6 years of experience
Atlanta, GA

I have been an automotive technician since 2011. I worked in auto shops in my home country of Turkey and have worked for BMW, Toyota, and Honda since I moved to the United States. My experience ranges between Domestic, Asian, and European cars. My customers can be confident that I will get their car back to great working order.





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on October 21

Mahdi did a great job! Very professional and highly skilled!



Jeep Liberty
on October 21

Very professional very knowledgeable and very polite was really impressed

on October 08

Mahdi arrived promptly after calling, worked seemingly efficiently (I know too little about auto mechanics to be objective), wasting no time and informed me that part of the scheduled work was unnnecessary. I appreciate that!

on October 04

Timely...Communicated efficiently and effectively. Knowledgeable, I got the sense he really enjoyed what he was doing. He was concerned about my automobile. We discussed repairs and cost. He really believes in doing what is right for the consumer and not over charging.

on September 27

Mahdi was very polite and very knowledgeable. He did very good job and also provided some useful information. I appreciate his job well done.

on October 05

Mahdis was great - was on time and fixed the problem promptly at 2:30 pm on Monday 10/2. However he was the second mechanic, because the first mechanic failed to show at his 8:30 am scheduled time, and then texted to reschedule for Wednesday. So I had to call the company, not happy, and demand another mechanic for later in the day on Monday, missing work all the while. The appointment had been made and confirmed on Thursday. Great concept - poor execution.



Honda Insight
on October 05

He was timely, efficient, and honest about the car and it's issues. Very grateful for his help. I'd definitely use him again.

on August 26

Fixed my vehicle in less time than expected. Pointed out exactly what I needed and didn't need with my car. Did not try to sell me on repairs I didn't need. I would for sure use him in the future.

on August 18

Mahdi did a fantastic job. I could tell he was very thorough in his inspectio and that he has a lot of knowlewdge and experiecne. He was also very helpful in educating me on what to look for. I would highly recommend him for any pre-purchase inspections.

on August 15

Completely candid here. We did have an issue with scheduling at first - Madhi did not have the part he needed for our car with him and as such we needed to reschedule. A bit frustrating as I had planned to work from home. HOWEVER, he was at our location the next day, prepared and ready. We were quoted more than $1,200 from dealership, $990 from another location and $690 from this site. We saved minimally $300 for brakes. They seem to be working great. Madhi was diligent, kind, polite and took great care of our vehicle. I could not be more satisified with his work.



BMW 550i
on September 12

Though it took 3 visits for him to fix oil leak he seem to have done it. But in the process the windshield is broken which has to be fixed. And I have not driven the car yet. Have to drive and watch car for few days to see how it behaves. Then I will come me back and update this review again. For now looks good

on October 03

Mahdi was knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I would recommend him and your service to friends and family.

on October 16

Pre-purchase inspection was very helpful and helped me make a giod decision on an out of town purchase.



Honda CR-V
on July 28

Mahdi was great! He showed up on time, he was polite, professional, and competent. He worked quickly and got the job done much faster than I would have expected. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone and I will definitely request him again if needed.

on January 12

Incredible service! Great knowledge and wonderful insight on cars and auto as a whole. He caught a flaw that not even the technicians at Carvana hadn't even caught. His thoughts on Kia's as compared to other makes and models helped to greatly allow me to make a great decision on a used car! Mahdi is an incredible mechanic and will make sure you have everything you need to make sure your car is in tip top shape.

on April 26

Mahdi was extremely professional and arrived quickly prior to the appointment time. He also diagnosed the issue with the vehicle quickly and ensured that I understood the issue.

on December 29

MY mechanic arrived promptly at 9:00am.He was friendly and professional. He answered my questions about the repair in a way that I could understand. He seemed knowledgeable and competent. He was also diligent, my appointment took several hours. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends.



Cadillac STS
on January 15

This is the second time seeing Mahdi. He always shows up on time and prepared. The service did uncover an additional problem and he was able to get parts and schedule service for the very next day.

on September 02

Great Job! he was able replace the part in less time and recommended to replace another part which was failing. Thank you!

on August 16

Mahdi was very friendly and helped me figure out the problem with my truck. He recommended some needed services and will be calling on him again. thanks again

on August 17

He was fast and knowledgeable he also got right to the issue and turns out my head gasket blew and pretty much just need a new motor

on December 03

Mahdi was on time and professional. Spent a solid two hours assessing the problem with my car without a single complaint. Fair and decent guy.

on December 03

Very knowledgeable and takes pride in his work. Gives an honest assessment of issues and how they can be resolved. Just a true professional!

on October 19

Thank you! Mahdi went the extra mile for my repair. Thank you so much man!!!

on October 17

After a thermostat repair my car now runs hot.... he told me that the steam coming off my car before he left was coolant burning off my engine after driving 3 miles my car ran hot. He left all of the coolant in my driveway from repair. Very disappointing and horrible service

on September 02

Awesome! Had the problem identified and a resolution within 10 minutes! Would definitely book again!

on October 04

Perfect! Friendly, quick and successful repair. Exactly what I was hoping for.

on December 30

Very professional and courteous. Thoroughly inspected vehicle and made sure I understood the things that concerned him.



Hyundai Sonata
on October 13

Good job, starter did the job, she's back on the road again!

on January 06

When the mechanic showed up for my first appointment he was awesome and was extremely thorough as a result I requested him to come back again the following week to repair additional issues. I got an oil change 50 point inspection and some we sore replaced my biggest issue was that the check engine light was not reset and my service A message was not cleared. Also after the work was done and I drove the car there is now a loud squeaking noise that wasn't there before the second set of repairs were done. I was also expecting a detailed recommendation of anything else wrong with the car since he rated my engine operation a 25 but I didn't receive one.

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