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I've been an automotive technician for over 15 years and have experience working on most makes and models of cars. I have training in automotive technology and have worked in independent shops as well as owned my own restoration shop. I'm passionate about getting your car back up and running as quickly and as safely as possible!





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on June 26

Cool guy on time and got the job done

on June 07

Shaun was on time, polite and went right to work. He was helpful around giving me tips for caring for my car and was happy to answer any questions I had. It wa good to meet him. Thanks Shaun!

on June 07

Professional and helpful. Called and was able to do my repairs before my scheduled time. Let me know his recommendations. Brake works wonderfully!!! Will use him again.

on May 12

Shaun was on time (15 minutes early), trustworthy and polite. He even texted and called me to let me know he received my appointment. He replaced my axle c/v joint on my Honda. So far so good. The dealer parts sometimes are ridiculously expensive. Will definitely call Shaun next time I need a repair.

on April 27

good guy, nice & professional. need a part so will have him come back to finish the job once mymechanic sends me the price of the part & labor. i do recommend Shaun.

on April 23

Shaun was on time and asked if I had any initial questions or things to point out to him. After the work was completed (quicker than the estimated time) he provided tips on keeping the car running well and gave his preventive maintenance tips as the car is 17 years old. I will not hesitate to use Shaun again.

on April 03

Shaun was right on time and super nice. He actually came out about 2 years ago to fix the same problem with another window on our car. He clearly knows what he is doing - he came, he saw, he fixed.


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Toyota Camry
on December 07

This is the second time that I had Shaun work on my cars. He is an expert in his work. He is very professional, he is on time and completes his work in a timely matter. He is very neat and he does not leave any mess behind. Shaun took his time to explain things to my understanding. I will definitely recommend him and I will use his service again.

on April 03

Excellent excellent service got straight to the job got it done in a timely manor Will reccommend this to anyone beats going in an auto shop payn rediculious prices

on October 31

My daughter's car experienced some kind of fluid leak when she arrived at her work. Since I was not local at the time, my daughter was not able to confirm the type of fluid leaked. I booked an appointment with Shaun since he repaired my Acura at my home earlier in the year and I was very pleased with his knowledge and the work performed. He arrived on time at my daughter's work place parking lot and was able to diagnose the problem in less than 5 minutes while it was raining hard. The radiator hose leading the water pump became dislodged. Since I worked on cars in the past, he gave me some advice if I were to repair myself. Fortunately, it was an easy fix for me and got my daughter's car ready to go by the time she got off work. I was very surprised Shaun was available on a Sunday! Same day response! I will continue to book with Shaun on any future diagnosing or repair needs. Thank you Shaun!



Mazda MPV
on June 29

Telephone communication with Customer Service is not good. I talked someone and he promised to call back, and then he won't. I call back and put me on hold long time and I asked you to automatically call back. Different person call me and I had to explain again. He promised to call me back and he won't. May be I am impatient. You must make bette communication as a whole in order to promote your business. (R.Yi)

on October 11

Shaun was very knowledgeable about the issue presented and quickly identified the root cause of the transmission leak from the axle seal. Would definitely hire Shaun again!



Lexus IS250
on September 26

Shaun was very professional and got the job done in a timely manner (In The HEAT). The biggest thing for me about mechanics is that they need to be trustworthy. Unlike other auto shops who scammed me into getting unnecessary repairs. This is the first time ever I had peace at mind about getting an auto repair and I can confidently say that I will be a returning customer when I need a repair done. Stay away from those greedy auto repair shops.

on June 02

It is commonly known that most people have no confidence in Auto Service Shops. Too many times it has been proven that the shops are more concerned with increasing service bills unnecessarily for higher profit, than providing quality service at a fair price. I am one of those skeptical customers, hence the reason why my research uncovered "Your Mechanic", and now I swear by the organization. My recent service was performed by Shaun James, and I have nothing but good things to say about him. He was on time, he was very knowledgeable, professional and willing to educate me on a variety of mechanical aspects of my vehicle that I was unaware of. This gives me the confidence that not only is he competent at what he does, he "has my back" and is only concerned with identifying the service I need, and the things that I should be aware of for the future. When you find a mechanic like this, keep him. They are difficult to find. Remember, I am a true skeptic, and I will never rate anyone or anything this high unless they earn it!

