17 years of experience
Atlanta, GA

I have over 17 years of experience and am ASE and Chrysler certified. I've worked at Chrysler, CarMax, and used car dealerships and have done a wide variety of repairs and maintenance. I enjoy meeting new customers and making sure they're well informed on all work I do. I treat all customers and their cars with the utmost respect and work hard to make every appointment the best it can be!





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Mazda 6
on June 23

Friendly guy, great mechanic.

on June 13

Richard is very professional and personable. I would love for him to do the repair but need it done sooner than his availability. I will, hopefully, be able to have him do the next job.

on June 12

He was great. Arrived a few minutes earlier than scheduled. Put a tarp down to protect the driveway. Told me about a nail in my tire馃槯 and what to say to the tire company about it. Quick.



Isuzu Rodeo
on May 16

if icould gove richard more stars i would. very good man busted his butt on probably the worst siezed caliper pens tjere could be. Great Work i would use him again and would reccomend to anyone. Also just a very knowladgeable mechanic amd helpful answers and tips. Thanks Richard your are the man



Ford Explorer
on May 30

Richard was able to pick up the pieces of a half finished job of a previous YourMechanic employee and complete the work efficiently.



on April 28

Richard is awesome! He's professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and very friendly. I have an older model BMW and I was impressed he knew so much about the parts and maintenance. I will definitely request him for all my future services.

on April 18

Richard always went above and beyond! Great service and took the time to help me understand the car's multiple problems and the different solutions!

on May 17

Excellent work as usual....always on time and professional. I appreciate how quick he finishes the work on my Jeep.



Chevrolet Cobalt
on July 31

Again, Richard arrived early, had the part needed and repaired and had the car started in less than an hour. He communicated with me what was needed and assured me that he was correct in his diagnosis and was correct.



Toyota Matrix
on June 11

Mr, Richard was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He explain the problem with confidence. And than, he went out to purchase the part and install it within an hour.



Jeep Compass
on September 20

I'm never going back to Chrysler again since Richard started repairing/servicing my car. He's done my oil changes, brake pads, and tune up. Reasonable prices and awesome customer service.

on June 03

Two things I must express. When I'm required to entered my credit card information I'm very skeptical. My skepticism subsided when I received the call from Mr. Cobb, correction, a text message. If any of you all has being the victim of fraudulent or identity thief one's skepticism are always conscionable and conspicuous. Secondly, I must commend you all for refining and channeling this service into a socially acceptable form, especially for all the single females and mothers of our societies. Personally, I'm unhappy, I didn't received the result in which I was seeking. The exceptional is I'm please with the outcome of Richard's service. He patiently took the time and effort to diagnose and assimilate the problem and made the proper assessment for repairs. I give thanks to the establishment and to Richard, this is a vey important service you all are rendering, convenient and competitive. Saving an individual as myself both time and money. MAY THE LORD GIVE YOU ALL PEACE AND BE KIND TO ALL OF YOU ALL.

on June 01

I was very satisfied with the service. He was able to pinpoint the cause of the problem in about 5 or 10 minutes and he was absolutely correct. I plan to call them again if I ever have any problems in the future. Thanks Richard!

on September 12

Richard is very thorough. Since I had just had major work on the Nissan Dealership, he felt there was an underlying issue that the mechanic did not pick up on. He made sure my car was running safely and suggested I take it back to the dealership.. This is the second time Richard has worked on my vehicle and he takes time to explain everything



Mazda 6
on September 09

I have booked Richard 3 or 4 times to fix various issues with my 2004 Mazda 6 and he always does an excellent job. I have had no problems and I don't have any complaints with Richard or the work that he does. In fact, Richard is the only mechanic that I will book for repairs on my vehicle.



Infiniti Q45
on February 21

Richard arrived on-time and ready to complete my services. He was friendly and knowledgeable. He promptly completed all the needed work in a timely and efficient manner. He listened to my questions and provided wise and informed advice. I was EXTREMELY happy with his work and will look forward to scheduling his services in the future.

on February 12

He is very genuine and not there to socialize. He was very cautious with my car and understood that this particular car is kinda tight to work in. I think he is perfect for my repairs in the future. I definitely am going to check if it's alright to tip him a 20 or something.



Toyota Camry
on August 24

Richard is very humanistic and his service is excellent. He is a true professional and has a large and informative knowledge bank about vehicles. I'm confident and satisfied with his work.



Mazda RX-7
on August 18

Richard arrived with parts in hand and in an hour had replaced both the fuel pump and fuel filter. Car is running great now thanks to Richard. What a pro!!!

on August 17

Richard did an outstanding job with my 2002 PT Cruiser! No more rising temperature gauges and bubbling in the coolant reservoir. He did great explaining to me about other recommended services needed. He mentioned that I needed a new serpentine belt, and for the price of $123?? You can't get that price anywhere else! I will most definitely go through with that repair and will be booking Richard very soon. He would sure have my car in the best condition so I could sell it to a lucky buyer. Thank you for your hard work and taking the time to visit!



Lexus LS460
on August 14

Richard was friendly and quick. And he was able to arrive earlier than what I booked which worked out well. I would definitely use his services again.

on August 15

Richard was very helpful, he explain a lot of things about my car, that I just found out about. Yes I will recommend him to anybody that needs service. I would prefer Richard as my at home service mechanic again.. Thanks again Ms. Afratisha Kemp

on May 31

Richard went above and beyond the call of duty. YM was originally supposed to order my parts for me, but on the day I was supposed to get my car serviced, ended up not having them. I opted to buy the parts myself from a local auto shop and Richard kindly went to go pick them up for me. He arrived in a timely fashion and was VERY communicative the entire time, explaining every process of his work to me as he went. He stayed longer than he was being paid to ensure that he had covered all the parts of the job and left nothing out and even spoke to my mechanic from back home to get pointers on the job and my cars history. Even though my car could not be totally fixed that day because another problem was discovered, Richard gave top rate service. EXCELLENT MECHANIC!

on May 23

According to Richard, the problem has been rectified, however, the replacement lug nut is the incorrect style. He will return to replace it with the correct one when it has been ordered and scheduled.



on July 27

He was very professional, nice and fast! He even took the time out to throughly inspect my vehicle further for minor issues and as well as placed some quotes in for me so that I can handle my issues right away!


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Volkswagen Beetle
on May 15

Richard was very friendly and thorough. He took his time to check all possibilities and spent time explaining his findings and answering my many questions. I highly recommend him.

on May 20

He called and asked if he could come early to do the job. He arrived and began to locate the issues. We couldn't locate the owners manual so he downloaded one on his phone. He had the problem fixed in 30 minutes and didn't try to up change for anything.



Acura MDX
on May 18

This was my first experience with The entire experience from beginning to end far exceeded my expectations. The mechanic was professional, courteous ,prompt and knowledgable. I will continue to use when needed .



Infiniti G35
on April 14

Richard arrived a few minutes early, was extremely courteous and completed the job in half the time quoted. I am very satisfied and hope to work with Richard on my next YourMechanic service!


  • Tune-up


BMW 328i
on July 09

Richard was extremely professional, keen, and truly informative. A true specialist at his craft. Before starting he made sure I was informed on all of my options. He advised me on what he felt was best and explained what he was going to do. Richard gained my trust and respect throughout this procedure. The work performed was top notch and truly superior!! He even advised me and gave me a quote of things to schedule in the future for preventive care!! I'm truly appreciative of his du diligence and care I'll definitely recommend Richard to my friends and look forward to using his services in the future!!

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