24 years of experience
San Diego, CA

I have over 22 years of experience as an automotive technician. I specialize in Chrysler and Jeep vehicles and can work on almost all makes and models. I've worked at dealerships as well as independent shops and always bring a wealth of knowledge - as well as a great attitude - to every job!

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  • Brakes, Steering and Susp...


Toyota 4Runner
on August 09

David was prompt and early . Asked what problem happened. And after telling it i told him what all i did in hopes problem a simple fix and told him what i thought problem was and let him do the checks and more. As he looked at items he pointed out items needing attention. Suggested best to deal with when in fixing i agreed with his suggestion on what all pointed out needing attention soon and had just put work in car costing near 700 bucks ! he was very understanding at my need for least amount of work possible, he worked with me on options explaining logistics getting refurbished part as to new genuine OEM part warranted differently. David was patient with my indecision on best to do, answering questions til a decision was made. All was finalized to be done on a day i would not have to take off to be home to handle what all necessary for me to do and addressed other items to get so he didnt need to charge for needed for repair and instead o job costing a whole lot if i brought in to mechanic. with me providing part, repair only labor being cost very pleasing was amount for his expert services. he left me with a smile and confidence in work to be done. I expected a much different visit with much higher price. Very glad for referral given by co worker to try yourmechanic.com.

on October 14

Great guy, very friendly. Found issues with my car that the previous (non-YourMechanic) mechanic misdiagnosed. Would definitely recommend David to friends.

on October 04

David was AWESOME! It was a great experience. He truly knows his stuff and was patient to explain things and show you. You can tell he is well educated on autos. He takes pride working and is a GREAT MECHANIC!!!!! All that for half the price of shops! " I love Your Mechanic.com" ! Thanks David for the quality work on my car!

on July 23

David was professional and thorough, he didn't mind my questions and the next time I need anything done on my truck, I'll feel comfortable having David handle the job.

on July 26

David arrived early and was ready to go!! I was skeptical about this service, but figured I'd give it a shot. Historically, mechanics have a bad rep of "ripping off" women customers.I have quite a few mechanics in my family, so I know a bit more about cars than your average woman. I was fairly certain I had an issue with my fuel system, maybe a fuel pump or fuel filter. David told me he would check it out and let me know what he found. About 20 minutes after he arrived, I brought him a bottle of water (1:00 PM and HOOOOT!! Poor guy!!) My car was running!!! I was shocked to say the least. David said, my hose that comes off of the air cleaner was not attached properly, so it was causing the mass air flow sensor to freak out. He asked if I'd had anyone replace my air filter recently. Well, it just so happens that I had just had a transmission flush, oil change, tire rotation and system check done by a shop in Point Loma a few weeks prior for a trip my husband and I had taken to San Jose and San Francisco. Apparently when they checked my air filter, they didn't screw the clamps back together on the hose and it worked it's way off over the last few weeks of driving. I couldn't believe it!! I was so grateful to David for fixing the issue so quickly!! David took my car for a drive and came back with the all clear that it was good to go. I signed his phone app and we parted ways. He was very friendly and I really liked that he spoke sweetly of his wife. We discussed that he and my husband both have old Toyota trucks etc. He was great!! Then I got to thinking about it.......he could have REALLY took advantage of this minor issue I had and made some money off of me. He could have easily diagnosed it as what I expressed that I thought it was (fuel pump etc). BUT, he didn't. I have found an ETHICAL mechanic with INTEGRITY!!!??? WOW!!! Thank you David, you will be HIGHLY recommended by me to EVERYONE that I know!!!

on February 21

I had a very good experience. David was courteous, before time and did the job efficiently. He was able to explain to me the details and the costs associated.



Hyundai Sonata
on August 08

I can't say enough how great David was! I originally booked an appointment for front brakes and rotors but after he looked at both the front and rear it was determined that the rear brakes had only 10% left and the rotors were worn, much worse than the front. He drove to Auto Zone and got the rear brake pads and rotors and came back and fixed them instead which saved me about $60 dollars. He was on time for the appointment, very professional, honest, knowledgable, and kept everything clean. I think I have found a mechanic for life and those are very hard to come by!!! My mechanic is great and I am so glad I found them. I've had horrific experiences at Meinke, Big O Tires (which told me I needed repair work that I didn't need) and the dealer (which costs a fortune). Thanks My Mechanic for your outstanding job, employees, and fair prices!


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Ford Ranger
on September 01

As a person that don't really know much about cars i must say i was honestly blessed to have David as my mechanic. Very respectful. Great at answering any questions i had about my vehicle and was able to tell me exactly what was wrong. Took his time with the task. Overall i had such a great experience.



Chevrolet G20
on September 11

We were extremely satisfied with the whole experience and feel good having our daughter's car serviced by David. We will use your service in the future for our other cars. Thank you

on September 22

I thought David's service was A1. I am an out of state client & hired the mechanic to do an on site pre-purchase inspection for a vehicle I was to bid on the next day. David was courteous when he called to confirm w/ me. He actually went to the job site early. He appeared to be as thorough as possible given that he could not lift the vehicle in the air. His notes & pics were detailed. He explained the issues he noted as well as the bright spots regarding the vehicle. Along w/ the verbal dictated notes he left in my inspection...I was able to talk to the mechanic personally & get a lil further info. I was very appreciative of David && his work. He helped me in making a costly buying decision. Thanks again David. I would certainly recommend the service & use it again.


