatting with him the whole time. Would recommend again.

on December 21

Casey was running late but he was quick to call and keep me updated. He's a friendly guy who works under some difficult circumstances. No shop equipment, cold, rain and darkness. Still, he had the tools he needed and got the job done. Having him have to come back because the serpintine belt is squealing badly. Probably needs to be adjusted.



Toyota Pickup
on September 23

Although Casey had a bit of trouble finding us (lots of folks do though, lol!) he arrived and made a quick diagnosis. He found the problem right away. After installing the starter and giving the battery a good high amp jump, my buggy fired right up! He is very courteous and knowledgeable in his work. I highly recommend him!

on September 18

Casey was very communicative. I purposely scheduled for the last time slot (5pm). He was prompt and efficient. He even adjusted a sticky hood lock as he wrapped up my service. Would recommend him to anyone needing mobile mechanic services.

on November 28

Casey is awesome. I had a wonderful experience working with him. He explained very clearly what the issue with my car was. I definitely recommend him to anyone in the Seattle area with car problems. PLUS he isn't trying to take advantage of your lack of knowledge about cars like the many big repair shops do. And the biggest benefit? I didn't have to tow my car to a mechanic. Casey came to my house. How awesome is this service? Freakin' Awesome I say. haha

on January 27

Hedid a great job on my oil change. It was dark out and still did it in a timely manner. He was very nice and knowledgeable. It is so convenient that I don't have to drag my kids to a shop to get an oil change. I will definitely be using his services again.


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Mitsubishi Galant
on September 29

After my screwup with my phone number on site was fixed everything went smooth lol. Friendly, knew what to look for and gave me info on all the promblem spots. Im sold.

on October 27

Casey was very helpful. He got the new serpentine belt installed in no time at all. Although, it was disappointing that my car wouldn't start but that was not his fault. My car had other issues. However, I appreciate that he had stayed a few extra minutes and helped out with what he can. Overall, Casey knows his stuff and I will definitely book him again for any minor repairs if I need it done fast. Thank you, Casey.

on September 16

Casey was professional and efficient I had a door motor and fixed on my car. This was of having my car fixed, worked better with my scheduled and I like having some one I could trust working on my car. I will definitely call Casey again.


  • Manual Transmission Fluid...


Ford Focus
on August 22

Casey was very polite and apologized that he was a bit late. However, it's not entirely his fault, as I do live in a maze of oddly numbered streets. The work was done quickly and efficiently. I would use him again, he seems passionate about cars.



Chevrolet Malibu
on August 15

He was amazing and went WAY above my expectations. He was personable, friendly, and explained where the issue was. I really appreciate everything he did for me.

on August 14

How have I not found out about this service sooner? I've been so crazy busy lately and my car has fallen down on my list of priorities so to be able to come home and have someone fix my car while I get chores and dinner done, is amazing. Casey was really great. He didn't try to sell me anything. He left some feedback that I'll definitely look into but I appreciate he didn't try to push any sales. Very nice and did a great job. Thank you!


  • Inspection / Diagnostics
  • thermostat gasket


Plymouth Grand Voyager
on November 10

Casey was a life saver ...he was polite , professioal and very informative... i was quoted by several garage mechanics between 300$- 500$ plus a 140$ and up tow charge... Casey inspected my car and was very honest about my repairs...after the initial inspection charge of 70 $ which was applied to my repair Casey had me back on the road for a mere 84$ total... is now my mechanic for future repairs....Thank You Casey my new mechanic

on August 16

I am so happy about my experience with Casey was very knowledgeable, communicative, and professional. The cost of the work done was much lower than what I had been quoted at the repair shop. One thing I especially liked about Casey, was that he seemed real about what needed to be done ASAP and what I could work on at a later date. With other places, I feel like they word things in an alarming matter to try and get me to do it all at once, which I'm just not able to afford. I hope I have more experiences like this, as I will be booking all of my work through from now on! Thank you!



