34 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I am a journeyman mechanic. I have been working on cars since 1982. I have worked for BMW, Nissan and Toyota dealers over the years. I am semi-retired and I keep myself occupied by working with people like you who need help with their cars. I can work on any car - Imports or Domestics...I am an expert at diagnosing car problems, whether its your Check Engine Light is on or your car is not starting. I am also ASE certified. Please book me and I will come to your home or office to work on your car.

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BMW 325i
on August 23

Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional!!! Told Amor what kind of problems I was having with the car and he explained and gave me advice before he started the job (Water pump and thermostat). Once Amor started the job, he did not stop until it was finish. In the process, I was able to watch and ask Amor numerous questions about the car and he would answer it. Overall, I am very happy with the work that was performed.....


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Dodge Intrepid
on November 12

Amor did an excellent job! He is good at explaining what the job entails and very methodical and detail-oriented as he works on the problem. I was a bit disappointed though that it took a week to finish the job but that was probably beyond his control due to availability of parts. Overall, more kudos to Amor!! Thank you.

on October 25

Amor was competent; he diagnosed the problem correctly; he used modern tools to get new car battery; he fixed my car very fast; he answered all my questions; it was the best car repair experience I had in my life

on June 21

Amor showed up, diagnosed the issue and found out it was less then what I thought. Set up another appointment to come back and did the work while I was having my kids birthday party. Dude was quick, clean, and efficient. I sent him on his way with leftover food from the party.



Chevrolet HHR
on May 08

Amor is very knowledgeable. He did lots of things on our company car - no problems 2 months later with any of the work. Arrived on time and did the work within the quoted time and cost. He brought 2 different suspension control arms (the VIN# could not tell which one exactly was on our vehicle), then took the wrong part back. Great planning! Highly recommended. Thank you!


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Toyota Prius
on December 30

Amor was late, though he did call and was very polite about it. Everything else went fine, as far as I know -- this was just a routine service. I would use Amor again, but next time I will schedule the appointment for my office so I won't be waiting.


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Acura TSX
on May 08

Amor installed a towing hitch on my car and did a great job. He also worked on our company car few weeks back (working on the suspension) and did great, too. Very easy going and trustworthy and definitely very qualified. Both times arrived on time and did the work for the estimated time and cost. Thank you!


  • needs intake air temperat...


Toyota RAV4
on July 29

Amor did a great job. He came with all his tools well organized in the back of his vehicle. I had a problem with the car which other mechanics did not seem to be able to solve. I had tracked it down to certain worn out parts. He replaced the parts, but he saw deeper into the problem and fixed a low idle issue. It was a simple solution, but one that maybe only a master mechanic would notice.


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Toyota Prius
on August 03

This is the second time I have gotten service from Amor. Since these are routine maintenance tasks (oil change, etc.), I have no way of knowing whether he does a good job or not -- I assume he does a good job. He does tend to arrive an hour late, however, probably because I make my appointments for 9 a.m. So overall, I'd say the price seems fair, he is not scary in the least (a worry if you are inviting a stranger to your home), and I need to remember to arrange a later appointment.



Toyota Camry
on May 13

I have owned well over 300 cars and at one time owned a repair shop. I am now highly allergic to automotive grease, oil, brake fluid and grime. Amor has serious car knowledge in addition to technician skills. I will use him again and highly recommend him. I really like your concept as I don't lose the use of my car all day. It is extremely convenient.

on May 15

Amor arrived early, after calling to see if that would work for me. He was very friendly and answered all of my questions. I am not a mechanic, but it seemed to me that he did his work efficiently and well. My car just needed servicing (oil and air conditioner) but I felt it was a convenient way to get the work done and took a lot less time than the Volvo dealer would! One thing: I would like a written receipt showing what was done, the kind of oil and freon used and amounts for my records Thanks



Saturn SL2
on May 16

Amor was very professional, friendly and knowlegeable. He found a problem that I was having that no one else seemed to be able to find. This was my first experience with Your Mechanic, I like the fact that it is so convenient, no need to ask friends for a ride or rent a car. I will call them again.



Ford Focus
on May 21

The only issue I had was the schedule changes. First 9am, then finally 1pm?!? I understand that wasn't Amor's decision. Hopefully that's not normal; that would impact my recommendation to friends. Amor I would recommend.

on June 19

Amor is simply excellent. He explained everything and answered my thousand and one questions I had. I was so excited that I stayed with him throughout the job he did and was impressed with this knowledge and thoroughness of the job he was performing. He double checked everything and made sure that I was satisfied that it is all working. Thank you Amor!

on May 22

Once again I was very pleased with the work Amor repaired. He went above and beyond what the initial call was about. I have already recommended Your Mechanic to friends.



