Brake Shoe Replacement (Rear) Estimate for Nissan Pickup

Nissan Pickup Brake Shoe Replacement (Rear) costs $178 on average. Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates.

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YourMechanic Price
$178 to $198
Labor: $140 -$160
Parts: $38
Average Dealer price
Average Shop price
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CarServiceYourMechanic PriceShop/Dealer Price
1995 Nissan PickupL4-2.4LService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)YourMechanic Price$180.54Shop/Dealer Price$219.71 - $271.90
1996 Nissan PickupL4-2.4LService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)YourMechanic Price$179.79Shop/Dealer Price$218.91 - $270.64
1995 Nissan PickupV6-3.0LService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)YourMechanic Price$179.79Shop/Dealer Price$218.82 - $270.48
1997 Nissan PickupL4-2.4LService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)YourMechanic Price$179.79Shop/Dealer Price$218.86 - $270.55
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Parts required for a Nissan Pickup Brake Shoe Replacement (Rear)

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16 years of experience
He did, as far as I can tell, a great job. He fixed it quicker and seemingly more 'correctly' than previous similar problems. The clutch had a better 'feel' after he adjusted it. He thoroughly test drove it and it was fine. An hour after he left, I drove it and it started out fine but during my first trip, my clutch started making a "thud" sound as I released it. I was going to Mississippi the next day and really needed it looked at. I was unable to schedule a convenient time for Richard to check it out. I assumed he would have wanted me to go through him so he could fix it without letting YM know because I assumed it was an installation issue. But he said to contact YM and let y'all schedule the check. I have customers in several businesses that I own or manage. If one of them has a problem, I jump out of my skin to fix it as quickly as possible. It appeared to me that both Richard and Your mechanic took it pretty casually. The soonest I could get anyone to take a look would have been tomorrow -- Tuesday, morning. During this whole process, I have been in constant contact with Richard and he has done an outstanding job of communicating and letting me know what is happening. I have not always liked the answer but he has been very honest and straight forward. Cindy in customer service has likewise done a good job. I like being able to talk to CS people and it's easy with YM. (as long as you live in the correct time zone. Every other company that I have ever dealt with on the left coast takes time zones into consideration and starts earlier in the day. As good luck would have it, whatever it was went away. If it mysteriously comes back, I'll let you know.
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If this company is a godsend- which I say it is- then it stands to reason Russell must be an angel. His service went above and beyond the call of duty. Finding an honest mechanic, as we all know, is a crapshoot. You can't go wrong with Russell.
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Great mechanic. I would use him again
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Showed up on time, got right to it and figured out what the problems were, made it easy to understand what was going on under the hood, for the most part. Quick and painless diagnostic. Good & friendly mech, guys.
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All about Brake Shoe Replacement (Rear)

Brake shoes are found only at the rear wheels in cars with a drum brake system. When you step on the brake pedal, brake shoes press against the brake drums to cause friction that slows down the car. Brake shoes usually last twice as long as brake pads.

Brake Shoe Replacement (Rear) Estimates for Popular Nissan Models