12 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been in the industry for over 10 years and am an ASE master certified technician. I'm a graduate of WyoTech and have worked with Chrysler and Toyota dealerships, as well as independent shops. I love helping customers get their vehicles back into great condition.





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on March 23

Chris arrived early and finished his work faster than expected. He is very friendly and helpful. I would definitely like to have him back when necessary.

on March 07

Asked him to inspect a car for me from a dealership, since I live out of town. He arrived early, and provided a thorough report of the car with several good quality pictures of things I needed to know about.

on February 22

It was pouring rain the day of my appointment and I didn't have a covered area for Chris to work, but he still made himself available if the rain let up and when it didn't he checked with me about another day and rescheduled. I got a reminder in the app and Chris came back on the new day and was done in an hour.

on February 22

Arrived on time! Got right to work, helped me understand what else was going on and recommended some options for me! It was perfect as he did it right in my driveway.



Honda CR-V
on February 18

Chris is friendly and very reliable mechanic that went beyond my expectations. He pointed out issues he found while doing the service and recommended steps to follow very transparently.

on February 08

Chris came over to my apartment and diagnosed the problem with my car quickly. He came back and worked in the rain for 45 minutes to fix the car. He fixed the car on the first try. He seemed very knowledgeable and had a great attitude. I would recommend him to anyone looking to troubleshoot a car problem. Thank you for your help.

on February 01

5 Stars all the way! Chris was on time and he has excellent experience. Finished in less than 30 minutes. Highly recommend Chris for future jobs!

on January 13

Very prompt and on time( actually came early). Finished in less than an hour. And I didn't have to lose my parking space, which in SF, means something:)

on January 30

Very professional on the pre-purchase inspection, he called me right after finishing the inspection to summarize the most important points.

on January 10

Excellent experience. Chris is the man, and made it happen. He also recommended a few other necessary repairs and showed me why they matter. I'll never use another mechanic. Thanks Chris!

on January 05

5 Stars all the way! Chris was on time and very thorough with both the oil change and also the 50 point inspection. Highly recommend Chris for future jobs!



Honda CR-V
on February 23

He was late and wouldn't let me know until I reached out, The rest of the service was good, he did what he could with the poor decision from the parts team that sent - again - an alternative and defective part.

on March 20

Excellent service. Chris is friendly and was able to get the job done quickly. Very impressed.

on November 26

Chris replaced the valve cover gasket on my 4Runner. He did an amazing and thorough job, making sure to clean the clean the throttle body, intake manifold, and all other components while they were off the vehicle. He went above and beyond. Way better service than I would have gotten at a shop!



Ford Mustang
on November 03

Chris was prompt - he's close to where I live. He knew what he was doing and assured me he had enough experience with pinion seal replacements - mostly Chrysler. Basic job is similar on most rwd vehicles anyway. He was prepared, ready and got done quickly and systematically. Also had friendly dogs with him, a very healthy Pit and maybe a Yorkie. I will be sure to request should I need more services in the future. The dogs can come, too.

on December 01

Thanks for the inspection Chris. Thorough job, on-time and easy to work with. Car has had zero issues that weren't identified after putting on about 1,500 miles.

on October 12

Chris arrived early and was ready to go, quickly completed the work and explained everything to me so I knew what was going on, would highly recommend to others.

on December 08

Chris showed up on time, which is amazing in San Francisco. He saw the problem from the moment I opened my hood. He needed to pick up a part to fix it and he did that quickly. Once he came back, he got my car running again in no time. Total time was less than an hour. He was friendly and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend Chris.

on December 08

Couldn't have been better, easier, or more pleasant. Chris showed up on time, was professional, cheerful and courteous, and solved the problem in very short order.

on March 26

Chris was great! He showed up early (again 😀). Was professional, showed and explained to me the job he did. He was great! He even offered advice to a couple of my coworkers. Thanks, Chris!



Honda Accord
on April 14

I needed a Starter replaced, the accessibility on it was so limited. Chris had serviced another vehicle of mine previously, I was so impressed then with his knowledge and abilities, thus requested for him specifically. Again, just as the previous time, contacted me and arrived promptly. He worked on it immediately and got my back my car back in business within the promised time frame. I have dealt with many car technicians in the past, seriously, no one comes close.

on December 12

Chris arrived on-time and worked on my car immediately. Diagnostics confirmed my battery was in its last leg. Upon my approval, Chris went to get new battery and installed it right away. No time was wasted and my car has been running fine.



