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Hi! Names Xavier but you can call me X. I have 6 years of mechanical experience and I've worked with all types of cars Domestic, Asian and European. I take my work very seriously as i continue to push onward to be ASE certified. I look forward to working with you and taking care of your repair and maintenance needs! Fun fact i am also a freestyle dancer so i might bust a move while i help you with car troubles!

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on December 30

Very pleasant. Thorough. The car is working, and I'm very happy that Xavier was able to replace my unusual electrohydraulic power steering pump. He was conscientious enough to make a pre--visit visit some weeks ago to familiarize himself with the car. The only mild disappointment was an interim missed appointment last Friday, and a few more days of nonuse of my car, but overall this was a very satisfactory engagement, which I would recommend.

on February 18

Fantastic mechanic. Booked an appointment with less than 24 hour notice. I think i booked around 10 pm for a 11 am appointment (right around the end of the Super Bowl). Xavier promptly texted at confirmation of issues needed to be resolved. At 830 am he alerted he might have to reschedule due to an earlier commitment possibly taking longer than expected but he managed to arrive by 11:30 and communicated his progress (11:30 being better than expected as mechanic has 1 hour window to make appointment due to local traffic and logistics of home car repair in metro boston traffic) He was happy to go over in detail my car issues and able to spot other known car issues but suggested low cost fixes instead of "upselling". My rear brake calipers (which he replaced rotors and brake pads) were rusty and resulted in an atypical brake pattern. Most mechanics would demand i replace the calipers (which is an $800-$1200 repair). He suggested i lubricate and polish the calipers for a couple hundred. He showed me the wear on my serpentine belt which is a minor repair ($112ish) whereas more often mechanics would try and upsell and tell me to replace the whole timing belt ($1100+ repair yikes!) Also he decided power steering fluid flush I ordered was actually unnecessary for my car. Due to my cars weird design the only way he could flush it was 'turkey baster' method and if he did that 30% of the sediment might remain. He recommended if the steeering felt sluggish to simply look for a Valvoline special on the power steeering flush as they had better equipment (than he did on site) saving me $150 ! Lastly, I asked him the perennial question of cash strapped car owners everywhere. Im going on a 700+ mile trip to see girlfriends parents soon. Will this car be up to it? And how long before i really need to repair it again? Minor repair costs are nice but my budget didnt exactly plan for any repairs in January for a car I thought I *fixed* in November. He answered yeah the car should last for the trip and back but i should get the other minor stuff fixed within two weeks if I plan to make more long trips, otherwise i can wait 3 months before fixing the other minor stuff he mentioned. Suffice to say in 3 months time I know which mechanic I'll be calling and making time for. Thanks Xavier!

on January 04

Xavier was awesome. I am extremely satisfied with the work he did! I will be using your mechanic in the future. I am so pleased. Thank you so much.

on December 14

Soooo, I was a bit hesitant to give this company a go, but the new casino ate my old mechanic, so I was in the business of a new mechanic. Eleanor was acting weird. When I turned her off, she continued to run. Super weird. I decided to contact your mechanic, and make sure my car wasn't in fact haunted. I'm so glad that Xavier wasn't afraid of a potential haunted car and accepted the gig. Xavier was so absolutely fantastic. Like really, really fantastic. He was kind; he was helpful; he was understanding when I needed to reschedule because I was an idiot and drove it and killed the battery. Even beforehand he texted a few questions so he fully understood the situation. He texted throughout the process and had incredible communication. He even did some research to try to figure out what on earth was happening. In the end I just wanted to give him a hug for being so darn helpful during a stressful situation. Really, if you live in Boston, just save yourself the hassle and please book Xavier! He really was the absolute best.

on February 26

Xavier showed up early, was very friendly, and fixed the issue I was having very quickly

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