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San Diego, CA

I've been an automotive technician for 13 years and am an ASE certified master technician. I graduated from the Ford program and worked at a Ford dealership as well as an independent shop. I approach every customer's car with the same attention to quality and detail that I would give my own car.





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Toyota Avalon
on October 29

I got a quote (detailed and absolutely transparent) for the job on their web site - it was significantly less than a price suggested by other local shops, even for the used starters. Pete came on time, explained to me what he is going to do, showed me a new starter. After the job was done, in half an hour, he recommended me further services and gave a quote for them. Very professional and high quality job. Thank you, Pete!

on September 11

Pete arrived earlier than the appointment time, but I was able to come back earlier. He waited without complaint. He is very courteous. Finished everything in a timely manner. I would trust him taking care of my car next time.

on November 12

Pete was punctual, professional, and very clear with his diagnosis of the problem. Highly recommended.

on October 14

Pete was very knowledgeable and was able to diagnose and fix my electrical problem and get my lights working again.

on June 11

Had Pete come down to investigate why I was getting exhaust smells through my vents. We found out that my exhaust manifold was cracked. He was very knowledgeable on why cracks happen and offered me an alternative method to wield the crack and save ~$900. He also spotted a busted trans mount (which might explain the vibrations).

on August 06

Pete exceeded my expectations. He was punctual and was very friendly. Mechanics like to talk down to people who don't know cars but Pete explained everything until you fully understood what was going on. I felt valued as a client and would recommend Pete to everyone.

on July 15

Pete was timely, courteous, professional, and efficient. I plan to request him the next time i need some work done, and will pass the word to friends/family. Thank you!

on July 08

Went over and above the call, helped us get our car fixed quickly so we could continue with our move. Worked with us on the price after diagnosing the problem and got us the best deal possible. Really Amazing mechanic, if we weren't moving out of state we would deffintly call on him again for any future issues!



Mazda 3
on June 26

Pete showed up early and got the job done quickly. I had a lot of questions for Pete before my service and he answered each one of them quickly and professionally. Making me very confident in his service.

on June 04

As usual Pete went through every procedure on my SUV to find and determine what I did to it. through numerous checks and balances from ignition to compression he concluded that my cylinder had no compression and with other findings I can eventually put her to rest. it still runs and I can still take it short distances to work until I get rid of it. she is an old girl with lots of miles anyway so I am not shocked. now back to Pete. he is very knowledgeable about cars especially fords. he has extensive experience in the automotive field with all its new technology and computers etc. he has worked on my car before and I cant think of another to trust with my cars. you looking for a top notch mechanic and a all around nice guy he is your man. if only other industries were as honest and trustworthy and had people like Pete working for them it would be a better place. when the likes of Pete and anyone like him are gone from your mechanic so aim I. trust, knowledge, experience, values then prices and convenience is what its about. remember this. chuck p

on August 22

Pete is a great guy; diagnosed my electrical issue pretty fast. He easily could have up-charged me for a bunch of additional service since I know nothing about cars and I'm sure he picked up on that. Pointed out a few other things worth looking into while he digging around under the hood but didn't pressure me into taking action on the spot, instead, stuck to just doing the inspection I asked for. Would definitely recommend and use Pete again.

on July 18

called ahead and showed up on time. friendly and professional, diagnosed and repaired car quickly. happy with the whole experience using this service. will use service and pete again for future needs.

on July 18

pete is friendly, on time or calls ahead if early is ok which is great. diagnosed car quickly, picked up new part and installed all in a timely manner. very happy with the service from booking to job completed and saved a lot time on my end will use again.

on July 03

Tried this service for the first time. My problem - sometimes my auto's engine would race, the tachometer would be very high but my car would start slowing down, as if it had lost power, but after a short time the normal power and speed would be working right again. Very scary when you are driving on the highway at 70 mph. then this happens, and you seem to be coasting down to 30 mph. before your car starts to engage properly again. Pete Hambly to the rescue. I explained to Pete how my car was acting, and he surmised what the problem was very quickly before he even hooked up the code reader to my auto. After reading the code and doing a few tests with his instruments to verify his prognosis, he solved the problem. He looked at my part and found a faulty connector sensor. He temporally fixed the problem until the part I need is found. Pete was friendly, informative, professional, very knowledgeable, courteous, and proficient. He was clean cut, well mannered, and made you feel at ease. Pete gave me the impression he loved his work and it was more than just a job to be done. I am very happy I used "Your Mechanic" services and got Pete as my service technician. My cost was lower than if I had taken it somewhere else and more personable. Communicating directly with my technician instead of a clerk behind a desk, that writes up a work order for the mechanic to read, solved my problem faster and with more precision. I will definitely use Your Mechanics services in the future and definitely ask for Pete again. Thank You very much Pete for a pleasant stressless hour.