Honda CR-V
on April 20

Chris was great! Showed up early, did a thorough inspection to see what the problem was, and was easy to communicate with and schedule a follow up appointment to fix the other problems with our car that I hadn't been sure about. Highly recommend!



Chevrolet P30
on December 19

Chris was perfect, on time, totally professional and did the work quickly and perfectly...120% satisfied..! I just hope they send him again next time!



Subaru Impreza
on February 29

Chris was great on his visit! We had to start up a car that had been sitting unused for many months. He called and was able to come a little early, which was nice. He did the job quickly and we are good to go!



Toyota Avalon
on June 20

Chris was all ready with parts he guessed my car might need, and got my car running again in about 20 min, without even needing a second appointment. Great experience! I felt so happy to not have to deal with getting my car to a dealership somehow. Definitely the best car repair experience I've had. So convenient and quick.

on May 05

Chris is a very great mechanic. He showed up early to our appointment and was very familiar with my car. After I described what was wrong with it (not starting), he thoroughly checked my engine for every possibility. Afterwards, he clearly explained what he checked and described what was wrong with my car. I thought it had something to do with the fuel system, but he found that it was actually the crank shaft sensor. I would have never found that out without his help! If he's your mechanic, you can be sure to trust him with your car.



Chevrolet Blazer
on July 30

Chris discovered that the wires on my starter motor had been reversed by another mechanic the previous day. He corrected the problem and I was on the road again. Thanks, Chris!



BMW 330Ci
on July 22

For the better part of a month, I’d been panicking over my 2002 BMW 330ci, which had basically lost all power, so it was just sitting in my garage. Towing it to a shop for diagnostic testing was an option, but then I’d be stuck in the event projected repair costs exceeded the car’s worth (or even half of its worth). Being stuck sucks, so I decided on exercising another option. After reading a bunch of reviews and doing some research on Your Mechanic and their team of mechanics, I decided on giving them a try. I am so glad that I did. What an outfit! Great concept, great execution ... The people in the office are wonderful at keeping you informed, answering questions, from beginning to end. Their online presence and transparency dismisses any weirdness customers may feel about the whole inviting strangers over thing, too. And Your Mechanic delivers, by connecting top-tier mechanics with people who need their help. That’s exactly what Your Mechanic did for me, by introducing me to Chris M. He came to my rescue. What a pleasant polite young gentleman, Chris is. And Boy oh boy!, does he know his stuff! With patient professional confidence and calm, Chris ably diagnosed my car’s problems, tested the hypothesis, and retested too. The problems weren’t easy to find or common whatsoever. Thanks to diligence and expertise, however, Chris M. identified the issues. It wasn’t piston rings or the catalytic converter, as I’d feared, but a faulty engine coil. Chris explained the issue, actually showed me what was going on in the engine compartment, provided me with a detailed quote that I knew was fair and reasonable (talk about a mind Blow!), and then he even offered to come back and do the work, if I wanted. Heck Yes! Chris came back the very same day to render the fixes, all from inside of my garage. No tow trucks, no queue of customers waiting, no worries about surprisingly huge repair bills, and no concern about strangers coming over, or anxiety about non-OEM parts. I have a brand new engine coil, new spark plugs, a clean gas line, clean oil – and a renewed confidence in my automobile’s reliability. Presto! My car runs like a charm. Chris M. earned my confidence, my trust, and my respect – and that’s an amazing feat. Having a qualified, knowledgeable professional come to my home, diagnose my car’s troubles, and even render repairs on site, using manufacturer-recommended parts, sounds like a luxury I couldn’t afford. Turns out I was wrong. No doubt, from here on out, I will be recommending Chris M. and Your Mechanic to anyone and everyone.



Toyota Sienna
on November 15

This guy is awesome! He replaced the starter in my toyota sienna in the parking lot while I was at work. It took him 1/2 hour. He must have some kind of voodoo tools. He is obviously extremely knowledgeable concerning his craft. He was also very polite and patient. The job cost me $250 when 3 shops quoted me $360, $380 and $390. Unbelievable service and value. Thanks Chris, job well done.

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