How to Buy a Personalized License Plate in New Jersey

If you have been looking for a new way to add some customization and fun to your vehicle, a personalized license plate could be a great option for you. With a personalized plate, you can make your car uniquely “you” while supporting a sports team, alma mater, organization, family member, or virtually anything else.

In New Jersey, a license plate can be personalized in two different ways. You can choose a license plate design, and also compose a special license plate message. Between these two forms of customization, it’s fairly easy to find a personalized license plate that is perfect for you and your vehicle.

Part 1 of 2: Choose and order your personalized license plates

Step 1: Go to the New Jersey personalized plates page. Visit the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission personalized plates website.

  • Tip: This site has thorough instructions for ordering a personalized plate, and can be referred to if you are at all confused during the process outlined in this article.

Step 2: Log into the website with your MyMVC account. Click on the link titled “Get started” to begin the process, then log in with your MyMVC account information.

If you do not have a MyMVC account, you can create one.

  • Note: If you have to create a MyMVC account, your username and password will be sent to you in the mail. This process cannot be done online.

Step 3: Agree to the terms and conditions of the personalized plates.

Step 4: Enter the current license plate number of your vehicle. Select whether you own the vehicle or are leasing it, then provide the current number.

You cannot purchase a personalized license plate for someone else. You must be the owner of the vehicle, or be leasing it.

  • Note: Whether or not you can get a personalized license plate on a leased vehicle depends on your lease agreement. Make sure to check your agreement before proceeding.

Step 5: Choose an available license plate design. Browse through the available license plate designs, and pick the one that you would like.

  • Note: The license plate design fee changes depending on which plate design you choose. Check the price below each design to see what the fee will be. The renewal fee is also included here.

Step 6: Select a personalized license plate message. Use the boxes to type in your preferred message, then click “Continue” to see if the message is currently available.

If the message is unavailable, keep trying until you find one that is available.

Your message can have up to five characters, and can include letters, numbers, and spaces. No special characters are allowed.

  • Warning: Offensive, crude, or vulgar license plate will not be accepted. They may appear as available on the license plate page, but your application will be rejected.

Step 7: Review your personalized license plate. Make sure that your message and design is correct and that you like it.

Step 8: Pay the personalized license plate fee. Enter your billing information, as well as your credit card information to pay the fee for your personalized license plate.

You will owe the personalized license plate fee in addition to the plate design fee.

  • Tip: You can pay with an American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa credit card.

Step 9: Review your payment and purchase information, and confirm your order.

Part 2 of 2: Install your personalized license plates

Step 1: Receive your personalized license plates in the mail. When your application has been accepted and your plates have been manufactured, they will be mailed to you.

Step 2: Install your personalized license plates on your car. As soon as you receive your plates in the mail, install them on both the front and back of your car.

If you do not feel comfortable installing the license plates by yourself, you can stop by any garage or mechanic shop and have them installed.

This is a good time to check your license plate light as well. If your license plate light is burned out, you need to hire a mechanic to come help you do the job.

With a personalized New Jersey license plate, your car can reflect your personality and interests. If you’ve been looking for a fun new addition to your car, this may be the perfect customization for you.

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