13 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I have over 10 years of experience of hands-on, continuous education, servicing, and repairing of almost all makes and models. I am an ASE certified automobile technician. I'm experienced in repairing engines, transmissions, suspensions, HVAC, computers, modules, and accessories. I use current scan tool equipment and software and have a wide range of speciality tools to help pinpoint malfunctioning components and systems. I'm a firm believer in clear communication with customers and always explain exactly what's going on with your car.





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Volkswagen Jetta
on September 01

Jason noticed a leak in one of our tires and patched it for us so we could avoid an issues while we're driving.i really like that he paid attention to details like this.

on August 31

Jason was thorough and made sure I was aware of the status of my vehicle was and my options. He is personable and polite. He worked quickly and before I knew it, Jason had completed the required work and asked permission before road testing his work. He then took the time to review what work had been done. This is the second time Jason has done work on my family's vehicles. I would and WILL recommend Jason's services to friends and family.


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Toyota Sienna
on August 31

This was a pleasant YourMechanic experience, with Jason C. doing the job for my toyota sienna. He is honest and reasonable, recommending what is best for your car according to its situation. Instead of just doing the work order which if unnecessary will be a waste of money, he did preliminary inspection and validated what actual work is (or may be) needed. The problem with my car's VSC was kind of tricky, but he spent extra time to figure it out and get solved. Awesome job!

on October 15

Jason was extremely professional. He is very good explaining everything. Jason went above and beyond the service and 1) Cleaned the fogged residue on the cars headlamp and 2) check into a noise the car was making and isolated it to right strut. Esp after i mentioned that I just bought this car after getting pre-purchase inspection through YourMechanic. Jason acknowledged that issue should have been caught in the pre purchase inspection. I would be happy to use Jason again.



Chevrolet Malibu
on October 19

Very impressed with his technology. When I peaked on him, I noticed he was using a laptop to do a diagnostic. He informed me that my Camshaft Adjuster Solenoid needed to be replaced. He offered to pick up the part and fix it that day. I was impressed that he was willing to drive out of his way to fix my car. He completed both jobs in a timely manner. My check engine light is no longer on and my car drives like it's brand new! I am very happy with his work and will recommend him to everyone I now.



Chevrolet Lumina
on November 12

Most mechanics would just install the starter I provided. Jason took the time to test the starter in my car and explained how it all woks. He did the job effortlessly, at night, with a flashlight in his hand! I will definitely recommend Jason to my friends and family.

on April 17

Jason got the job done for me fast and clean. He inspected thoroughly all components of my vehicle and suggest future service for me. He even steam wash my engine and told me if there is a sign of fluids or oil leaks around the engine, it was best to know when the engine is clean, not when it is dirty.



Hyundai Santa Fe
on October 02

I have had Jason work on my car several times, he is always soft-spoken courteous honest and reliable. He only suggests what is needed for my car to run optimally and never tries to over- sell. I recommend Jason to everyone I know with a car. I am very pleased with Your Mechanic and the mechanics they employ.

on September 14

Jason did a first rate job. He got right to work, knew exactly how to correct the problem and had the correct replacement starter with him. The whole process took slightly over 1 hour. This was my first experience with My Mechanic and it was excellent thanks to Jason's professionalism.

on July 15

This Timing belt and spark plug replacement for a Mitsubishi V6 SUV is a hard job. Jason knew what he was doing and was methodical and deliberate. He also has the experience with the newer pollution plumbing that was in the engine bay. Very professional, fully equipped and patient. Things can go wrong with tough jobs and a mechanic with little or no patience can get sloppy. Jason was not so the tough job was done well. To future customers: If the mechanic is going to be on the job for a while (and you feel like he's a decent person), offer snacks, a small meal, something to drink. It just establishes goodwill between you and the mechanic. Treat them well and hopefully, they reciprocate by doing the best they can for you.

on October 04

Jason it great. He isn't bothered when I ask my many questions, trying to understand the repairs (so I don't get ripped off). He makes sure to put down a tarp so that fluids don't spill in my driveway. Not all their mechanics do that.

on September 30

Jason was great ...he was able to pinpoint the additional issue with my front suspension and completely and effectively fix the problem and the total was well within my established budget

on September 14

Jason is professional and courteous, he is prompt and efficient, I specifically ask for Jason though I will have to settle for others and pray they are as knowledgeable

on March 16

Jason is knowledgable, reliable and friendly person. He took his time to explain things about my car. I highly recommend YourMechanic and Jason's service.



