37 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I have been an automotive technician since 1980. I love working on all kinds of Domestic, European, and Asian cars and have the tools and experience to help you with any and all of your auto repair needs.





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on April 11

Grzegorz has been helping me get my 2004 Saab in shape again. I just bought it, and it needed some love to be in tiptop shape, and Grzegorz has been awesome in helping me do just that. It's running wonderfully, and I'll continue to have Grzegorz work on the car throughout its life which I hope is long. Thanks Grzegorz for all your work, and helping me understand what is going on with my new baby!



Honda Civic
on April 06

I really enjoyed talking with Grzegorz and learning a bit about how my car was working (and not working). What he did brilliantly was say "I don't understand you my english is not very good, what I understand by the word you are saying is this..." - that is awesome communication from someone communicated in a language that is not their native tongue. Love it! Thanks Grzegorz for being patient with my lack of knowledge of cars as you taught me, and for helping me understand what you didn't understand from what I was saying. Excellent service!

on March 29

Grzegorz is awesome. He's very thorough and has helped get my car back on the road. He explained everything and gave great suggestions on how to keep my car running well.

on April 08

Grzegorz put extra effort into diagnosing my Mini's problem with overheating. He tested the car more thoroughly than many shops I've taken it to and for half the price. Very professional, thorough, on time (early!) and great followup. Thanks, Grzegorz! I'll be requesting your services again.


  • inspection car no start


Infiniti FX45
on February 17

Grzegorz was great. The previous mechanic who worked on my car was unable to solve my car's issues and said he needed to go through an extensive + costly trial and error approach to fix my car. In comes Grzegorz- he was able to diagnose the issue in 5 minutes and had my car running immediately.

on March 21

Grzegorz was quick, efficient, and professional. He went over everything he found and explained to me the repair process.

on April 20

My experience from implementation to completion was flawless. Gregory contacted me the day before my appointment to confirm my appointment. Due to the nature of my repair and the location I am in Gegory asked if it were okay to do the job at his location. Knowing how difficult it is to r&r the front assembly for cv axel joint replacement I did not see a problem with this. In fact I was wondering how it was going to happen. Anywho, Gregory dropped me off and picked me back up when the repair was completed.He even gave me a few items that may need repair that my other mechanic missed. I will most definitely look him up for future repairs or maintenance.



Toyota Highlander
on November 13

Excellent service and so convenient. I will definitely use Greg again! I believe he did a more thorough job than Toyota normally does on a major service for more money.


  • Hood latch does not lock ...


Honda Odyssey
on February 25

I just posted to your Facebook site and my own FB wall. Great service. Met all my expectations. Grzegorz was thorough and even found a few preventative things that could have been big trouble a few thousand miles down the road. Your online notifications were great. Payment process worked well. Grzegorz is a great representative for your brand.

on January 21

Grzegorz knew his stuff and wasted no time, rapidly assessing the extent of the issue, carefully testing the electronic components, and thoroughly checking to ensure the issue was resolved. Many thanks!



Honda Civic
on January 21

Grzegorz showed up to my location right on time! I had left my lights on and tried to jump start my car the day before. It didnt work so i figure the battery needed to be replaced as it did appear pretty old for used car. Grzegorz did a quick inspection to determine it was not the battery but just a simple blown fuse!!! I am not great at cars but I know some simple things. He informed me I just needed to replace the fuse and then jump the car and It should work. He took it out for me and I took the blown fuse to a local AutoZone to get a new one and came back to replace the fuse myself. Used my girlfriends car to jump it and the car is running fine now. So in the end I did not need a new battery just a tiny little fuse that was 4 dollars at the store. Usually you have to worry about mechanics giving people the run around that are not good with cars but that was great of Grzegorz to be the exception to the old saying. He offered to come back to do it for me but I figured I could manage on my on. I expected to pay 280+ to get a new battery and labor on my 91 Honda but I ended up paying less than 100 thanks to the help I got from Grzegorz. I had never heard of My Mechanic but for us younger folks if you like uber and lyft then My Mechanic is equivelent to that in terms of convenience and price. I would will recommend this service to anyone else that may need their vehicle fixed. Also it was great to not have to wait in a waiting room and just show up to my car at my appointment time to get it looked at.


  • Rough idle in morning and...


BMW 325i
on January 08

Very professional and honest! Took the time to explain the problem as well as what he was fixing, etc. Upfront about pricing and what it costs for additional services. Friendly personality too!



Mazda 2
on October 29

Grzegorz was very knowledgeable about what maintenance was needed and helped explain to me the indicators I'd see for when certain parts would actually need replacement. The opposite of a pointless upsell, and made me feel comfortable with the safety of my vehicle.



Nissan Pickup
on August 25

Grzegorz did an excellent job. Before him arriving I thought I needed a brake master cylinder. But, when he got here is checked the whole braking system and recommended changing the brake pads since the master cylinder was working well. Thanks again Grzegorz.



Honda Civic
on June 18

Grzegorz is a trust worthy mechanic, He installed a new Engine/drive belt plus a water pump on my 2005 Honda Civic. He answered all the questions that I had for him, he also gave me some pointers on car parts and how to fix things for my self . I recommend him on fixing your car as well.