Honda Accord
on July 02

Pete was super professional and courteous. You got my problem fixed very quickly and help me out on the 4th of July weekend. Great guy will call on him again. ,MURICA

on June 20

Pete was great. He was here early and did a quick job with the diagnosis. Look over the vehicle for possible recommdations of future needs. Overall very satisfied with his service.

on June 21

EZ peasy lemon squeezy. Again, no complaints here. Met with Pete previous week for inspection. Order part and he was in and out under 30 min. Three Cheers for Pete.


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Honda CR-V
on June 13

Professional, friendly, courteous and competent! Pete is knowledgable by educating me on the problems my vehicle was experiencing. He troubleshot the task at hand and performed an additional thorough inspection of the engine and tire check. I will definitely use YourMechanic for all my automotive needs . Thank you for the convenience!

on June 07

Pete was very professional and friendly. He answered all my questions I had to the fullest and more. He even was able to bump up my inpointment up and even showed up eairly. Pete is very good and I would recommend him to everyone.

on June 13

Pete knew his stuff, not only did he do a great job but gave me advice on, on a print out I received from Ron Baker that would had cost me 450.00 dollar of work they had recommended, Thank Pete for saving me money!!!!

on May 08

First time user! Heard squeaking noises and rubbing metal when pressing on my brakes. I took my car to a couple of auto repair shops and of course they gave me over the head prices to get new brake pads and rear rotors! Found YourMechanic online and had Pete come out to inspect my brakes. BEST AND FASTEST AUTO REPAIR SERVICE I'VE EVER HAD. He told me exactly what was wrong, gave me recommendations and came the next day 2 hours early to start the job. It was a 3 hour job and he finished in 1.5 hours. Also included an oil change, tire rotation and replaced one of my brake lights. Total amount came up 50% less than we got from other shops. Definitely recommend using YourMechanic! This will be my go to service when I need repairs! Request Pete as your mechanic! THANK YOU!

on May 09

Pete called ahead of time letting us know upfront that there might be more damage and that he couldn't guarantee that this would fix my problem but I opted to try anyways. He showed up right on time and finished the job an hour early. And he did a great job. My car is by no means in perfect condition (my fault, not his) but at least he got it up and running for me and that's all I can ask for at the moment. I would definitely use YourMechanic and Pete again.

on April 24

Pete arrived early and was courteous with a positive attitude. Easy to talk to and knowledgable as well. Would definitely ask for him again. Thank you.

on April 30

Pete is very knowledgeable about cars (especially fords) works fast and gives a complete look over of potential problems your car may have and recommends services you need without pressuring you into doing or buying anything. would use Pete again AS WELL AS YOUR MECHANIC. it is a no brainer

on April 05

Very convenient. You can enjoy staying home while the mechanic fixes your car at your doorstep. Pete Hambly from YourMechanic was on time as scheduled. He fixed my car's front CV axles just like any fancy-schmancy Service Center would do. The cost was much lower than the quotes I had got from the other mechanics. It was a great service with friendly but professional attitude. When he realized he needed an additional item, he didn't hesitate to drive back to his headquarters to fetch it, and came back to finish what he started instead of postponing. Besides, he didn't charge me for that extra item. I highly recommend YourMechanic and Pete Hambly.

on March 20

Pete was here on time, very knowledgeable of my BMW, and made me feel comfortable and confident that he would make the repairs correctly. I also was very impressed with his honesty, and he exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased and will call on him (you) next time. I will definitely recommend his service to friends.



Toyota Camry
on March 06

Pete was very friendly and professional. He replaced our spark plugs and wires quickly and efficiently. Also he was great at explaining his process and answering any questions we had. Definitely a great mechanic!

on March 06

There are three major things I look for in a mechanic: efficiency, honesty, and inclusion. For my No Start Inspection, Pete used the available clues to jump straight into the likely source of the problem. Although he did take many factors into consideration, he didn't waste any time chasing parts that were already previously inspected or even unrelated. As a young woman, I also look for and appreciate mechanics that include me in the process. Pete took me seriously and took the time to explain his process on my own level of understanding. My experience with Pete was not just a repair service, but also a learning opportunity. Even though I trusted his opinion, he still showed me the faulty part and explained exactly why this part was the source of the problem. Rather than feeling frustrated or discouraged by the needed repair, Pete has given me the confidence and satisfaction that my car will be able to be put back in great condition.

on March 08

Pete is a professional mechanic and knows how to improvise to get the job done. I highly recommend him and would seek his help with any future repairs.



Ford Mustang
on February 24

After another mechanic broke one of our spark plugs and couldn't finish the job, Pete came in and did it with no problem. We initially requested him due to his last job on our car and we gained trust, but we settled for another mechanic since Pete wasn't available at that time. We will definitely wait next time if we have to and have it done right the first time! We have nothing but respect and appreciation for him and his work! We will not have another job done by anyone else besides him while we are here! My husband & I truly recommend him to anyone!

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