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I'm a European-trained mechanic with over 30 years of experience. I love working on all kinds of cars and have the tools and experience to help you with any and all of your car repair needs.





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on November 18

Grzegorz arrived on time and ready to work. He finished the work in the estimated time and made sure he did it correctly. He even ran out to the autopart store to get the correct part that was missing.

on November 17

Very knowledgeable, professional mechanic! He was accommodating when I had to reschedule my appointment and was an expert at replacing my battery. Highly recommend - A++ service :)

on November 18

My regular shop mechanic refused to fix my door actuator (because it's a pain to tear down the door and put it all back together again), so I hired Grezegorz. The door works great, my locks operate again, and the car was clean and in good working order. I'm confident in his skill. I would hire him again. Very happy.



Kia Spectra
on November 11

Grzegorzs is the best mechanic in the Bay Area hands down! He went the extra mile (pun intended) taking care of my Kia spectra to make sure everything was working properly. I never felt taken advantage of or price gouged which unfortunately can happen with a lot of mechanics. Great work!

on November 09

Grzegorzs was friendly, informative and great. Highly recommend him and would definitely ask him again to fix something on my car. Very happy with my experience. And so convenient. Coming to my office!

on November 04

Gregory's was punctual, very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Not only did he diagnose my issue, he gave me a heads up in a few other things to keep an eye on.

on November 01

He is the best mechanic I have ever met in the bay area. I asked for a general inspection on an used car I just bought. He was so kind to point out what problem my car have. Now I know which parts needs to be replaced.

on October 30

My initial inspection was quick and easy. Grzegorzs is thorough,professional, and quick. He explained all the findings with my car. I have re-booked him for a recommended repair.

on September 22

Service was amazing, he was polite, quick and very informative. Best mechanic I have ever had. He went above and beyond the basic service.



Toyota 4Runner
on September 02

On time and communicated the issues with work to be done. Completed the repairs quickly, showed me the replaced parts, and I was back on the road. Grzegorz is very professional and knowledgeable and I would request his services again.

on November 29

Grzegorz was quick at pin pointing the problem with my car and fixing it. He was also helpful in letting me know what caused the problem and what to look out for if my problem should occur again. Overall he was very helpful.



Mazda 2
on October 29

Grzegorz was very knowledgeable about what maintenance was needed and helped explain to me the indicators I'd see for when certain parts would actually need replacement. The opposite of a pointless upsell, and made me feel comfortable with the safety of my vehicle.



Toyota Venza
on November 16

I needed to have my brake pads replaced. A garage in the city quoted me $600; I received a quote from YourMechanic of less than half the cost. Grzegorz was very efficient and knowledgeable. He showed me how worn the pads were and what would have happened if I hadn't had them replaced when I did. He also did a thorough inspection at the end and made recommendations for my next service. A great experience overall!


  • Oil Pan
  • Crankcase Vent Valve
  • +4 more


Volkswagen Golf
on November 26

Grzegorz is the 5th mechanic I've used from YourMechanic. With the exception of one, they were all great. But Grzegorz gave me overall the most confidence that he knew his trade inside and out and would take great care of my car.

on May 28

He is a really pleasant man,who has a good attention to detail,as it happens there was no way to get the car started, due to what appears to be failed fuel pumps,which is what i suspected. I am 70 years old,fixing it has lost its appeal,and did not have all the tools to fix it with me.Therefore being a mechanic my self in the past, i can only say he knows what he is doing.If the parts were at hand he would have repaired it no problem i'm quite sure,so for me he gets top marks,in all departments. Yours sincerely Barry Vare

on May 14

Once again, I found Grzegorz to be as helpful as possible in diagnosing my car. I appreciate when he goes above and beyond to explain things and provide advice.


