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I have been an automotive technician since 1980. I love working on all kinds of Domestic, European, and Asian cars and have the tools and experience to help you with any and all of your auto repair needs.





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  • 150,000 Miles Maintenance...


Toyota 4Runner
on November 16

Grzegorz always gives me the expert opinion on my vehicle. I can avoid unnecessary repairs with some simple maintenance.



Volkswagen Passat
on October 01

GREAT MECHANIC! Works precise and clean, NOT sloppy: doesn't let a car being old get in the way for a respectful and clean/through repair. He works in particular and organized manner.

on September 05

On time, on quote, knowledgeable and was able to complete repair quickly despite my having bought the wrong part. This is the first time in many years that I have had a repair completed without having to leave the car all day. Thanks!

on September 13

Super knowledgeable about everything on the car. After he thought he found the issue he kept checking to make sure. Was explaining the issues the whole time. Made me feel super confident in his troubleshooting skill.



Honda Civic
on January 21

Grzegorz showed up to my location right on time! I had left my lights on and tried to jump start my car the day before. It didnt work so i figure the battery needed to be replaced as it did appear pretty old for used car. Grzegorz did a quick inspection to determine it was not the battery but just a simple blown fuse!!! I am not great at cars but I know some simple things. He informed me I just needed to replace the fuse and then jump the car and It should work. He took it out for me and I took the blown fuse to a local AutoZone to get a new one and came back to replace the fuse myself. Used my girlfriends car to jump it and the car is running fine now. So in the end I did not need a new battery just a tiny little fuse that was 4 dollars at the store. Usually you have to worry about mechanics giving people the run around that are not good with cars but that was great of Grzegorz to be the exception to the old saying. He offered to come back to do it for me but I figured I could manage on my on. I expected to pay 280+ to get a new battery and labor on my 91 Honda but I ended up paying less than 100 thanks to the help I got from Grzegorz. I had never heard of My Mechanic but for us younger folks if you like uber and lyft then My Mechanic is equivelent to that in terms of convenience and price. I would will recommend this service to anyone else that may need their vehicle fixed. Also it was great to not have to wait in a waiting room and just show up to my car at my appointment time to get it looked at.

on January 21

Grzegorz knew his stuff and wasted no time, rapidly assessing the extent of the issue, carefully testing the electronic components, and thoroughly checking to ensure the issue was resolved. Many thanks!

on March 10

Gregor was excellent. Aside from the quality oil change and tire rotation, he performed a thorough inspection of my vehicle and made appropriate recommendations.

on January 11

Easy - showed up on time, oil change and tire rotation done within an hour and fifteen minutes. No up sell like you get at other oil change laces for things like new serpentine belts that you don't need. Would recommend his services.

on January 17

I found Grzegorz to be very punctual and polite. Grzegorz called and texted me to let me know he was on his way, he was very knowledgeable and gave my car a good inspection. I have no hesitation in recommending Grzegorz to family and friends and I look forward to Grzegorz serving my car again. A happy customer Graham B



Hyundai Sonata
on April 30

Great Service! Grzegorz is a very professional, experienced mechanic that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fair and honest mechanic (and don't we all know they are hard to find). I was extremely pleased with everyone that I dealt with at MyMechanic, and will be going with them from now on for all of my auto services.



Ford Fiesta
on January 19

Greg is my go-to YourMechanic guy. He's very detail oriented and gets the job done much better than other YourMechanic-mechanic. He knows his stuff and even do extended diagnosis of my other questions of the car. Dan

on February 02

Gzegorzs is everything you'd like in a mechanic. He was confident in his work, communicated each step very well and incredibly efficient. He knows engines inside and out. He even went above the call of duty by checking all my fluids, taking snapshots of some other areas that are in need of a tune-up and offered up some advice. I would use him and Yourmechanic again in the future.



