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San Antonio, TX

Hi I was a mechanic in my earlier years as a teenager with my father who was the mechanic in the military I continued on in the military as a mechanic as well on heavy equipment and tanks once I got out continued on to gasoline Motors Honda Toyota Nissan foreign cars also receiving knowledge working on diesel trucks 18-wheelers tour buses and all different sorts of vehicles extensive range of knowledge and electronics air conditioning suspension brakes

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on September 03

The experience I had getting the car repaired at home was much better than I had expected. This is definitely the way to go. When you take the car to a repair shop, you rarely talk with the mechanic that is going to service the vehicle. The person at the counter always say the same thing, "we'll look into it", and then they call you back with an astronomical estimate. With Gustavo, it was different. Before he even got started, he spent some time talking to me any issues I was having. There was never any hard sell on other items. (Incidentally, because of our initial conversation, he checked the rear AC drain line and found out it was plugged. Had he not spotted this, I probably would have been in for a pretty good repair bill in the near future. He even showed me how to take care of this in the future if it happened again).

on October 04

Gustavo showed up earlier than he needed to and got the job done quickly! He was able to diagnose what was wrong with my car and shared his expertise with me to ensure that I understood what the issue was. Would certainly recommend!

on September 27

Gustavo was very professional but also very likeable and made me feel comfortable with the process. He did the job perfectly and so fast! Thanks Jackie

on September 26

Excellent work, Showed up early and helped diagnose the problem with my truck very quickly. Even gave some great maintenance advice for the future. Would definitely recommend him to anyone interested!

on September 21

Gustavo is a very polite and professional mechanic. He did a great job on my truck, even though it was hot and humid, with all of the age issues it has. I know I would be happy to have him work on my truck the next time I need something done.



Chevrolet S10

on August 02

Gustavo's service was great from start to finish. He contacted early and notified me about a short delay but when he arrived the job went smooth and he delivered quality work. I would recommend Gustavo's services and am looking forward to requesting his services in the future.

on June 16

He was quick, knew what he was doing, easy going, and got the job done on my car without any problems. I appreciated the knowledge he shared while fixing my car too!

on August 08

Quickly found the problem and a couple more. He was upfront and honest. Now it's up to me whether or not to spend that kind of money on an old vehicle.

on September 17

Great first experience. Gustavo knew what he was doing and got the job done right. He was honest about what I needed and guided me through the repair process.

on September 13

Gustavo was very courteous and he was very patient with me . Gustavo came on time for appt. Gustavo is a great asset to your team and I am a satisfied customer . Thanks Ms. Reyna

on August 11

Mr. Gustavo G. is one of the best mechanic I have ever met. First of all he was very courteous to call me when he was going to be later due the appointment before mine. Secondly he is very knowledge to check my car and told me what was the problem. Then he replaced booster very quick long before my expectation without any messy. I had to go work after inspection, I left him working at my house. What surprises me was that when I got home from work I found my car was parked under the shadow of the tree, which shows he is very considerable person besides a good mechanic. The brake of car now feels great and safe. Definitely I will recommend him to others and use his service again.

on September 28

Gustavo was on time and very knowledgeable so I was confident he could find what was wrong with my brakes. Most importantly, he is a very honest mechanic which is very hard to find. I did not need some repairs that the dealer I normally go to told me I needed. Gustavo showed me what I needed and explained everything. Thank you again for the honest and quick repair.



Chrysler 200

on August 22

He was prompt to call and advise me he would be late due to the bad weather plus first day of school traffic. When he arrived he quickly confirmed the issue and got right to work. Once everything was done he did a thorough inspection to make sure it was running great. I was very pleased with his service all the way around.

on August 22

Mechanic was apt with the isssues and described them well. His work was responsible, timely, and excelled my expectations. I will continue to be a repeat customer because of today.

on November 07

He was very friendly! At the end he gave me advice on my emergency brake which I really appreciated, even though it was unrelated tot he work he had just done.


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Dodge Neon

on October 29

Just tonight Gustavo replaced my Headlight. He was very professional, friendly, and very helpful. He will be highly recommended to all my friend's and family. I appreciated his service. I will definitely use him again for more service's if needed.



Toyota Sienna

on October 21

Gustavo arrived ahead of schedule and was able to complete our brake pad repair ahead of time. He was also able to diagnose a leak for our power steering system- we'd noticed a leak but did not know where it was coming from.

on October 13

Gustavo arrived ahead of schedule. He was very professional and courteous. Patiently and thoroughly answered all of my questions. I may have found the last mechanic I will ever need!

on October 12

Gustavo Garza was super helpful, knowledgeable and quickly solved my problem! I loved how informative he was and clear with every response to my questions. I will definitely seek him out again if I need help!

on October 12

I like this service i recommend this website and their mechanics to anyone having a problem. We worked together to find the problem a fixed it pretty quickly. My shifter locked up on me and I could drive for a week , but my mechanic Gustavo helped me out. I rate a 10 all around from phone call to finish. Thanks guys... Truly. W.H Germany

on July 18

Very professional and immediately made me feel that I was working with a trustworthy and experienced individual. There is no doubt in my mind, that he was thorough, honest and and cared about my safety.

on August 25

Very happy with service given by Gustavo! This was my first time using a mobile mechanic so I am very satisfied with level of service and expertise.

on August 25

Came as scheduled and diagnosed problem very quickly/timely and even helped set up appointment for return to properly fix it after parts come in.

on July 28

Very knowledgeable and efficient. Once the problem was identified and parts where in hard, finished the job very quickly. Would highly recommend

on September 14

Gustavo is a great mechanic who solved my car issue and explains info very well I would recommend him to anybody that has a car issue

on September 13

He was professional and polite. He pointed out the errors of my troubleshooting. I'd use him again. He was late, but only a little and he called to let me know he was going to be late.



Toyota 4Runner

on November 08

Gustavo was a little early and had the job done in 45 minutes or less. He did a break job on my son's car, my son was at work so it was very convenient. I never met him but did speak with him. I asked if he drove it after he finished and he told me he pulled it up and back in the parking lot, which I thought it should have been driven to make sure. That's why the 4 stars. Overall, it was a great experience!

on October 23

4 stars, would have given 5 but he was about 30 minutes late. Not a big deal, if I could give 4.5 stars I would, but it only allows for 'whole' stars. Anyway, Gustavo was polite/professional. When he was pulling the shaft out of the transmission, despite his best effort about 1 qt of transmission fluid leaked out. He did clean it up and then drove to autozone on my behalf and picked up two qts which I reimbursed him for. He also topped it off for me. He showed me where the old shaft failed and pointed out a few things on my car I should get looked at.

on September 02

Outstanding experience with Gustavo!!!! Knowledgeable, professional and nice guy! Will definitely recommend him to all my friends.

on June 22

Gustavo is a great mechanic, definitely knew what he was doing. I will definitely recommend him to anyone in need of services.

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