  • camshaft adjuster gasket
  • turbo oil pressure lane
  • +2 more


Volkswagen Golf
on January 02

Grzegorzs is a real pro and a nice guy to boot. Very knowledgeable and meticulous in his work, and you can tell he prides himself on a job well done.

on January 11

Easy - showed up on time, oil change and tire rotation done within an hour and fifteen minutes. No up sell like you get at other oil change laces for things like new serpentine belts that you don't need. Would recommend his services.

on January 16

Gregory was the man. He called me a couple hours before my appointment and asked if he could do visit earlier. He was super fast and did a quality job.

on January 17

I found Grzegorz to be very punctual and polite. Grzegorz called and texted me to let me know he was on his way, he was very knowledgeable and gave my car a good inspection. I have no hesitation in recommending Grzegorz to family and friends and I look forward to Grzegorz serving my car again. A happy customer Graham B



Honda Civic
on January 21

Grzegorz showed up to my location right on time! I had left my lights on and tried to jump start my car the day before. It didnt work so i figure the battery needed to be replaced as it did appear pretty old for used car. Grzegorz did a quick inspection to determine it was not the battery but just a simple blown fuse!!! I am not great at cars but I know some simple things. He informed me I just needed to replace the fuse and then jump the car and It should work. He took it out for me and I took the blown fuse to a local AutoZone to get a new one and came back to replace the fuse myself. Used my girlfriends car to jump it and the car is running fine now. So in the end I did not need a new battery just a tiny little fuse that was 4 dollars at the store. Usually you have to worry about mechanics giving people the run around that are not good with cars but that was great of Grzegorz to be the exception to the old saying. He offered to come back to do it for me but I figured I could manage on my on. I expected to pay 280+ to get a new battery and labor on my 91 Honda but I ended up paying less than 100 thanks to the help I got from Grzegorz. I had never heard of My Mechanic but for us younger folks if you like uber and lyft then My Mechanic is equivelent to that in terms of convenience and price. I would will recommend this service to anyone else that may need their vehicle fixed. Also it was great to not have to wait in a waiting room and just show up to my car at my appointment time to get it looked at.

on January 21

Grzegorz knew his stuff and wasted no time, rapidly assessing the extent of the issue, carefully testing the electronic components, and thoroughly checking to ensure the issue was resolved. Many thanks!

on June 08

Everything about the experience was terrific, I will definitely use this service again! Grzegorz was extremely knowledgeable and professional, was not rushed and took the time to talk to me about what needed to be done and options. I am very happy.

on February 02

Gzegorzs is everything you'd like in a mechanic. He was confident in his work, communicated each step very well and incredibly efficient. He knows engines inside and out. He even went above the call of duty by checking all my fluids, taking snapshots of some other areas that are in need of a tune-up and offered up some advice. I would use him and Yourmechanic again in the future.



Nissan Pickup
on August 25

Grzegorz did an excellent job. Before him arriving I thought I needed a brake master cylinder. But, when he got here is checked the whole braking system and recommended changing the brake pads since the master cylinder was working well. Thanks again Grzegorz.

on April 04

If it is a matter of saving money and receiving transparent and satisfactory service, YourMechanic is the way to go. Mechanic Grzegory was better than any of the guys I have used before. He was good in diagnosing the problem and explaining it to me. While other mechanics were impatient and would push you into committing to an expensive repair, he explained alternatives, and let you make the final decision. Although he was late for the appointment due the uncontrollable traffic condition, he would still deserve a top rating.

on May 21

Greg was very flexible and offered me several options for the mobile service. I opted to take my car to the shop instead of using the mobile service and was very pleased with his experience, professionalism and knowledge. I would go out of my way to have him service my car again.


  • Hood latch does not lock ...


Honda Odyssey
on February 25

I just posted to your Facebook site and my own FB wall. Great service. Met all my expectations. Grzegorz was thorough and even found a few preventative things that could have been big trouble a few thousand miles down the road. Your online notifications were great. Payment process worked well. Grzegorz is a great representative for your brand.



Honda Civic
on June 18

Grzegorz is a trust worthy mechanic, He installed a new Engine/drive belt plus a water pump on my 2005 Honda Civic. He answered all the questions that I had for him, he also gave me some pointers on car parts and how to fix things for my self . I recommend him on fixing your car as well.

on March 10

Gregor was excellent. Aside from the quality oil change and tire rotation, he performed a thorough inspection of my vehicle and made appropriate recommendations.

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