13 years of experience
Portland, OR

I've been working as an auto technician for over 12 years and I'm ASE and TIA certified. I've worked at Chevrolet and Ford dealerships and also have extensive Honda knowledge. My fields of expertise are replacing brakes, timing belts, fuel pumps, window motors, and axles, as well as performing preventative maintenance repairs. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and I firmly believe that safety comes first with each of my customers.





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on April 30

I was really apprehensive on using a moble mechanic but decided to try it anyway. I got a same day appt and Jose came to my home, and was on time. He did quick work, area was cleaned and he was really thorough. He showed me what he did and answered all my questions. I will definitely use him again.

on April 29

Friendly and helpful, Jose was prompt in his work and I would be happy to see him again.

on April 27

Jose was extremely helpful and had a smile as he walked up. Seemed trustworthy and genuine. He helped identify my problem, gave me advise, unfortunately I need a new clutch assembly, more than he could do on the spot. I would ask for him again.

on April 20

prompt, knowledgeable, efficient, good work, I had a great customer experience. I highly recommend him. Definitely knows what he's doing.



Mazda 6
on March 29

This is second time we've had Jose come to our house. And again it was a great experience. He's honest and informative. I'll definitely call him again. Thank you Jose!

on March 12

Everything went smoothly. Jose was very professional and efficient. Did a excellent job. Very complimentary of the condition of my car. Very validating.

on March 08

I was very impressed with Jose. He was very professional, friendly and explained what he was doing every step of the way. I would definitely use him again and would highly recommend him to family and friends. Thanks Jose!

on March 02

Clearly Jose is a fabulous guy. Jose went the extra mile to figure out exactly what the deal was with my car. When I win the Mega Millions lottery, I will be stealing Jose away from you so he can work for me full time. I expect to have at least 10 different automobiles which will require his full-time expertise and care. Jose will have a ridiculously fabulous salary, at least 2 fine homes in an area of his choosing and an ultra sleek modern ridiculously expensive sports car, maybe 2. Jose will also have a personal assistant named Margareta and access to my personal jet -- a Boeing Business Jet 2 A.K.A “the Flying Hotel”. I highly doubt that Your Mechanic will be able to beat those perks. So treat him well.

on February 26

Jose did an amazing job inspecting my new car. He checked every little thing and did a great job of explaining what needs to be replaced. He was thorough, honest, and very knowledgeable. I'll definitely be calling him in the future.



Ford Focus
on March 04

Great guy, showed up on time ready to work, got his job done sooner than expected, also let me know of some other issues there are with my car.



Honda Element
on February 14

Jose worked very hard to fix my old car. He put a lot of effort into replacing the starter, and the extra stress was related to rust and old age of the car, not a technical issue. He was kind, on time, and did a great job. Happy he came out to help us!

on February 10

Jose was congenial and knowledgeable. He explained everything incredibly well and made sure we walked away with confidence. I've never used YourMechanic Services before, but will now make sure they're the first I contact in case of an issue.

on March 27

This is the second time I have had Jose work on my car. He is always professional and very knowledgeable. A job well done



Honda Civic
on November 09

Jose was great! Was on time, diagnosed my issue so quickly and fixed my car in less than an hour. I've had the same issue happen to my vehicle (overheating without smoke) and was charged an arm and a leg for it everywhere else. Jose knew it was a simple easy small part fix (just needed a new thermostat) with labor, parts, and coolant it was way less than any other place would have charged me. I will definitely use Jose again for my car repair needs.

on January 24

Jose took time to replace part twice to eliminate possibility of faulty part. Unfortunately it did not completely resolve the engine light but did repair faulty O2 sensor. Jose did not have enough test equipment to diagnose the problem further but recommended shops that did.

on January 25

Jose arrived early, had all the tools he needed, was polite and good humored. He figured out the problem in minutes (probably something I should have noticed) and we were able to go pick up the one part that was needed to fix it right then. He did not mind answering all my questions about everything and pointed out items that I should have the previous mechanic shop confirm they did correct (possible over torquing on the alternator nut which sheered off). I would definitely have Jose work on my car again.


  • Check Cooling System


Ford Ranger
on January 25

Jose was right on time and was able to find the source of my leak. He also gave a thorough inspection and found that I had a couple small leaks; not just one, so I appreciated that. He also took the time to explain everything he found and helped me understand what to look for in the future. He got the job completed very efficiently.

on January 23

Great service, he knows what he's doing and he knows what he's talking about and he tells you about every little thing that you should know about your car



Acura MDX
on January 16

Jose did a great job and found my problem. It was not what I originally thought. He could have done the job I thought it was and the problem would not have been fixed! Very honest and great customer service!

on January 08

Jose very knowledge. He helped me a understand what was going on with the vehicle part. I appreciated him coming out and would recommend him to come out anytime I needed



Toyota Prius
on January 01

Jose arrived before the appointment, explained each procedure thoroughly, finished the job in a timely manner, and was very polite during our interaction. Car runs wonderfully now!

on December 29

Jose took his time to explain everything that could be wrong with my starter plus other things that might be a problem once he does the actual starter replacement. Jose was very friendly very knowledgeable and very easy to understand. He is a true asset to your company



Kia Soul
on December 17

Jose was amazing. He showed up early for our appointment and explained every step of the process to me as he was replacing my battery and testing my alternator and starter. He communicated on my level, never talking down to me or explaining things in a way that only another mechanic would understand. I love this service. Having Jose at my house working on my vehicle was much like having that "friend of the family" mechanic at my disposal. His demeanor and personality matched that attitude. I will definitely request Jose in the future. So glad I have a friendly mechanic to count on. Alex

on December 11

Jose was great! He thoroughly explained what was wrong with my vehicle, what warning signs to look out for in the future, and what to do if they occurred. We will be hiring him again!


  • Check Cooling System


Ford F-150
on December 08

Jose called and was able to come early. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. He needed parts that were not available so he made an appointment that fits both of our schedules to come back.



BMW 330Ci
on December 06

Mr. Trinidad is a professional, and he is also a really nice guy. He is considerate and thorough. He came to our house and was ready to do his work, and described what he had performed efficiently and directly.

on December 05

Jose arrived on time and completed the necessary repairs in a timely manner. Jose is a professional mechanic and is very knowledgeable and explains the repairs in an informative and understandable manner. We always get great support from Jose and will continue to use him when repairs are needed for our 1998 Subaru Outback. We will also recommend Jose to our friends and family. .

on December 02

Jose is a super friendly guy and is incredibly knowledgable. I'm a bit of an idiot with cars, so he always kindly explains what work he's doing and why it's necessary. I go out of my way to make sure Jose is available to do the work on my car.

on November 27

Jose has repaired both of the cars I have a few times now. He is always generous with his knowledge, his time, and his expertise. My wife and I are always impressed with his dedication to get to the job site, and get the repair done. We already have mind to recommend him to other people we know in the area, should they have car trouble, and one of them really does, all the time.

on November 25

Jose arrived on time, was extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what was wrong with my car as soon as he turned the key in the ignition! Amazing service and will definitely be calling him for any future repairs needed on my vehicle.

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