Cadillac Allante
on August 16

So yourmechanic quoted me 1.5 hours labor, which seemed pretty low for a radiator, and it was explained by Casey that wasn't his time quote and it ended up being 3 hours, but he charged me 2.5.. and they gave him the wrong upper hose, but researching online for my car the upper hose isn't made by standard sources, including GM. He ended up trimming the old hose frayed ends and put it back on. A second appointment to install upper hose probably had another wrong hose sourced, but I ended up selling the car a few days later and relaying the issue to the new buyer.

on October 18

Casey was amazing! He explained what the problem was and how he fixed it. When we ran into a small snag, He went above and beyond to fix the problem for me. I feel very confident driving my car knowing he has been inder the hood (I didn't even have that confidence when I bought it ). Funny, engaging and down to earth, Casey made what was turning out to be a horrible day at work, a happy ending after all. Thank you!

on August 15

Casey was knowledgable about the services performed on my car. He recommended future services and was honest about how urgently I needed to get these taken care of. He took the time to answer my questions and explain why he made the recommendations he did. Most importantly, he wasn't pushy about the recommended services/didn't try to upsell. This was my first time using YourMechanic and I was impressed with how convenient and affordable the service is. Definitely will use them again.

on June 01

Great guy! Good communication and very courteous. Diagnosed and repaired my idle issues in a short timeframe. I can't remember when my car has run this good!

on November 24

On account of me forgetting my phone number, there was confusion in the beginning on where my car was parked. Due to obvious communication issues. so we got off to a later start. It was parked on the side of the road, not in a driveway yet Casey said nothing about it. Casey was genuine about the situation and was easy to laugh at the situation with me. Whether or not he was assuming I knew nothing about the issues my car was facing. He still took the time to listen to what I had to say. From the issues it had in the beginning, to now, the work I had done on it already and even listened to what I thought needed to be done. We found the core issue pretty quickly and resolved it in no time at all. I really don't like standing around, so I liked that he let me participate in the repairs as well as teaching me a few things I either didn't know or had never thought of. Within an hour we were doing the final inspection of everything, did a quick pick up of tools. Finally, after 2 weeks of fighting this thing, just trying to get someone knowledgeable enough to 'COME OUT TO WHERE MY CAR WAS' (saving me hundreds getting it towed into an auto repair shop.) and help me fix my car, I was driving away!! Not only was Casey someone I'd recommend for anyone who can appreciate and/or are looking for someone who just wants to honestly help people, with integrity in a laid back professional manner. I'll be calling him back next time I need somethin done. FIRSHIR. This company is absolutely perfect!! I've been wishing for something like this for a while now... Glad someone finally put it together. I'm glad I stumbled upon it more. lol Thank you



Honda CR-V
on September 29

Casey has done a great job documenting the status of my car before and after repair with photos and recorded explanations, so I know exactly how it looks like with the replaced component. He has good knowledge in diagnosing my car's issue and is also good at communicating with me in laymen's terms. He worked very hard in two of my separate requests, and I feel he is very trustful.

on February 10

Hard work. Great sense of responsibility. Who would open until 10:30 PM to get the job done for you, and he did. He worked to 10:30 PM in a freezing rainy until the job done.



Honda CR-V
on October 10

Casey has done an excellent job once again on my 3rd repairs now via His performance has been consistent and helped us a lot in saving on our car repairs. Thanks!



Honda Civic
on December 31

Casey is awesome. He showed up on time and described in detail what he was going to do. He was very professional and cleaned the area when he was done. Highly recommend Casey and YourMechanic.


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Jeep Wrangler
on December 14

Casey got hung up on another job but he called and let me know what had happened and about when he expected to arrive so this wasn't a problem. Very friendly guy who really seemed to know what he was doing. I'll book him now to get the job done!


  • Other Inspections


Nissan Maxima
on March 08

Casey has been very helpful with our car. We had some complicated Oxygen sensors (complicated because hardly any auto parts store seemed to know the correct piece) and he came out 3 different times in order to complete the repair. Thank you!

on March 06

Casey saved me quite a bit of money on parts and labor! My 2002 VW Jetta had the simplest part missing/broken and Casey was able to construct a new one on the spot. Car is driving great, would request work from Casey again!

on July 03

Casey was patient when I was late and did excellent work and left the garage spotless! I will have him back in the future and have already told friends to ask for him!

on November 10

Casey was awesome!! Did an oil change and tire rotation, he was in and out in under an hour. He was very professional and filled out a complete report after his massive point inspection. After he left I felt I knew exactly what was needed to get the car in tip top shape. Thanks Casey!!

on June 14

Casey is really professional and honorable. He re-evaluated my quote, inspecting my auto status, and deciding that there was no need to fix one item I booked on website. He finished his job quickly and correctly. I really appreciated him!



Volkswagen Passat
on June 17

Very professional and friendly. He kept me notified of his status when he was going to be a little late. Very helpful and courteous. I appreciated his taking time to explain maintenance and other repairs my car will need in the future without pushing anything.

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