39 years of experience
Austin, TX

I'm an ASE master technician and have been an automotive mechanic for over 35 years. I've worked at different shops and am comfortable with all makes and models. I have the knowledge, skills, and tools to service or repair your vehicle and I look forward to meeting each and every new customer.





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on May 07

Martin did an awesome job and quick! I was impressed and learned a few things as well. I have had other companies change my oil. They always stripped the bolt or lost bolts that they shouldn't have removed.



Toyota Avalon
on June 07

Marty is like your cool uncle that you can't wait to come and visit because he won't act like one of the "adults" and he'll teach you how to play guitar, how to fix cars, how to ride a motorcycle, he'll take you to get your first tattoo, buy you your first beer, etc.

on August 05

Service delivered as promised, exceeding my expectation. Martin was prompt, courteous, and efficient. I don't expect to ever sit in a repair shop waiting room again. YourMechanic rocks!

on January 28

Martin was right on time for his appointment, polite, and provide a great inspection and service for my BMW. I requested a quote for parts and repair and he sent it to me later that afternoon. I'd highly recommend booking Martin to perform your inspection/service when using Your Mechanic.



Honda Pilot
on January 09

Just so you're aware. I'm a real person, with real problems. I have an 8-5 job with 5 kids so I can't be without a car. This service is phenomenal and so economical it makes me wonder why I've been paying so much for car repairs all these years. Martin is the king of mechanics. Communicates effectively, sticks to his timeline, out of this world repair work and for 1/2 of what I was quoted ($600 vs. $1200) from 2 dealerships and 4 independent Austin shops. You're crazy if you get your repair work done by anyone else or anywhere else. Don't believe me, call me direct and I'll give you the full scoop as to why from this point on, I will only get my car repaired through this service and with Martin as my goto man. 10 1/2 stars (lol. rating scale only went up to 5).

on October 15

Marty and his team came to my house and replaced my brakes, rotors, and a burnt out headlight in under an hour. Very pleased with their convenient and professional service.

on December 22

Fantastic and very convenient experience with ~ My mechanic, Martin was very knowlegeable and professional. He did a fantastic job of diagnosing my problem and went the extra mile to work with me and keep me happy. Thank you!!! TC'

on December 14

My first time using this service and will not be the last. Mr. Light called to ask if he could arrive early. He was professional and I would use him again. He did not try to sell me something I didn't need. I appreciate that very much as it seems to be a rare thing. I was extremely pleased with the ease of the process and of Mr. Light himself. My problem was a check engine light and no repairs were necessary at this time (fortunately) so I cannot rate him on that aspect. I highly recommend this service, very convenient and I didn't waste my whole day.

on October 06

He was the best friendliest, honest, and fast mechanic I've ever met. I would recommend him every time I use YourMechanic. Marty was freaking awesome! :)

on July 26

This is the second time that Marty has changed oil on our vehicle and I was very happy with his professionalism and friendliness. Using YourMechanic has been great since I have a baby and don't want to spend time waiting at a shop with him. This was super convenient for us.



Toyota Sequoia
on October 06

Martin was awesome! For his first visit, he replaced the broken rear hatch latch on my 2003 Toyota Sequoia, which involved taking off the back inside door panel. While he had that undone, he did all he could to help make a large dent look a whole lot better. He also checked on a leak that someone else told us we had and he did verify it; however, he said it wasn't something that needed to be repaired at the moment and just told me to keep an eye on the fluid level. I went ahead and asked him to send me a bid for the repair just to see what it might cost and "Your Mechanic's" quote was about half of what the other guys quoted me. While Martin was checking for one leak, he found another profuse leak that he said needed to be repaired soon. So, I scheduled him for today to make that repair, and he was in and out in about 30 minutes. From both of my experiences with Martin, I would definitely recommend him to others.

