How to Replace a Windshield Wiper Gearbox Assembly

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A wiper gearbox assembly is a mechanical device that transfers power from the windshield wiper motor to the wiper arms. Commonly manufactured from stamped steel components, the wiper gearbox assembly is typically composed of two or three sections, with some assemblies using four sections of linkage to complete the system. The wiper gearbox assembly is designed in such a manner that the linkage drives the wipers through a full sweeping motion across the windshield when in use.

Part 1 of 2: Removing the old wiper gearbox

Materials Needed

  • Allen set (metric & standard sockets)
  • Assorted pliers
  • Assorted screw drivers
  • Brass hammer
  • Clip remover
  • Combination wrench set (metric & standard)
  • Disposable gloves
  • Emery cloth “sandpaper”
  • Flashlight
  • Metric and standard wrench set
  • Pry bar
  • Ratchet (3/8 drive)
  • Seal remover
  • Socket set (metric & standard 3/8 drive)
  • Socket set (metric & standard 1/4 drive)
  • Torque wrench ⅜
  • Torx socket set
  • Wiper removal tool

Step 1: Removing wiper blades. Now you want to remove your wiper blades in order to gain access to your cowl which is where the window wiper motor lives. You should grab your window wiper removal tool to help release the tension on them so you can remove them and set them aside. The cowl might have some clips holding it down you will need to remove them using a clip remover or any other suitable tool.

Step 2: Remove the old window wiper gearbox. Now you have gained access to the wiper gearbox you can now unplug the wiper motor and also unbolt the wiper gear box assembly. Once you remove that you can then remove the gearbox assembly with motor attached and get ready to remove the motor from the gearbox.

Step 3: Removing the wiper motor from the wiper gearbox. Now you want to remove the wiper motor from the gearbox so you can get ready to reinstall the new wiper gearbox assembly onto the vehicle.

Part 2 of 2: Installing the new window wiper gearbox

Step 1: Install the new window wiper gearbox. Now you want to remount your window wiper motor back onto the wiper gearbox assembly and get ready to place it back into the cowl housing.

Now you want to start bolting it back up to the cowl housing and plug it back in then replace the cowl plastic over the top and re install the clips.

Step 2: Installing wiper arms back on vehicle. Once you have finished installing the new motor and putting the cowl all back together then you want to go ahead and reinstall your wiper arms and wiper blades to the wiper gearbox assembly.

Now you want to tighten them down to the correct torque then you can make sure you put them in the correct location so that when you activate them they will clean your windshield off the proper way if you don't you can always readjust them.

Replacing your wiper gearbox assembly is a very important part of allowing you windshield wipers to function correctly because the gearbox actually is what lets the wiper arms and blades move in there sweeping motion. Without the ability to do that correctly you would not be able to remove water or snow or debris off your windshield therefore not be able to clearly see the road while driving.

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