BMW 330i
on April 19

This was my second repair with Amor. He is very friendly, knowledgeable and get's the job done. He had to come back again as he found an additional issue. He came back the same day and got my vehicle working.



Saturn SC2
on April 19

So sorry for the delay in getting this done!: Amor Aquino was great, he called me before his due time to say he was running late, and got here within his estimated time. This is a rare courtesy. Very professional, friendly, thorough, AND he solved the problem that had been plaguing me for 2 months! One of the door switches was draining the battery, and he removed it. I have already recommended your services to several people; and will be using them again myself. What a great idea to come to the car, Thank you! Valerie



Ford Focus
on February 24

We, as customers, have nothing to judge your company by except the quality and personality of the mechanic that comes to us. It is, literally by faith alone. And the FACE of your company. Therefor Amor has got to be one of the best things going in a business such as yours. If others have the same experience as I have, then these guys aren't just mechanics. They are your lead sales force, and by Amor's standard, damn good ones. Thank you ALL very much.

on February 21

Amor called ahead to tell me he was running latem which gave me time to grab a coffee. I had an excellent experience with Raul from your staff the first time and told my friends that i would always use your business. I am always impressed with the quality of mechanics that you send me and I hope to use Amor again for my brake and mounting work.


  • Automatic Transmission Fl...


Toyota Corolla
on February 17

The website has some issues as our prior mechanic put in the incorrect VIN which resulted in numerous calls to have the correct car put in. However, Amor did a great job addressing the issue.



Hyundai Genesis
on February 13

Amor is terrific. I will avoid ever taking any of my vehicles to the dealership. Amor inspected my front brake pads (a service the I felt I was prepared to have done based on the recommendation of a dealership. He inspected my brakes and informed me that I had from 50%-60% of wear remaining on my front and rear brakes. Talk about honesty. I will use your mechanic services whenever I need a scheduled maintenance or repair in the future.


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Toyota Prius
on January 07

He called 30 minutes prior to scheduled arrival & even arrived early. He was friendly, competent & answered all my questions re other services available.

on February 04

Amor arrived on time and explained everything in detail. My car was not starting and he figured out it was because of battery problem. He replaced battery and car started working. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and honest.

on November 15

I was very pleased with Amor's professionalism. He went above and beyond what I expected from him. He was very open and transparent about the diagnosis of the problem I was having. His honesty was very much appreciated. I will definitely call him again.

on November 19

Amor could not have been more professional, considerate, and went the extra mile to help us. I plan to request him in the future. This is the first time I've used Your Mechanic and was very happy with the service and especially appreciate the speed and ease in setting up an appointment.


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BMW 540i
on January 30

no other comment but to say Amor successfully solved the problem of my car again which is replacing the cam shaft censor in which other mechanic was unsuccessfully solve the same problem.

on January 15

Amor quickly diagnosed the problem and also recommended that I contact BMW to see if the problem was still covered under my emission warranty. Very professional, I would ask for Amor the next time I need service.

on December 18

My first time using YourMechanic and it was a definite success! Amor was great - courteous, friendly, and went the extra mile. He came to install my idle control valve and spent the time needed to make sure everything else was working too - he even cleaned my throttle body :). Happy with my experience and will be booking another appointment with Amor soon!

on January 11

Amor came on time and was able to determine the problem, fixed it and the car started. He is very knowledgeable and won't hesitate calling on him again in the future. Thanks!



Nissan Maxima
on December 17

Amor is very knowledgeable and could answer any question i asked about my maxima. He's very friendly and courteous and FAST! I will have him work on my Nissan in the future! Thanks Amor!


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San Francisco, CA

Car wouldn't start this morning, on a Sunday. I knew towing would be expensive, so I set up an appointment with YourMechanic online and as luck would have it, got an appointment same day, but not until 7pm. At 5pm, my mechanic David called and asked if it would be ok to come early - of course!

He shows up when he said, was extremely polite, ran the diagnostic and said it was battery.  He then charged it enough to get me one more start so I can get it replaced in the morning. In addition, he told me about what it should cost so I don't overpay at the shop.

Between the $70 diagnostic, and what I'll pay for battery and installation, it'll still be cheaper than having it jumped by the shop and/or towed.

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