  • Thermo Fan Switch


BMW 318is
on October 08

David's technological and mechanical trouble shooting abilities and professionalism is beyond reproach. He is not only thorough but easily explains what troubles found but also explains how the found discrepancy affects the car. If I need to call 'Your Mechanic' again, I will insist that David come again. He is the best car mechanic I have met to date.

on November 17

David was on time, extremely professional and polite. The service (brake pads changed) I had scheduled was more than I needed and David saw to it that I was only charged for the work he performed; I was quoted to have all the pads changed but only need the back set done. Definitely happy with the service he provided and will certainly use this service again for my future car needs. It was refreshing to deal with a mechanic that wasn't out to take my money for services I really didn't need; this was the first time i didn't feel taken advantage of when it came to servicing my car.



Buick Century
on November 12

David was both prompt arriving on time, polite calling ahead to let me know when he would arrive, and able to quickly recognize and correct repairs that had been done incorrectly by another professional mechanic, Bravo David good job..

on November 17

David did a great job on my Lexus. The job was done in 100% professional manner, clean and fast. David also checked the car and made me some good recommendations. Thank you, David. You do an awesome job!

on February 09

He arrived early to the appointment. He stayed till I got there. It would have been better if he arrived on the appointment time. He did great work for a wonderful price. However I had planned out my day so I could get home on time so I could watch the repair process. I gave him five stars because there is no survey system to be more precise in the services. In conclusion, He arrived too early, he did great work, and for a great price.

on January 28

A little early which I really liked, personable, professional, and wanted to be sure I was completely satisfied. He answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. He was very fast and efficient as well.


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Ford Escort
on January 20

David arrived very promptly (actually, early) and was very courteous and honest. Showed me what I needed (burned out wire) along with my alternator. Very convenient service and reasonable pricing. Would use again and would definitely recommend to others. Better than taking it to any shop!!!

on December 22

David is an excellent mechanic and had my motor mount installed in record time. I will be using Your Mechanic and requesting David again in the future. The convenience was great and the price was unbeatable! Thanks for your work David. Dr. Mills

on March 14

one of the best experiences i have had with a mechanic. Even when he knew the problems of my car, he kept inspecting my car to cover all bases. He was on time, super friendly, and made the whole process less stressful. He will definitely be my go to guy if I have another other issues.



Ford Escape
on March 18

David was knowledgeable ,friendly,courteous and professional. he answered all questions and explained in detail what he found and what he was going to do to correct problem. would not hesitate at all to use him again. great person and mechanic.

on April 01

Thought I had a starter problem. After a quick test, David got the vehicle started right up. He said he had experience with issues like this and explained about the security switch. I did not know I had one.

on August 09

David was INCREDIBLE! I will NEVER go back to a car shop. He arrived right on time, knew what he was doing, and explained all of your options. Buy car was fixed within 20 minutes, but he still took an extra 30 minutes to test everything and make sure there were no other issues. Wonderful experience.



GMC Envoy
on January 25

David showed up early, was there with a smile and ready to work quickly and explain everything to me. The price was fair, service was excellent and it's nice to work with someone honest and friendly.

on August 04

David showed up and got right to work on the car. Within 10-15 min. he found the problem and fixed a high idle issue. He even helped with a lock issue that was out of his scope of duty. Friendly and efficient. Great guy

on August 07

Changed oil and rotated tires but also took extra time to troubleshoot issue with brakes. Admitted that he accidentally must have knocked loose a brake line when doing an earlier job on a different day, allowing air into the brake line. Took 15 extra minutes to fix it and charged nothing extra and didn't try to deny responsibility or make money off the occasion. Brakes have worked great since! Very happy customer here.

on August 20

David performed several jobs for me today on my 2004 Toyota Corolla S. While changing the front brake pads, as scheduled, he pointed out that they could go several more months before needing to be changed. I wouldn't have known the difference one way or another and he could have just kept silent and made the $140 extra which he was scheduled to make all along. Thanks for the heads-up David! See you soon.

on April 30

David was prompt and knew what he was doing. He quickly assessed that an unknown problem existed that would need to be repaired before the scheduled items could be properly installed. He promised to get the part and return the next day. Although the repair proved to be difficult, he was determined to get it done and done correctly, which he did. He was professional and knows cars. I would definitely recommend him for your automotive repairs. It's nice that this service comes to you.

on May 03

David arrived at time, contacted me promptly and was great. He worked through the time, finished early and gave me a detailed explanation of his diagnosis of the car. Great person to work with, got the work done and my car runs great now. Thank you David.

on April 25

David arrived early. He had a great attitude: friendly and polite. He changed the oil in both of our cars and kept us updated on progress with text messages. He finished ahead of schedule and appears to have done a great job. The entire interaction was a pleasure and the price was very reasonable. Extremely convenient to have this done at our home. Would highly recommend and use again.

on July 20

He just left and will be back Monday to complete the job. He was there 2 minutes and knew what was wrong and within 5 minutes I had a quote and an appointment to have the work done. Great guy!!!!!!!

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