7 years of experience
Boston, MA-Manchester, NH

I've been an automotive technician since 2011, and graduated from Universal Technical Institute with a 4.0 GPA. I'm experienced working on all makes and models of vehicles, and spent several years working at an independent shop focused on high-end European cars. I approach every job with an understanding of the complex systems that keep a car working great. I look forward to demonstrating my knowledge and experience to my customers.

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on August 13

He was a pleasure to deal with, knowledgeable and 100% took the time to answer my questions. Was skeptical about using whole online sevice but by the end of the job, I felt reassured and booked him for a repeat job a few days later. Wanted to drive car first to "test things out" from first set or repairs before making any decesion. Obviously both he and the work he did pased the test. Not an eay task in this day and age to find a mechanic you are actually willing to believe the repairs they say are needed actually DO NEED to be done. I am on my 4th Volvo and have delt with enough dishonest dealerships to last me a lifetime and then some! What he may lack in perceived years of being in the biz (5 years verses a 10 plus year mechanic) by no means reflects on his aptitude, ability to get the work done in a timely manner or overall hands on experience with import cars.... he knows his stuff!

on July 29

Work was great, mechanic was on time.

on August 01

Brilliant and professional in all ways---did a tremendous pre-inspection for me on a Mercedes R-class car. Extremely knowledgeable. Punctual. I will be using him for repairs. Extremely likable.

on August 01

Brandon did a great job fixing our sway bar link. It wasn't easy, it was an older car and so hard to get the old one off. He fitted and tightened the new real good.

on August 08

Brandon was a pleasure to work with, was prompt and efficient, and persevered with good humor through a tough job.


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Acura MDX

on August 23

This was a disaster, though much more of the blame belongs to the service than to the mechanic. The mechanic was largely polite and respectful, but the entire experience was an utter failure. The service is not ready for prime time in Boston. I scheduled an alternator replacement and the mechanic called to suggest we make it an inspection, "just in case it isn't the alternator." He texted after the scheduled arrival time to say "traffic is heavy downtown" and asked that I charge the battery. I did so and waited in the garage. He didn't arrive for another 90 minutes. In five minutes, he confirmed I needed a new alternator. He re-scheduled for 2pm the next day. I specifically asked if the part was available, and he looked at his phone and confirmed it was. I received a text that night that the garage would not allow the work to be done there, so the next morning, I checked with the facilities manager, who confirmed it would not be a problem. I called YourMechanic and let them know I had permission from the building. The customer service rep said she would let the mechanic know. 15 minutes later, a different customer service rep called me and I told her the same thing, giving the facilities manager's name and number. She again assured me she would contact the mechanic and confirm the 2pm appointment. I made clear to both reps that I had a family emergency and needed the car fixed that day. They both assured me it would happen. At 1:30, the mechanic called to say YourMechanic had booked him a 4pm appointment with a dealer in Norwood, and he would have to push my appt to Saturday. I immediately called him. He said he was going to pick up my alternator and then go to his 4pm with the (more important) dealer. I called customer service. A new customer service rep examined my record, confirmed there had been "miscommunications," and after calling me back twice, said the best she could do was offer me a 6:30pm appointment because the mechanic had to honor the 4pm appointment instead of my 2pm appointment (again, that customer was more important, apparently). Stuck in Boston, I had no choice but to accept the 6:30 appointment. At 6, the mechanic texted he was on his way. I texted him at 7 and 7:30. Around 730, he texted that the part was not in after all (something he had to have known hours earlier) and told me I had to call customer service. Now, stranded in Boston on a Friday night, customer service "graciously" cancelled my appointment without charging me a fee, but refused to refund the unneeded inspection that was an obvious predicate to the work getting done. I was promised a supervisor would call within two business days. That was ten days ago. I had to pay for storage in the garage for two days, get the car to another shop, and finally get a bus down to my family two hours away to deal with the family emergency. The only communication I have had since was to notify me that my "ticket was closed."

on August 18

quick, efficient and clean

on September 01

Brandon was great. He diagnosed my belt squealing issue within the first couple of minutes and told me the alternator needed replacing. He was right! Brandon also spent a great deal of time answering all of my questions and gave very informative explanations as to WHY certain things were happening with the car and what to keep an eye on, which was really helpful. I would definitely recommend him!



Isuzu Amigo

on August 28

Brandon was great. Tough job changing the alternator on that car. Brandon just kept at it until it was done. Thanks.

on August 23

Brandon was great with our pre-purchase inspection he was very thorough and asked questions to the dealer to make sure everything was legitimate! we so appreciated everything he did and will definitely use him again in the future

on August 30

First time service with Brandon was on time, texted me and confirmed before he arrived. no hesitation to touch my car. showed me old brake pads and explained what happened. answered all my questions. not only saving money, I strongly felt my car was repaired in right manner.

on August 31

This is my second visit with Brandon. He was awesome and we installed the air filter as a team....a tremendous experience. He was careful and efficient and I know he just helped the car perform better in the months to follow. I will have him back to my house soon to do more work on my cars. Recommend to all.

on September 03

Brandon was on time and was very knowledgeable about the issues with my car. He wowed my husband and myself with just a diagnosis. And I jumped right on booking him to complete the repairs for my car. He was honest and answered all of my questions with full details. I don't think I will ever use anyone else for my car repairs but him. It sucks that 5 stars is the highest this rating will go he deserves more. See you soon Brandon.



Subaru Impreza

on September 02

Very knowledgeable and helpful, lightning quick service. Will gladly call him again!

on September 16

Great. Couldn't of asked for better. Thank You very much the brakes are great and everything is running smooth.

on September 09

He knew what he was doing, but unfortunately could not fix the problem, due to not having the correct tools. Need to take car to the Ford Dealer.

on September 08

Brandon was good and very nice but he was unable to fix the car and suggested I take it into a shop for repair so I was unable to apply to $70 inspection fee towards the repair as I had hoped.

on September 12

Brandon was able to perform a pre-purchase car inspection and he was very knowledgeable! I have to mention that I was in a different state during the inspection. Brandon kept in contact with my via text and we communicated before and after the inspection post inspection results. Thank you again Brandon for making this a very pleasant experience!

on September 26

Unreliable. No Show, Incomplete work, poor communication. Would never use again. 4 visits over two weeks and job still not complete. Overcharged for work carried out. A bad all round experience.

on September 20

Brandon was on time and professional, he walked me through what was wrong with my car and showed me the pricing structure clearly.

on September 27


on September 28

Great experience, very knowledgeable. I'm no car expert so he was able to put things in term I could easily comprehend and recommend whether or not something should be replaced before buying or if it should be taken care of right away. Overall, really happy he came and looked at the vehicle, it gave me a good idea of the condition overall of the vehicle.

on September 29

great service!!! he took the time to explain everything



Hyundai Sonata

on October 11

Some bad experience with installing new brake pads. Faulty new clips caused loud noise and was not able to drive my car for over a week. He came back on a 'brake inspection" to check on the noise and $70 inspection fee will be taken out if I go with the recommendation. After poking around with a screw driver, and not taking any wheel off, he concluded the rotors were "warped" and need to be replaced. So another appoint was made to replaced the rotors, but he never showed up... Fortunately, the company sent another mechanic the next day to have the issue resolved quickly. I ended up having new rotors installed, but that was not the cause of the noise.

on October 11

Very professional. Fast service. I'd definitely hire him again.

on October 22

Very bad he didn't do anything he didn't be in the car no even 5 min and they company charge me 70 dollar for nothing people never call this service is very bad they just still my money

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