on March 17

My previous experience with Your Mechanic was less than ideal, HOWEVER, the customer service department reached out to me and made it right. They sent Martin Light to do the additional repairs, for the price that was quoted. He came on time, went out of his way to give me awesome service and make the repairs. This is the best way to determine if you are working with a reputable company - how they handle a mistake. They made it right, and that is all you can ask for. It is so much easier for me have my car repaired or maintained while I am working in my home office. I can't afford to sit for the day at the dealership. I tried calling Subaru and getting a loaner car during the repairs, and that was next to impossible. No one would even return my calls. I am SO SO happy that this works. I will use Martin again and can not recommend him highly enough. He is knowledgeable, friendly, on time and Your Mechanic will stand behind him. That is Gold!! Thank you!!!

on March 28

Martin was quick to call and tell me that status of his arrival time and when he was done he talked to me over the phone to tell me what he found during his inspection and to make sure I didn't have any other questions. Happy with my first service.

on May 03

Marty found the problem, corroded battery cables, right away. Need another appointment to have him come back and replace them. Thanks, Larry Pope

on June 27

I absolutely love the value that Your Mechanic service brought to the process of hiring a mechanic. It's a comforting feeling to have someone come to my house to do some fixes rather than drop it off at someone else's property for them to potentially hold it for ransom. I could see exactly what the mechanic was doing, He communicated with me what was going on the whole time and really wasn't afraid of having me around asking questions. I learned a lot and thought that was worth more than the actual repair job. So, not only was my mechanic on time, courteous and competent; he was thorough in his assessment and patient with me.

on February 11

Martin was great! Arrived on time and was very personable. I appreciated his input on future maintenance that needed to be done and will be following up with to schedule some of the services he recommended given the estimates are in line with what I receive with other shops. Overall, a great experience!

on March 04

Martin was great. Very professional and friendly. He did a great job along with his crew. I am currently referring your mechanic to all my friends!



Mazda 3
on July 03

Martin was friendly and I felt confident he could do the work. I was not disappointed. The work was done quickly and with no issue. I will definitely recommend Martin and would use him again!

on April 14

I've had Martin work on my car on multiple occasions, and he's been great every single time! He is super friendly and gets the job done. I would recommend Martin to anyone who's looking for a new mechanic or just someone to conveniently do a quick oil change.

on January 14

Marty is now our new mechanic. Our truck needed a repair that could not be done at our home, so we scheduled an appointment with him at Diamond Automotive in Kyle. He actually picked up our truck and drove it to the shop himself and then drove it back to us after he finished the repairs. Marty is honest, thorough, and a delight to work with.



Honda Accord
on April 25

I felt I won the mechanic lottery. Martin did an excellent job. Very professional and showed up when promised. Love the on line estimate. Very reasonable price. Inspected my car for other possible problems. If you need a good trustworthy mechanic Martin is your man. Donna

on March 25

Was very up front on recommendations about my Daughters car which has multiple issues and worked up a plan that we could follow through with which we have decided to scrap her car due to the costs involved in fixing all of the issues. Solid work.

on July 02

Glad I'm not having to do the oil change and tire rotation and it's really great that the service comes right to your door. Can't get any better than that!

on April 29

My appointment with Martin could not have gone better he now has a new client. I think his personality was absolutely awesome and his daughter working with him was phenomenal.



Jeep Grand Cherokee
on April 01

Martin was great. Just couldn't replace ignition cylinder as requested and let me know someone would contact me to make another appointment to complete the request. It's 3:30PM and no one has contracted me for Martin to return. Hope this happens soon so I don't lose confidence in what seems like a great idea. Larry P, Kyle, TX

on June 02

Marty was awesome! He was accommodating to my schedule and made sure my car was in tip-top shape before he returned it. He over communicated and I felt confident with every recommendation he provided. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of car repairs.

on April 07

Marty did a great job. Even though he admitted he hadn't changed a Jeep ignition switch before, he was able to complete the job in short order. I appreciate his friendly attitude and easy going personality. Glad to have met him.

on July 15

Very polite and professional. Quick, thorough service. Love the ability to see the results of the inspection and recommendations online.

on April 02

Martin did a great job for me of replacing my cat converter. People like him make such services smooth and convenient. Thanks for that.

on May 04

Helpful and friendly, had the job completed very quickly. He did leave some dirt/ grease on steering wheel and door entry. I would advise to use some protectors in the future.

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