34 years of experience
Austin, TX

I've been an automotive technician since 1984 and am a master-level technician for all makes and models. I've worked with NASCAR, an independent shop, and as a mobile mechanic for several years. I'm trained in computer diagnostics and always give 100% to every diagnosis, repair, and service I perform on a car.





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on September 02

David is as advertised, experienced, and professional. I've used this service repeatedly and David not only takes care of your job, but will follow up with you afterwards to make sure everything is how you want it. It's great to have a mechanic with his level of experience come to you, when you would have to pay a premium to get that expertise elsewhere. The best part about David is he's willing to explain why you have the problem, and how you can prevent it in the future (if it can be). I highly recommend David, if he gets put on your car you're in great hands, he's honest, quick, and thorough.

on September 05

First, I apologize. Don't want to sound like a groupee or anything, but my MEC, David, is awesome. I made my appointment online and was scheduled for a 9:45 am time slot the following morning. Phone rings less than five minutes after completion. I thought it was a confirmation text. Nope! It's David. He tells me he's not far from me at all. In fact, just down the road. And if you knew where I lived, that's relative to a needle in a haystack. Anyway, David says he could shoot over right then. To make a long story short, he came over, got'er done, and I'm rolling right now. If you're reading this, two things: 1) Yes, I'm a real person! 2) Stop reading this and make an appointment. Until he quits, David is my MEC from now on. And trust me, after what I just saw, I don't care WHAT you drive; he'll fix it!



Chrysler Aspen

on June 23

David was great to work with. He arrived early and got to work immediately. He was professional in his approach, but easy to talk with about the needs of my car. I would recommend David to anyone and I plan on using him again for other jobs.

on August 31

David was early. Took charge and quickly diagnosed the problem and what would need to be done to repair the car. Very professional and helpful. Will use him again.

on November 28

David is a very knowledgeable mechanic and very fast. He had that wheel bearing off and on in no time. Great to watch work and great conversation about the job.

on June 29

Absolutely happy with the service provided. David arrived on time and was very friendly, knowledgeable, fast, efficient and courteous. He replaced both front rotors and break pads. we test drove the car to make sure everything was perfect. Very Pleased with the results. I will definitely be requesting his services with any future car repairs I may require and would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

on November 06

I requested one service, and David realized that there was a different problem. He helped me switch to the correct service which saved me both money and another appointment.

on September 23

David arrived early; and he notified me prior to coming to my location. He got right to the job: diagnosed, tested and identified the problem very quickly. Very professional, very courteous, and goes above and beyond. At this time, I have recommended David to several people. Note: I have given him a 10 and have checked all 8-characteristics.

on August 04

This was my first time using Your Mechanic and I was extremely impressed. David was on time, professional, and quick to get the work done. He was very friendly and good at explaining what was going on with my vehicle. I will definitely be using this service again and would recommend him to anyone. Very Very impressed.

on August 26

David was attentive and friendly during his inspection of my car. It was a starting issue, but he looked at other things in the engine and told me about other important issues to tend to. He also gave me some advice in general about maintaining the car. Best of all, although our appointment was originally set at 11AM, he arrived an hour early after discovering I had another appointment before 1PM. Thanks to this, I was able to get my car checked, fix the issue, and make it to my appointment on time.

on September 22

Great job David . Thank you for ansomwe work you did today on my truck , david gonna be one of my mechanics for now on when I need him

on August 23

My experience with David was great. He nailed the tasks (replace inside AND outside drivers side door handles) in about 30 min. However the YourMechanic.com process is a little shaky. David was the 3rd mechanic on the job....Brian did the evaluation last week and another mechanic replaced him mid-way, then David came on-board. Also, they need to be more transparent in the "initial $70 will be taken off your bill if you use us..." I recommend using YourMechanic.

on September 11

David was very nice and made my appointment a priority. There was a misunderstanding, however, and he did not have the battery that was requested. A refund is forthcoming, but it is unfortunate that charge could not removed before I was charged.



Plymouth Acclaim

on July 09

very pleasant,i am very satisfied with the job he done and information that he gave me , he is a professional a/c man!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

on September 19

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Changed out a part for me in about 10 mins. (mass air flow sensor) I would recommend him.

on August 03

David arrived early, was professional and quick, and is a really nice guy! Will definitely call again when I need help.



Ford C-Max

on September 27

David was professional, nice, and quick. He figured out how to overcome a few problems quickly to get my car fixed up.



Ford Escape

on August 03

David was awesome. He was very detailed about what was going on with my vehicle. He was prompt and professional.

on July 12

Great diagnosis, extremely quick and efficient. Offered solutions to the problem without a hesitation.

on September 12

He was great! Called me to come by early as he was ahead of schedule. He was also quick and thorough.



Mazda 6

on July 20

Was very knowledgable and got the job done quick. Asked the right questions and fixed the problem!

on October 19

David was unprofessional, he brought someone with him to the job, he took a phone call in the middle of inspecting my car. He was condescending and made me feel like my car was a piece of junk. I ended up having to take my car to another mechanic who did further testing and showed that David's diagnosis was incorrect and I got the issue fixed for much less than I would have paid YourMechanic.

on July 29

David was prompt, knowledgeable and helpful. Will do business with again.

on June 24

Awesome job, extremely knowledgeable and very efficient

on June 22

David did a fantastic job on my brakes! Thanks David!

on August 31

He was great! He did everything in under an hour.

on July 18

David was great, very helpful and knowledgable.

on September 22

David was courteous, quick, and knowledgeable!

on August 11

David had a very unpleasant attitude with an unprofessional, temper tantrum demeanor and behaved very impatiently.

on July 08

Very knowledgeable, helpful and thorough.

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