  • Other Inspections


Toyota Camry
on June 05

Thought it was a belt issue due to the squeaking sounds coming from the car. First thing he did was check the belts and immediately said the belts were still in great condition and didn't need to be replaced. I like how he was honest and didn't try and take advantage of me and change them anyways. Then went and diagnosed and told me what the problem was. Gave me a quote to fix the actual issue and didn't pressure me at all to make an appointment with him immediately. He also managed to stop the squeaking noise in the meantime which is awesome.

on May 21

Greg was very flexible and offered me several options for the mobile service. I opted to take my car to the shop instead of using the mobile service and was very pleased with his experience, professionalism and knowledge. I would go out of my way to have him service my car again.

on June 08

Everything about the experience was terrific, I will definitely use this service again! Grzegorz was extremely knowledgeable and professional, was not rushed and took the time to talk to me about what needed to be done and options. I am very happy.


  • Oil Pan
  • Crankcase Vent Valve
  • +4 more


Volkswagen Golf
on November 26

Grzegorz is the 5th mechanic I've used from YourMechanic. With the exception of one, they were all great. But Grzegorz gave me overall the most confidence that he knew his trade inside and out and would take great care of my car.



Lexus RX330
on November 25

Arrived late, but that's mostly the fault of how my building is laid out on the street (so no harm really). Was very professional, fast, gave no reason to distrust him. Made sure everything was done right.



on September 13

Greg is a boss. Took care of things when I didn't have the bandwidth to deal. And the one review he got that wasn't good was BS. Good dude, and honest. Overall great situation.

on May 14

Once again, I found Grzegorz to be as helpful as possible in diagnosing my car. I appreciate when he goes above and beyond to explain things and provide advice.



Volkswagen Jetta
on August 27

I was in the middle of replacing the starter to my 97 VW Jetta all on my own, and the end was in sight. I had successfully taken the starter out, so I just needed to reverse my steps and install the new one. Little did I know, that the hole for the top 8" bolt was slightly misaligned (no wonder it took a bit of tugging and pulling to take out) and getting it back in was near impossible. Since it was so long, it went through the starter, transmission chassis, and then into a motor mount chassis. I tried to raise the motor via various jack points along the engine/transmission, but nothing would allow me to get the bolt back in. I was pretty frustrated and at my wits end. Enter Grzegorz. Grzegorz arrived on the scene and instantly started loosening all the motor mount bolts that held the entire motor/transmission in place. He was even able to loosen one of the motor mounts that I was unable to, as well as quickly locate 2 other motor mounts to loosen as well. Once that was done, I helped him slowly jack up the transmission as he was looking down the bolt shaft w/ his mirror. After he told me to stop, he was able to insert the bolt problem free. Everything after that was downhill and a piece of cake. I was extremely impressed with Grzegorz's knowledge of cars, specifically what motor mount bolts needed to be loosened, as well as his wide array of tools that he had at his disposal. He had a special ratchet or wrench for every occasion, and knew how to use them as well. His services are perfect if you're a big DIY guy like I am, and end up finding yourself in a tight spot. Sometimes walk-throughs and online car forums can only get you so far. To get you the rest of the way, you need a mechanic like Grzegorz from YourMechanic.

on August 13

Grzegorz was exactly what i was looking for. My sons Porsche 914 was driven every day up to five years ago then had some fuel injector issues and has sat idle for five years not able to start. I had trouble finding a 914 mechanic (rare) who would get it going let alone come to the house! Grzegorz went through the basic engine and got it running in an hour. I have him coming back for a full tune up. If you are looking fro a very trustworthy mechanic , Grzegorz is your man

on August 01

Grzegorz is AMAZING! Another mechanic from YourMechanic had mis-diagnosed and incorrectly installed a part on the wrong portion of my car, but Grzegorz bent over backwards to diagnose and fix the issue. Even though we had to go through a few iterations to get the right repair (since the previous mechanic had left without any details about what he had done), Grzegorz was always able to come to my neighborhood at a time convenient for me to take a look at the car. He's a clear communicator - punctual, highly skilled - and always keeps you in the loop with his schedule, plans, and what's wrong with your car. He even went above and beyond and took my car for a smog check just to be absolutely sure that my car had been 100% fixed. Definitely recommend working with Grzegorz if possible.


  • 40,000 Miles Maintenance ...


Honda Accord
on April 04

Sorry about being late on this, but Grzegorz did a good job on my car. He checked even things that were not checked just to make sure. He also did the job very fast.

on June 24

We have an OLD car and we do not want to spend a lot of money on it. We rarely use the car. We watched him try to make the motor work to make the window go up and down but the motor was dead. The estimate was between $200 and $300 to repair it We simply left the window in a closed position though we recognize that we will not be able to open it any more. But he was very efficient at his work and very effective in communicating our options. He did exactly what we asked for and therefore recommend him to future clients.

on December 28

I was very happy with Grzegorz. He worked quickly and efficiently which indicated he knows cars. He also checked for any other needed repairs and answered my questions. I will return when I need additional repairs.

on March 10

Gregor was excellent. Aside from the quality oil change and tire rotation, he performed a thorough inspection of my vehicle and made appropriate recommendations.



Volvo C70
on June 12

The Volvo Dealer quoted me $2250 to replace the clutch on my 2000 Volvo C70 (based on an hourly labor cost of $165 per hour!). Even after spending $160 to tow my car from the Volvo dealer to a location where YourMechanic could work on the car, I saved about $600! -The service was fast and professional. -The mechanic (Grzegorz) was friendly, knowledgeable, and even showed me the specific damaged parts that were replaced and explained the problem. - The mechanic (Grzegorz) worked part of the weekend so I could pick up my car on Sunday when it was more convenient. - I can't imagine why I would ever pay a massive premium at the Volvo dealer ever again - I've wasted so much money at that place over the 13 years I owned my car! - Initially I was a little cautious about using this service I found searching online, but I'm so glad that I took the chance and gave it a try. - I will definitely use again and have already recommended it to some of my colleagues at work.

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