on December 29

Shaun did a meticulous expert job on changing the u-joint on my truck. He even had some fast solutions (tricks-of-trade) to get the job done quicker, yet expertly done. And a very friendly professional. I would highly recommend Shaun and if I ever need a another mechanic I will ask for him. By the way my truck is running smoother and like brand new.

on September 05

Showed up 15 min before the appointment time. Very professional and knowledgeable. Explained what he was doing and why. Cleaned up while he was doing the maintenance.

on October 04

My car was making a strange sound so I had someone come out to take a look. Shaun was friendly and professional and was able to ease my mind that my car wasn't going to fall apart while I was driving it.

on June 02

Shaun arrived on agreed time, was super friendly and provided me with some extra "mechanical" advice on other areas of my car. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and use his service in the future.


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Honda CR-V
on August 24

Shaun was fantastic! I originally made the appointment to have my rear brakes replaced, based on a dealership recommendation. Turns out there is lots of life left in my rear brakes, rather than take advantage of the situation Shaun did a thorough inspection of both the front and rear brakes. He took the time to not only explain the brakes, he answered all my questions regarding other things on my car. I would definitely use him again.

on November 25

Shawn is a good person. He arrived on time, listened to what I had to say, and with a few minor adjustments had my problem solved. I highly recommend him and your service to my friends and family.

on August 20

this is not my first time having Shaun do work on my cars and I give him a 10 or perfect rating every time. I request Shaun because he is an expert at his job and very professional.

on August 15

What particularly impresses me about Shaun is the level of service and unwavering professionalism he displays. He understands that my knowledge about auto mechanics is next to nothing. He patiently works with me to identify my concerns, takes time to explain and offer solutions. The work that Shane does should be held up as an example for others to try to emulate. I believe that Shane deserves to be commended for his service which is always well beyond my expectations.

on August 23

The pre-purchase inspection found several items that I would not have seen from the Internet photos alone. Even though I didn't end up purchasing the vehicle in question, I appreciated the efforts, photos, and detailed analysis of questionable vehicle condition that led me to skip a car that would have required additional repairs. Thank you.

on June 02


on August 23

Have to say Shaun is well professional and intellectual in conducting himself.Diagnosis of my vehicle condition was advice to me both the pro and con to my satisfaction as a customer which elevated me from Shaun standard of his professionalism considering one in a million mechanic you can find.



Honda Civic
on June 02

I found Shaun to be an excellent mechanic. He was entirely professional and careful about working under the hood. His approach is very systematic and competent, and he is sure of each step he takes in servicing your car. One could wish their doctor would be this timely, professional, and courteous as Shaun. I had a bad battery, and he had me up and running in no time. Thank you very much, Shaun!! It's great to know I can count on Shaun in the future if I need auto servicing.

on June 16

Shaun was great! He arrived on time, replaced both sensors on the car in a timely manner, he was polite, courteous and attentive to my many questions as he worked. This is the 1st time I have used this company and was a bit skeptical. I have always worked on my own cars but my age and disabilities now prevent me from doing that. So glad I have found someone I can trust and not bite me in the pocketbook. thanks Shaun!!!

on August 06

This was my first time trying this out and I have to say it was great. I have a small list of this I still need done to my vehicle, so I will definitely use this service again.

on July 30

Shaun was fantastic to deal with. He arrived early for appointment advised on the services that was needed and recommended and more importantly advised on services which maybe performed more efficiently at a later time and/or party. He was honest , transparent and professional which is a rare commodity for car service professionals !

on November 30

Shaun's earlier appt cancelled so called to see if he could come earlier, so . . .'thumbs up'. Arrived shortly after he called, got right to work and finished within the time allotted for this job. Loved that he actually took my car for a 'test drive' after changing the spark plugs plus the rear brakes to make sure that all was in good standing. Yeah!!! Great job Shaun! :)

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