14 years of experience
Washington, DC (Hagerstown, MD)
Independent Contractor

My name is Milad. I have been working as tech for 6 years. I know a lot of automotive repair and I can solve any issue. I’m happy to help anybody.

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on July 21

Great communication, honest, timely, and great customer service overall.

on September 30

Working with Mila was great. Down to earth, honest exchange. Would recommend!

on July 25

Very professional and knowledgeable.

on July 27

On time, polite, respectful and efficient

on August 01

Mila is an awesome mechanic! At both appointments, he arrived a few minutes early and was super professional the entire time. He's knowledgeable and friendly, and very respectful of his clients' time. Highly recommended.



Infiniti G37

on July 27

Milas called to see if I was available early, Although I wasn't, he arrived early and was courteous and profssional. He replaced my baterry in record time!

on July 31

Mila was a good and dedicated mechanic. Even in the rain he was getting the job done.

on August 01

Mila did the work requested thoroughly and promptly, and communicated clearly and courteously. Though he arrived without needed parts (rotors-- he had come ready to replace brake pads only), he took responsibility for that and went to get the rotors and then returned to finish the job promptly. Passing conversation about other issues and future potential work reenforced my impression that he has the knowledge and skills to meet many of my future automotive needs. I would use his services again when such a need arises. (I might note that I was presented with a phone-based signature screen authorizing a charge somewhat higher than the original estimate. I caught that in time to inquire, and it was corrected. I can't be sure why that happened, quite possibly not anything Mila did, intentionally or otherwise... but it probably an accidental duplication of the charge for the missing rotors he picked up, which was already included in the original estimate This was my first time using "Your Mechanic," so I just would encourage attention to accuracy before signing off on the final payment authorization for any "Your Mechanic" services-- with any of their mechanics.)



Lexus RX300

on August 03

He was very professional and knew his stuff. Excellent service. I highly recommend.

on June 02

Very prompt, very professional, and took the time to explain to me what the issue was and how it is fixed, which I greatly appreciated!

on October 07

great, easy, quick service

on October 08

Arrived early. Quickly, knowledgeably and efficiently replaced front brakes and rotors. Car needs additional work and have asked for an estimate and same mechanic!

on June 08

Professional and courteous work was completed while I was working from home. My truck is 12 years old. Drives and rides fantastic. Great job!

on June 09

Mila showed up early. Did the work that was requested and even did a test drive with me before finally completing the job.

on June 07

Prompt, professional, called well before, and immediately after inspection was complete. Also responded to a follow-up call regarding details on the report.

on June 10

Professional. Knowledgeable

on June 09

I had a brake leak problem and Mila came through to conduct a diagnosis. He is the most professional mechanic to have worked on my car. He showed a genuine interest in the problem I was trying to fix, even going as far as driving to a garage to buy brake fluid to locate the leak. While working on my car he discovered a major problem caused by my previous mechanic and advised me how to address it. He won my trust. If I fail to find a resolution I will turn to him to fix the problems he identified. I am happy to recommend him highly.

on October 14

Fast easy and professional



Nissan Altima

on June 10

Great and timely service!

on June 13

This was the first time I used the "Your Mechanic" services and was very satisfied with Mila's job.

on June 11

Mila was awesome!

on June 16

Very knowledge and helpful

on June 15

Excellent service . Thanks



Jeep Liberty

on June 20

Very friendly and professional.

on June 16

Came early, finished quickly and did a great job!

on August 11

Great, no complaints.

on August 14

Thanks for being on time and diligent!

on June 23

Mila was courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. I'd recommend him to anyone in the NoVA area using this service!

on June 20

Friendly and very professional.

on June 24

Diagnosed the problem efficiently. Mila was prompt, courteous, and professional.

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