17 years of experience
Atlanta, GA

I have over 17 years of experience and am ASE and Chrysler certified. I've worked at Chrysler, CarMax, and used car dealerships and have done a wide variety of repairs and maintenance. I enjoy meeting new customers and making sure they're well informed on all work I do. I treat all customers and their cars with the utmost respect and work hard to make every appointment the best it can be!





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Chevrolet Caprice
on April 19

Good mechanic

on April 20

On time, professional, kind.

on April 18

Richard always went above and beyond! Great service and took the time to help me understand the car's multiple problems and the different solutions!

on March 23

Richard is a very efficient mechanic. He arrived on time, and performed the job thoroughly, with excellence. I can highly recommend Richard for your next auto repair job.

on March 21

He seemed very knowledgeable and the main thing I wanted fixed was the powering steering leak. Looks like he was successful in doing that. The fluid leaked almost immediately before. Don't see any puddle or stain on my concrete (driveway) yet. Think he got it. He couldn't fix the tire or install the spare due to the rust underneath. Spare won't release. He took the tire that was flat to get air in it. I will go to a tire shop tomorrow. Other than that I am all set.

on March 17

He is a very great and knowledgeable mechanic. He will go the extra mile just to make sure your vehicle will be running properly. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

on March 09

Awesome! The whole ordeal was painless. Richard explained everything and was very personable. The work was quick and my vehicle runs better than ever. Awesome job all around.



Oldsmobile 98
on April 18

Mr. Richard was very knowledgeable on my car plus he knew how to fix it on a timely manner because I had to go get my lunch

on March 06

Richard was early for my appointment which was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and broke everything down to me so I could understand it. The service was fast and impeccable. I would want him to service my car again when I need it in the near future. I woukd definitely recommend him and his excellent service to anybody.



Honda Odyssey
on February 28

Richard did an excellent job. He was on time, he was curtious, he had the parts with him to fix our car's problem. I would definitely use Richard again.

on February 11

Richard showed up on time, and he walked me through some research he did the night before about my problem. He helped me with diagnosis based on what he saw and what I told him. Which made me confident in his abilities. No complaints.

on February 09

Richard is very kool. On time cordial. Does a great Job. great advice too, for all your repairs I truthfully recommend his services. Great Mechanic.

on March 16

Richard was punctual and VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE! I thought I needed an oil change, but he was able to determine that an inspection was necessary. He was transparent in explaining his observations and recommendations. He took time to test drive the car and discuss mechanical issues that flared up. I appreciate Richard's thorough explanations so that a mechanically-challenged girl like me could comprehend.

on March 11

Richard went above and beyond when helping me. Best mechanic I ever had. Very knowledgeable and honest. I recommend Richard for anyone who needs a mechanic. Thank you Richard so much!!!

on May 10

Richard was prompt and quick. He was also thorough and when a part that had been replaced was causing issues still, he took the extra time to make sure it was right and wouldn't cause us any problems. Friendly guy too.

on April 23

Richard replaced the ignition Coil and test drove the van to make sure that it was running ok. He thoroughly explained everything that was done as well as what to expect. I am very pleased with his service. I will definitely book with Richard again!

on April 21

Mr. Cobb was actually earlier than the stated appointment time, however, I was not surprised because he called and he sent me a text prior to his arrival. He was also able to complete the repair in what I considered to be very quickly. He was very honest with me about the need for repairs and when I could expect to absolutely have to have additional repairs made. I have already recommended friends. Thanks Mr. Cobb.



Infiniti Q45
on February 21

Richard arrived on-time and ready to complete my services. He was friendly and knowledgeable. He promptly completed all the needed work in a timely and efficient manner. He listened to my questions and provided wise and informed advice. I was EXTREMELY happy with his work and will look forward to scheduling his services in the future.

on April 21

Professional and thorough. Richard inspected a used car that I was considering buying and confirmed that everything was in working order and no major repairs would be necessary in the near future. The $85 inspection was money well spent considering how much money I was putting into the car.



Kia Spectra
on September 19

Richard was on time, knowledgeable, pleasant and fast! He even took an extra step and put air in a tire that had gone flat! Very nice experience! I'll be using this service again for sure!

on March 30

Excellent mechanic. He explained everything in detail and also gave me helpful advice. He replaced my EGR valve in less than an hour and because of him my car was able to pass emissions!! I've been telling everyone all day about his wonderful service. I will definitely be using him again in the future.

on March 25

As always.....only Excellent service from Richard. He is truly the Best Mechanic that I have worked with. Always professional and quick. I am Very Satisfied !!!!!

on February 29

Richard was very knowledgeable and what really impressed me was very thorough and thoughtful in regards to the expense of repairing my daughter's car. Will definitely request him in the future



Toyota Camry
on August 24

Richard is very humanistic and his service is excellent. He is a true professional and has a large and informative knowledge bank about vehicles. I'm confident and satisfied with his work.



Cadillac CTS
on March 17

I was very impressed with Richards ability to resolve the problem with my car, he went above and beyond to make sure the repair was correct and his knowledge was unsurpassed when he had to trouble shoot a part problem. Very happy that I had this person doing the work. I have another repair scheduled and am looking forward to working with Richard again. I would recommend this mechanic to anyone that needs work in my area.

on June 21

Very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Check engine light and code indicated the catalytic converter needed to be replaced, after Richard replaced it, tested the car again, the light still came up. He went the extra mile, figuring out what needed to be done. He took the time and brought the extra part, leaving my car fixed. I'm especially happy because he cared enough to have the work done in one visit, instead of leaving it halfway done. Emission test passed, so I was extremely pleased with service. I definitely recommend him. Thank you Richard!



Jeep Liberty
on March 12

Excellent Mechanic !!!! He has already replaced my Starter and my multifunction switch on my Jeep. He works very quickly also. He arrives on time and explains everything. I most Definitely will call on only him again. I’ve used Your Mechanic before.....but this time around I got a winner !!! Excellent Excellent work....Seriously.

on January 11

Richard really saved me hundreds of dollars today . I had another mechanic quote me a ridiculous amount of money because he diagnosed my car based off an internet search as opposed to checking out the car himself. When Richard got there he agreed that if the task was what the internet said then it would be very pricey to repair .... however he still double checked himself instead of just going off what the internet said. Upon his own review he noticed that the labor on the part wasn't as difficult as the internet made it seemed and he was able to fix my vehicle at a reasonable price. After my car had sat disabled for 4 months I can finally drive again !

on January 11

Richard did excellent job replacing my lower control arm and replacing my value casket replacement. He found problem with one of my tires and appreciate letting me know of this issue. I will have tire checked.



Subaru Outback
on May 11

Richard was prompt, friendly, very knowledgable and competent. Along with installing my new battery, he basically assessed most everything else he could on the car and took it for a drive to troubleshoot a couple of issues. I highly recommend Your Mechanic and, especially, Richard.

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