Air Filter Replacement Estimate for Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger Air Filter Replacement costs $91 on average. Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates.

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YourMechanic Price
$81 to $110
Labor: $70 -$80
Parts: $11 -$30
Average Dealer price
$115 to 153
Average Shop price
$97 to 121
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CarServiceYourMechanic PriceShop/Dealer Price
1983 Dodge ChallengerL4-2.6LService typeAir Filter ReplacementYourMechanic Price$81.78Shop/Dealer Price$99.25 - $118.98
2009 Dodge ChallengerV6-3.5LService typeAir Filter ReplacementYourMechanic Price$82.71Shop/Dealer Price$100.48 - $120.95
2011 Dodge ChallengerV6-3.6LService typeAir Filter ReplacementYourMechanic Price$101.81Shop/Dealer Price$124.30 - $159.07
2013 Dodge ChallengerV8-5.7LService typeAir Filter ReplacementYourMechanic Price$101.81Shop/Dealer Price$124.33 - $159.11
2010 Dodge ChallengerV8-5.7LService typeAir Filter ReplacementYourMechanic Price$82.95Shop/Dealer Price$100.72 - $121.33
2010 Dodge ChallengerV8-6.1LService typeAir Filter ReplacementYourMechanic Price$82.95Shop/Dealer Price$100.70 - $121.30
2012 Dodge ChallengerV8-5.7LService typeAir Filter ReplacementYourMechanic Price$102.56Shop/Dealer Price$125.30 - $160.68
2013 Dodge ChallengerV8-6.4LService typeAir Filter ReplacementYourMechanic Price$101.81Shop/Dealer Price$124.35 - $159.14
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Parts required for a Dodge Challenger Air Filter Replacement

$12 to $30

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All about Air Filter Replacement

Your car takes in air and passes it into the engine through the air filter. (Some cars have more than one air filter.) The air filter takes out dust, leaves, and other debris from the air before passing it into the engine where it’s mixed with fuel. The combination of air and fuel is essential for the car to run. If the air filter is dirty or clogged, it will not pass enough air into the engine, causing all sorts of problems (car may not start, engine may not run smoothly, etc.). If you use a reusable air filter (K&N), please specify that in the appointment notes, as you may just need a cleaning instead of a replacement. Unless you bought K&N filter, your car has a regular filter.

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