12 years of experience
Atlanta, GA

I've been an automotive technician since 2004, and I'm ASE certified. I've worked on all makes and models, from Honda to Ford. I specialize in European models, such as Audi and Jaguar, and have extensive knowledge of engine performance. I'm an honest and efficient worker and I take pride in solving whatever issue your car is having.





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Ford F-150
on December 07

Robert is the best mechanic I've had. Extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy in his dealings. After finally listening to him and his expertise, Robert fixed the problem with ease. He also went above and beyond when there was a parts mix up, at no fault of his own, from the shippers by driving down to the warehouse, picking up the correct parts and returning to completely fix my truck. Hire Robert and trust him. You will not go wrong.



Ford F-150
on December 07

Robert was very upfront about the cheap and easy quick fix option I had chose. He was prompt and timely and quickly got to work as soon as he arrived. Though the fix had not resolved the issue, that was squarely my fault for not having trusted Robert and his expertise from the beginning. He showed me again exactly where the issue was located and quoted me again the different options of how to fix it. I scheduled my next appointment. Trust Robert.

on December 07

Robert was very knowledgeable and diagnosed the problem quickly. Very honest and explained the issue and gave all options for the fix. Did not push any "upsells" or "future fixes".



Chrysler 300
on October 13

Showed up a few minutes early, fast and efficient. Got me on my way with in 35 minutes on a front brake job. Never going to a dealer again. I will use these guys for any repair and have them do it at my office while I work.

on October 10

Robert was excellent! He showed up on time. He was very kind and respectful. He changed both my brake lights, did inspection of my vehicle and added window shield washer for me. Thank you Robert. I will definitely be using your mechanic again:-)



Nissan Altima
on October 10

Awesome service experience!! Robert was on time, very professional, replaced my alternator, and had my car back up and running. He also explained everything, and did a fantastic job!! Thank you Robert!!!



Lexus ES300
on October 03

Robert actually arrived earlier than expected which was great since I will only now be counted for half a day off from work. He asked pertinent questions, explained the service, reviews the quote again, and went to work. After the service was completed he explained what was done again, reviewed the payment amount, and completed the transaction. I would definitely book him again for recommended services.



BMW 330xi
on September 30

Robert showed up on time, was very prompt in his diagnosis of what needed to be replaced via notes from the previous mechanic. He promptly got to work and fixed the problem within the allotted time frame. He was in and out and very friendly and knowledgeable about what needed to be done.

on September 27

Great experience. Robert was very professional and provided a thorough analysis of my issue. He also checked some basic fluid levels. Highly recommend.

on September 20

Knowledge, friendly and courteous! He was very transparent with everything and educated me on what was wrong as well. Went above and beyond to make sure everything was right! Will recommend and request in the future! Thank you Robert

on December 01

Robert was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him for future service.



Nissan Altima
on July 21

Was very nice and fast! He took the time to explain what he did and asked if I had any other issues or concerns with my vehicle. I was pleasantly surprised, this is something I never got going to a dealership!



Subaru Forester
on September 08

Robert was there 8:30am on the dot. Big plus. There were items on my 60K service that he informed me weren't needed so, those items were taken off my invoice. Nice! He also informed me of other items that needed attention and how to deal with them. He totally was looking out for my best interest. Solid mechanic and dude! Thanks Robert.

on August 31

Robert Bell was extremely professional, quickly diagnosed, isolated & resolved the fault within the hour! Robert reassured me that my fuel pump pressure, all voltages and mechanics were within spec. Through fault management, Robert identified a intermittent / faulty TPS (Throttle Positioning Sensor) recently installed which "triggered" the "no start" on this vehicle & resolved w/o new parts. I would highly recommend Mr. Robert Bell and we are extremely thankful that exists - saved us additional / unnecessary costs! Thank you again to all the staff of and your certified & knowledgeable mechanic, Mr. Robert Bell!!

on August 08

Robert was very impressive and knowledgeable, showed up early (that's a plus), went right to problem and kept me informed as he worked. Advised me what needs to be done and his recommendations. Thank you!

on July 27

Robert was prompt, highly professional, courteous and efficient. He answered our question and was a real gentleman. My mom and I were impressed, especially in light of the disappointing experience we had with two prior mobile mechanic companies.

on July 27

Great guy..arrived on time..very informative and detailed..answered my questions and noted gerneral maintenance tips older nissan truck to helpe to keep it running well... .

on July 06

Mr. Bell was courteous and knowledgeable. He had the skills, tools and technology to troubleshoot the situation. He was professional, and methodical as he checked down the probable causes as to why my car was not starting. Mr. Bell had my car running in less than hour. I will call on the Your Mechanic Service Team again.

on June 12

Unbelieveable experience, he was extremely friendly and knew exactly what he was doing . I believe he truly solved an issue that has been plaguing my vehicle for a while.



Hyundai Santa Fe
on October 14

After the initial delay in starting time I found Robert to be courteous and completed my repair in about one hour. I would recommend him if asked.

on October 13

Hi Robert!! Well Robert had to cancel my 1st appointment and we rescheduled for the next day. Robert came out to my job that next day and inspected my car and gave me and estimate. My conversation with Robert lead me to believe that he would be an honest mechanic and fair guy that I could have take care of my car repairs. Thanks, Diane

on July 14

Awesome! Robert diagnosed the problem within minutes! He educated me on the issue and resolved the problem, all the while, providing valuable advice!

on November 23

Robert was quick and efficient. He did a great job and I would certainly use his services again.

on October 12

Excellent. Robert showed up before time, explained his findings so that I could understand and was very professional!



Hyundai Sonata
on July 30

Robert was great! This was my first time using Mobile Mechanics and it was a great experience. I will definitely use their services again.



BMW 525i
on August 18

Great communication telling me was on his way and prompt. Everything was great. Very nice guy and knows his stuff...Thank you Robert!

on October 11

Robert was early for to the appointment, extremely respectful and courteous but above all very knowledgeable...

on July 20

If you want great service?! Robert is your guy. He was here earlier than the set appt. EXCELLENT!! And my car is working great.



Nissan Xterra
on June 21

Robert was fantastic. Knowledgeable and friendly as well as efficient. He even helped diagnose another issue with my vehicle!

on August 23

Robert showed up for the 4 p.m. appointment today to look at my 2004 Volvo XC90. He was courteous, and tried his best to evaluate the problem. A foreign vehicle is very hard to disagnose, and I believe that after my experience with both Robert and another car mechanic at a different shop (who looked at the Volvo as well and did not charge us for diagnoses, since he could not figure out the problem) that it takes a Volvo specialist to evalute and to accurately diagnize the problem with this vehicle. Robert made a couple of guesses, however, he did not know exactly what the problem was. He told me that the car needed to be placed on a jack high in the air to completely diagnose the problem. He said I needed to take the car to a Kaufman tire to get a complete diagnoses while the car was on a jack high up in the air. He told me it would take 2 people to diagnose the problem. Robert tried his best, however your company did not have the resouses & equipment to accurately diagnose the problem (jack lift) according to Robert. Also Robert said it would take two people to diagnose the problem as well. I am going to take the Volvo to someone who works with Volvo's to accuratley diagnose the problem. I am confident that you will refund the $70 charge that you charged my credit card since Robert told me he was not able to accuretly diagnose the problem. Thank you. Rich Whitmer 404-379-1625

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