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Brake Shoe Replacement (Rear) Estimate for Cadillac DeVille

Cadillac DeVille Brake Shoe Replacement (Rear) costs $162 on average. Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates.

YourMechanic Price
$103 to $267
Labor: $70 -$192
Parts: $33 -$75
Average Dealer price
$160 to 374
Average Shop price
$125 to 294
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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
1977 Cadillac DeVilleV8-7.0LService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)Estimate$276.62Shop/Dealer Price$360.01 - $507.28
1980 Cadillac DeVilleV8-5.7L DieselService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)Estimate$276.62Shop/Dealer Price$360.23 - $507.66
1998 Cadillac DeVilleV8-4.6LService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)Estimate$181.44Shop/Dealer Price$238.73 - $324.69
1967 Cadillac DeVilleV8-7.0LService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)Estimate$202.58Shop/Dealer Price$267.60 - $359.45
1981 Cadillac DeVilleV6-4.1LService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)Estimate$276.62Shop/Dealer Price$360.05 - $507.34
1995 Cadillac DeVilleV8-4.9LService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)Estimate$172.74Shop/Dealer Price$226.20 - $312.27
1964 Cadillac DeVilleV8-7.0LService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)Estimate$202.58Shop/Dealer Price$267.74 - $359.68
1983 Cadillac DeVilleV8-4.1LService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)Estimate$241.62Shop/Dealer Price$312.46 - $450.31
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Brake Shoe Replacement (Rear) Service & Cost

What are the Brake Shoes (Rear) all about?

Brake shoes are found only at the rear wheels in cars with a drum brake system. When you step on the brake pedal, brake shoes press against the brake drums to cause friction that slows down the car. Brake shoes usually last twice as long as brake pads.

Keep in mind:

  • Both brake shoes should be replaced at the same time.
  • Damaged brake drums and leaky wheel cylinders can sometimes cause damage to brake shoes, so those elements may need replacing as well.

How it's done:

  • Inspect brake shoes for contamination and thickness.
  • Replace brake shoes if faulty.
  • Adjust the brakes.
  • Inspect springs, backing plate, brake cylinders, brake drums, and emergency brake cable.
  • Lubricate the backing plate.
  • Perform basic safety inspection, including test drive.

Our recommendation:

It is a good idea to get the brake shoes inspected and measured once a year. To inspect brake shoes, the mechanic will usually have to take the tires off. If you are getting a brake service, and if the brake shoes are still good, just have them cleaned and adjusted. Get your brake system inspected if the brake warning light is on. If the shoes need replacing, we highly recommend ceramic brake shoes.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Brake Shoes (Rear)?

  • Noise from rear brakes.
  • Hand brake does not hold.
  • Car shakes upon braking.

How important is this service?

All services associated with proper function of your brakes are important. In addition to safety issues, ignoring small repairs can quickly lead to more serious (and more expensive) problems.

Fast and easy Brake Shoe Replacement (Rear) service at your home or office.

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