37 years of experience
Houston, TX

I have over 36 years of experience as an automotive technician. I've worked and trained with Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Isuzu, Mazda, and Daihatsu on both gasoline and diesel engines. I've had a passion for automotive repair my entire life and love applying my knowledge to getting customers' cars back up and running!





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on November 30

Robert arrived on time and quickly started working. He was professional and provided thorough explanation.

on November 23

Robert arrived on time and found that rear pads and rotor were good so did not replace. Replaced front rotor and pads and found couple of other issues with solutions. Very happy with his work.

on November 01

Replaced serpentine belt and tensioner in about an hour, very quick and knowledgeable. Also made some reccomendations on what services are needed next. I would use him again.

on October 31

Robert was very professional and knowledgeable. He took his time and throughly checked the car out and provided recommendations. We will for sure request him again if he's available.

on October 27

Robert is a fantastic and very knowledgeable Mechanic that has years of experience that todays Technicians do not have! I am speaking from over 35 years of Automotive, Navel and Aeronautical engineering experience. If you are looking for a Mechanic that is honest and knowledgeable. Robert's your guy hand down!!!!

on October 21

Robert showed up on time and was very patient and courteous. I had no idea this service existed and was nervous at first but Roberts friendly persona quickly eased that. He did a wonderful job and I love my new vehicle - oh yeah, he's kid friendly which makes him a pick if you have children running around screaming their heads off.

on October 12

Robert was on time, communicated what he was going to do, and promptly went about his business. He completed what I knew to be a difficult job in a real timely manner. Robert is a credit to "Your Mechanic" Not only would I use Robert again, I will strongly recommend him to family and friends. AAA+

on October 11

Very professional and polite. Appreciated his honest opinion ! Having transmission issues and wanted to do a full inspection to decide if it is worth repairing. Thanks!



Chevrolet Tahoe
on October 04

Robert is a Mechanic's Mechanic!! Called well before appointment time to let me know he was on his way. On time, very customer friendly and very, very knowledgeable in his trade! Just a great person and very efficient. Keep up the great job Robert and I will ask for him again!!

on September 24

Car is back to running smoothly but my check engine , TCS and TCS indicater light has came on and wasn't on before the work but idk it may be the systems computer

on October 01

Used Robert several times, very professional. Had unusual issues come up on 20 year old car being serviced, Robert went above and beyond to resolve on our behalf.

on October 05

Robert was awesome! He figured out what my car needed to start. This is way better than towing your car to a shop and get ripped off.

on November 10

Robert was friendly, professional and knowledgeable! I will continue to request his services! Thanks again!

on November 18

Robert was friendly and courteous. He is also professional and completed the work in a timely manner.

on February 23

My experience was awesome! Robert arrived promptly, as well as knowledgeable in regards to solving the issue which persisted w/my vehicle. He provided a solution within minutes! I would definitely, recommend his service.

on November 01

This was my second encounter with Robert and he's a true gent and joy. Unfortunately, my vehicle's problem couldn't be fixed by him; turns out a new or rebuilt transmission is in my future, but should I ever need YM again, Robert's the guy I want to see tending to my car.

on April 23

I gave Mr. Hall's business card to a co-worker as soon I arrived to work (which was the same day of the repair). My car is running just as it was before and the fact that he repaired the car in a timely manner outside of my home made my experience better! My uncle, who is a chronic complainer, watched Mr. Hall as he worked on the vehicle. He was so impressed with Mr. Hall's service and professionalism that he asked me if there was a way to write a good review!

on March 31

I am extremely happy with Roberts regard for customer satisfaction. His housekeeping, mechanical, & overall performance, were performed without flaw. I would consider him a vital asset to your company. I'm equally impressed with the expeditious means that occurred when a question arose about the invoice. I'd forgotten about an upgrade I requested, Robert called an associate, 2 minutes later it was done. I'm not sure I'm happy with the price, however, I'm not saying I'm not, as I haven't researched the cost of synthetic oil. If you want great service with convenience, ask for Robert.

on December 30

Very thorough, came on time. Very detailed. Let me know that nothing was in immediate danger of breaking, but did submit a quote for things that were breaking down. He even told me that the last place I went to did something wierd to my brakes, but that it was an amateur mistake and it's not very harmful, but I should still get that fixed when I can. He definitely knew his stuff. I will definitely be doing some price shopping, but if I come back I'm definitely booking Robert again. It's nice to have someone working on my car that I can trust from the get go. And honestly, the quote didn't even seem that bad.

on August 10

I went to a local store for a national auto repair chain that diagnosed a problem with my rear shocks when I was having tires installed. The quote was $400 so I told them to hold off knowing I would get a second opinion on what was causing a lot of road noise. i found your mechanic and the quote was left than half! So I booked an appointment. Robert called 30 minuets prior and showed up right on time. He inspected my car and he told me there was nothing wrong with my shocks and that the wheel bearings were the problem. There was no charge for the shocks and the $70 labor charge was credited to the real repair performed the following day. Now my car sounds like it is supposed to! great job, fair pricing and the work was done right at my office saving me time and money and no missed work. I will call on him and your mechanic anytime I need service.

on August 19

Rarely have I dealt with anyone in any business that was as knowledgeable, professional, courteous and conscientious regarding my time as well as his. Did we encounter some problems with vendors etc? Yes - but Robert handled it like a pro and communicated any and all issues as soon as they arose. To me, I always expect a problem or 2 to arise in a transaction but it's how the business responds to these, as well as how well they perform their service, that I use to rate a business. Robert, you and Your Mechanic, my only regret is I can only give you a 10!


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GMC Sierra 1500
on August 05

Robert showed up on time and was very thorough. He diagnosed the problem and let me know that my alternator maybe going out. I have made an appointment with him for this coming Monday to complete the service. I appreciate the details and quote for the upcoming service.

on March 29

Robert was great! Very professional. After the service was done my check engine light came on and he back to check it out and fix it. I'm very satisfied with the service. Thanks Robert!

on November 30

Robert was great and on-time. He completed the work and gave me fair feedback. He also told me exactly what was wrong when every other place told me something expensive.

on June 30

I was glad to see that The Co. is really quick? Phone call and very nice to speak with. I will use again! Telling all I know to friends & Family. Great!



Toyota Pickup
on March 06

Robert is an AWESOME MECHANIC! I'm truly happy what he have done to my truck! Truly happy! Now I can enjoy my AC without heating the engine. I would DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED ROBERT to anyone! Great job and very professional!



Honda Pilot
on December 05

Robert was very helpful, even went to get the luck nut removed for me! Very thorough and knowledgeable. Great customer interaction!! Will most definitely be calling on him again in the future. Highly recommend Robert for any of your auto needs



Ford Expedition
on July 16

Mr. Hall was very professional, very prompt, and very nice. Mr. Hall was very honest and trustworthy. felt very comfortable with his opinions on what was wrong with my truck and what needed to be done so it would run better. Very happy with your service.


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Subaru Impreza
on May 11

My initial (self) diagnosis about my oil leak was incorrect, so the visit turned into an inspection. I'm not a mechanic, but I'm an engineer and am fairly mechanically inclined. Robert was very nice and professional and he seemed happy to answer any questions I had while I helicoptered around the car in a mostly unhelpful fashion. The inspection covered a couple of other concerns I had with the car, and I have a much better idea on what actions need to be performed now. The proper repair service was recommended and quoted at the end of the inspection and I have already booked Robert again to do the followup work.

on May 04

Great mechanic, this is my first time using this site and needless to say I highly recommend Robert, very kind and descriptive of issues. Even gave me tips for the car, and showed me ways tof help my situation.

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