Nissan Pathfinder
on December 16

Grzegorz came on time and was able to perform the repair within the time mentioned. He also did an inspection of the car and recommended some maintenance for upkeep of the car. He was professional and knowledgeable about car repair.

on December 06

He didn't arrived on time, but called to notify, but I was expecting him at some point between 3-4pm. I didn't really care much because I was home all day, but it would be better if you show up the scheduled time especially with pickie clients! But overall I think he did a great job!



Lexus RX330
on November 25

Arrived late, but that's mostly the fault of how my building is laid out on the street (so no harm really). Was very professional, fast, gave no reason to distrust him. Made sure everything was done right.



Honda Civic
on April 06

I really enjoyed talking with Grzegorz and learning a bit about how my car was working (and not working). What he did brilliantly was say "I don't understand you my english is not very good, what I understand by the word you are saying is this..." - that is awesome communication from someone communicated in a language that is not their native tongue. Love it! Thanks Grzegorz for being patient with my lack of knowledge of cars as you taught me, and for helping me understand what you didn't understand from what I was saying. Excellent service!



Toyota Highlander
on November 13

Excellent service and so convenient. I will definitely use Greg again! I believe he did a more thorough job than Toyota normally does on a major service for more money.

on November 29

Grzegorz was quick at pin pointing the problem with my car and fixing it. He was also helpful in letting me know what caused the problem and what to look out for if my problem should occur again. Overall he was very helpful.

on October 30

My initial inspection was quick and easy. Grzegorzs is thorough,professional, and quick. He explained all the findings with my car. I have re-booked him for a recommended repair.



Toyota Prius
on April 28

Grzegorz was very professional. He wasn't able to get my battery going the first time, so went home to get some extra equipment and make it to another appointment before coming back a couple of hours later to try again. I appreciated that he didn't just say "too bad, I can't help you". He was able to get the car started enough to open the boot and replace the battery when he came back, saving me a tow to the dealer. I would hire Grzegorz again.

on November 18

My regular shop mechanic refused to fix my door actuator (because it's a pain to tear down the door and put it all back together again), so I hired Grezegorz. The door works great, my locks operate again, and the car was clean and in good working order. I'm confident in his skill. I would hire him again. Very happy.

on November 01

He is the best mechanic I have ever met in the bay area. I asked for a general inspection on an used car I just bought. He was so kind to point out what problem my car have. Now I know which parts needs to be replaced.

on April 27

Grzegorz is very knowledgeable and professional and experienced as a car mechanic. I trust him with my VW and appreciate that he doesn't perform work if it's not needed. Highly recommend him

on November 04

Gregory's was punctual, very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Not only did he diagnose my issue, he gave me a heads up in a few other things to keep an eye on.

on December 28

I was very happy with Grzegorz. He worked quickly and efficiently which indicated he knows cars. He also checked for any other needed repairs and answered my questions. I will return when I need additional repairs.


  • Rough idle in morning and...


BMW 325i
on January 08

Very professional and honest! Took the time to explain the problem as well as what he was fixing, etc. Upfront about pricing and what it costs for additional services. Friendly personality too!



Kia Spectra
on November 11

Grzegorzs is the best mechanic in the Bay Area hands down! He went the extra mile (pun intended) taking care of my Kia spectra to make sure everything was working properly. I never felt taken advantage of or price gouged which unfortunately can happen with a lot of mechanics. Great work!

on November 09

Grzegorzs was friendly, informative and great. Highly recommend him and would definitely ask him again to fix something on my car. Very happy with my experience. And so convenient. Coming to my office!

on April 11

Grzegorz has been helping me get my 2004 Saab in shape again. I just bought it, and it needed some love to be in tiptop shape, and Grzegorz has been awesome in helping me do just that. It's running wonderfully, and I'll continue to have Grzegorz work on the car throughout its life which I hope is long. Thanks Grzegorz for all your work, and helping me understand what is going on with my new baby!

on March 29

Grzegorz is awesome. He's very thorough and has helped get my car back on the road. He explained everything and gave great suggestions on how to keep my car running well.

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