Car AC Compressor Replacement Estimate for Lexus LX450

Lexus LX450 Car AC Compressor Replacement costs $915 on average. Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates.

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YourMechanic Price
$912 to $982
Labor: $490 -$560
Parts: $422
Average Dealer price
Average Shop price
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CarServiceYourMechanic PriceShop/Dealer Price
1996 Lexus LX450L6-4.5LService typeCar AC Compressor ReplacementYourMechanic Price$946.33Shop/Dealer Price$1238.29 - $1713.94
1997 Lexus LX450L6-4.5LService typeCar AC Compressor ReplacementYourMechanic Price$937.89Shop/Dealer Price$1228.58 - $1698.53
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Parts required for a Lexus LX450 Car AC Compressor Replacement

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Chris called and let me know he was on his way and even said he could come before the appt time. That worked well for me. He went above and beyond his job, I paid for the oil change and the tire rotation apparently Lexus failed to provide me with a lock for my wheels. Chris searched all the areas where it should have been and there just wasn't one. Thank you Chris for being very kind and helping me. I have already referred you to my family and friends. Thank you again!
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Liked his approach to the problem. What started as a water pump replacement job turned out to be a "replace the clamps" on the hose connecting the engine to the radiator. Good to see a mechanic who asked the right questions and did not take the Dealer diagnostics on face value.
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Jessica arrived on time, and was friendly and professional. She took time to point out issues with the car, and helped me prioritize them. I was very happy with her work, and would recommend Jessica without hesitation. Christine
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All about Car AC Compressor Replacement

An AC system has many components: compressor, condenser, receiver dryer, evaporator, and hoses. The compressor, the “heart” of the car’s air conditioning system works like a pump taking refrigerant, (R-12 in older cars, R-134a in 1995 and newer cars) and pressurizing it, passing it along to the evaporator. The AC compressor has several moving parts (including pistons and valves). These internal parts can fail, causing the AC compressor to stop working. It is common for the internal parts of the compressor to come apart and disperse metallic debris throughout the system. Consequently, it is a requirement to replace the orifice tube and the receiver dryer when replacing the compressor since some of the debris may have ended up there. For an AC compressor to work, it needs a clutch, bearing, and an electrical connector. The clutch is driven by a drive/serpentine belt, which engages the compressor when you switch on the AC. The clutch can burn or the bearing can fail. If the bearing or clutch have failed, it is recommended that the compressor be replaced. Sometimes replacing the entire compressor with a remanufactured one can be cheaper than replacing an individual clutch or bearings. It is also common for the seals in the AC compressor to go bad. The compressor may start leaking refrigerant and/or the AC oil. If the seals no longer hold, you will need a new compressor, as the seals cannot be replaced. A compressor may also fail if there is sludge or debris in the air conditioning system. If there is sludge or debris, the hoses, evaporator, and condenser should be flushed to get rid of the contaminants. When it is not possible to flush the parts, you may need to replace those parts.

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