Chevrolet Malibu
on June 22

Incredible. Nicest guy and took the time to explain everything that was going on to me. He even saved me some money on duplicate parts that were ordered automatically through the quote. Now that's someone I can trust. Super friendly, came on time and even called me the day before so he could be prepared.

on March 12

Jason was extremely knowledgeable about my car and also very friendly. This was my first time using My Mechanic and I will definitely be using them again and make sure I ask for Jason and I'm going to tell all my friends & family!

on July 07

Was very thorough in a pre-purchase investigation. Being an out of state purchase, I was much more comfortable with the process after he reviewed the car and presented any potential issues. Very communicative as well.

on March 10

Jason is the man! He is friendly, polite and professional. And he knows 4Runners. He was patient with me while I asked lots of questions about what he was doing along with other maintenance questions not related to the valve cover gasket replacement. I highly recommend him.

on March 09

It's so nice to have someone near our place and work on the car. Jason has a great attitude. I only here for the oil change, he fixed my car's leaking problems with no charge as well. Since Jason has a great service, we were already schedule the next appointment for brake pads replacement. My family and I will recommend Jason to our friends.



Chrysler Town & Country
on February 26

Jason arrived early. After time, he discovered the reason for my squeaky wheel (a defective rotor from O'Reilly Auto Parts). I was happy with his persistence in diagnosing the problem, making sure to find the issue correctly without giving up. He even took time to explain some other things about my van. The only thing that I did not like was how long it took him to get the new rotors from the store (took about 45-60 mins).

on July 10

He was on time. He let me watch and educated me about the systems as he worked on them. He even helped me diagnose potential other problems for future servicing. Simply amazing. Respectful, friendly, trustworthy and incredibly knowledgeable. There is nothing more you can ask for in a mechanic.

on July 17

I am extremely impressed with MyMechanic and Jason. I am driving to Tahoe this weekend and Jason assured me that all is in good working order...just need to put air in the tire!! Once I am back from Tahoe, I will definitely recommend your service! Best of luck!

on February 25

Jason was professional, prompt, broke things to me in laymen's terms and gave me an honest assessment of what service my car would need both short term and long term. Nice and honest guy, which is quite refreshing for a mechanic!

on July 26

Jason was great, he actually took off $200 from our estimate as some of at any dealership, they would have found ways to charge unlimited $ more and still not be fully done.. these guys are just good, the car stays at your house, you know they are working on nothing but your vehicle and they explain everything in "plain english"...

on May 17

I enjoyed a friendly communication with Jason and glad to learn from his expertise. I will definitely recommend "your mechanic" to any one who needs a professional and convenient work on his/her vehicle.

on February 11

Jason came by in a huge truck. I was so impressed that he got so much tools available regardless of the small oil change job. Definitely, I would recommend Jason to all my family members and friends.

on February 04

Glad I spent the $112 for the Pre purchase Inspection. It was waisted money on a crap car but I saved in the end with knowing not to buy the car so in that was money well spent.



Mazda 6
on February 03

Jason went far and beyond what I could have expected! Do to an incorrectly assigned time for completion in the job I needed done, Jason did far more work then he knew was coming. I needed my PCV hose changed, and low and behold, my Mazda required the removal of the headers to get to the PCV hose. Without question, Jason handled his business and got it done. On top of that, he replaced my brake discs and pads, and on a request after he arrived, he went to the auto parts store and bought and replaced one of my headlights for me. Jason ended up working for 8 hours to get the job done. Then, after there was an issue with my power steering making noise after he worked on the car, he responded quickly and came out to my work to figure out and fix the issue. Jason did a great job, and I definitely recommend him to anyone needing work done. He will go above and beyond.



Honda Civic
on August 02

Jason Certeza is probably one of the best if not the best professional mechanic I've met. He's honest, thorough, communicates well. He fixed and went beyond to explain/answer patiently all my questions. He's one of a kind, and he does not take advantage of the customer's ignorance. Thanks for sending him to fix my son's Honda Civic. You've gained a customer for life.To YourMechanic, please put on the website that he's ASE Certified....thanks again

on February 02

Jason was great to work with. He explained everything and showed me what he was working on. Great communication and very knowledgeable. I will be requesting Jason again to do future work.

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