13 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been an automotive technician since 2005 and am ASE Master Certified. I'm a graduate of WyoTech and have worked at Chrysler and Toyota dealerships, as well as independent shops. I love helping customers get their vehicles back into great condition.





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on March 14

Honest, fast, and great experience!

on November 03

Great work - thanks!

on October 26

Awesome! Fast!



Nissan Sentra

on October 26

Knows what he is doing.

on October 31

Do yourself a favor next time you need a mechanic. Make sure to hire Chris. Best car repair experience I've ever had. Not to mention the astounding savings working with " Your Mechanic". My front brakes, new rotors and replacement of the right front lower control bar cost me $600. The repair facility three blocks away quoted $869. The repair facility 10 blocks away quoted $1000.

on November 01

Solved my problem through an inspection. Never would have found it myself. Thanks a lot!


  • 80,000 Miles Maintenance ...


BMW 328i

on October 27

Chris arrived as scheduled and completed the job with expertise. I also like the fact he left work details that need attention for future work. Great service and price!!!!!!!!

on November 01

Chris was great! Very friendly and professional. And arrived on time!

on November 08

Great follow up - thank you!



Toyota Prius

on November 08




Mazda CX-9

on November 18

Friendly courteous service done professionally. Would be happy to have Chris do future repairs on our car.

on November 21

Very good mechanic! Fixed up my car twice now without any issue!

on November 27

He was cool

on December 08

It was good. Chris came on time. He recommended an exhaust cleaner and I agreed. He was very knowledgeable.



Pontiac Solstice

on December 11

Fast, friendly and confident.

on December 13

Efficient fast and extremely polite Thank you!

on December 14

Chris made the extremely arduous trek into the heart of the city, where our car is parked, and patiently dealt with everything that entails -- horrible traffic, annoyed pedestrians, impatient garage attendants...but, he worked through it all, quickly figured out the issue, and fixed what needed to be fixed. All in less than an hour.

on December 20

He got to the point and did a very efficient no bones tool ready professional job, this review is coming from an ex street mechanic. I would use him again anytime

on December 22

Thank you Chriss!

on December 23

Overall good experience. Price was a bit higher due to check engine light. Should reduce diagnostic prices a bit since service was performed.



Toyota Camry

on August 29

He knows his stuff. Friendly courteous manner. Arrived early for appt. he will be back with needed part to fix window.

on January 04

Chris was GREAT got my car up and going was here early then his appointment. YESSSSSSSS

on January 08

Chris was great!! Thank you!

on January 17

Chris was great but your parts depot gave him the wrong Air Filer!!

on January 10

Chris was right on time, personable, and very knowledgeable. Will definitely use again.



Scion tC

on January 29

I bought new brake pads and rotors to have them installed. If I had yourmechanic provide the parts and labor, it would be the same cost but they would be using cheaper parts. Chris even told me this. $250-300 brake pads+rotors is what yourmechanic charges but the mechanics use cheaper parts so they can mark up, whereas I paid $180 for my parts and $126 for install. So Chris arrived a little earlier which was fine by me. It was sprinkling a little that day. Estimated 2hr+ job was done in about 30 minutes. He told me I didn’t need a brake fluid flush since the fluid was still clean. Said didn’t need to use brake cleaner because it was a newer car. Pads and rotors replaced. Seemed a little rushed (maybe bc of rain)? He noticed a little grinding and said, “I guess Brembo’s (brand of my parts) grind a little”. I was suspect so I broke in the pads and grinding went away, but it is squeaking super bad. In reverse, it is terrible (didn’t have any issues in reverse before). The sounds are worse than before the brake job. Not sure if it has to do with him placing the pads that were put on passenger side directly on the cement floor when it was raining which may have picked up dirt/debri. Might be also that he didn’t use the grease/lubricant that was provided with the pads, but he used some of the stuff he had. Maybe not enough? Also, because I provided my own parts, YourMechanic basically says you’re screwed because that voids any warranty. Basically, if you’re providing new parts, they can just screw you over. They can mess up/rush the job and say “Sorry, not under warranty”. Unless the pads being placed on the floor messed up my pads/rotors, I’m pretty sure just some anti squeal would fix the issue but they won’t help and I have to look elsewhere and pay to resolve.

on January 12

Chris is a great guy with excellent service!

on January 24

Super knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

on February 03

Chris was great

on February 01

Professional and timely

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