21 years of experience
Phoenix, AZ

I've been a technician for about 20 years and am ASE certified. My expertise is in GM vehicles but I enjoy working on just about every type of car. I love being able to help people with any and all car-related issues.





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on March 26

Terry has done several services for me. He has been very prompt and explained what he was doing and answered all my questions to keep my vehicle in running condition. I would highly recommend him.

on March 23

Great at what he does. Explains and shows you everything. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know that needs car service. Thank You Terry!!

on March 17

Terry was great. He got the job done real quick and it made me feel confident in his ability to fix my problem. The brakes had me worried on the road, but now that Terry worked on it, I feel completely safe driving. I'll look into having him work more on my vehicle.



Toyota Corolla
on March 10

Professional and timely friendly service is why il keep doing business with my mechanic, terry did an awesome job not only fixing everything but explaining how it works

on March 10

Terry was great, really took the time to go over everything with me. He gave me some options, and showed me what happened, and took some pictures to show what happened to my car.


  • Custom Diagnostic


Pontiac Sunfire
on March 09

I was very pleased with the service that Terry provided. I'm just disappointed that I didn't have my son contact yourmechanic.com sooner. The online service is great, and the mechanic Terry Shaw was great too! I have already recommended Terry specifically to my coworkers. Thank you!



Toyota Corolla
on March 07

Still blown away that I have never heard of this service, Terry showed up right on time, great guy, very knowledgeable, il be requesting him every time

on March 06

Terry was wonderful. He arrived exactly on time and did the repair that was required. There was attempt to up-sell. I greatly appreciate it. He also cleaned on of my belts that was making a funny noise without my asking.

on February 24

He rescheduled me earlier which worked out great for my schedule! Showed up on time , got to work right away knew what he was doing and got it done in a very timely manner . Talked about every step he was doing to my car .He was very friendly, I will definitely recommend to anyone.



Toyota Camry
on February 22

Awesome job ! Repairing my brakes detailed & thorough knowledgeable and I can tell he has a true passion when it comes to cars. I will keep him as my mechanic. Thank you Terry!



Ford Focus
on February 04

Top rating for Terry. He finished ahea of schedule with an excellent quality repair and completed a very detailed report on my car on other recommended repairs. Hope he is available for the next repair on my very high-use/extreme-use delivery vehicle. He is fantastic! Saved HUGE $$ compared to the shop doing the work. No need to make Your Mechanic great again as they already are!

on February 18

I booked an appointment on Your Mechanic to have someone take a look at my Pontiac GTO. I had a MIL (check engine or service engine soon) light come on and the car was acting abnormal. Terry was my mechanic, who was very professional and ready to start the job. He hooked his scan tool to the vehicle and came to the conclusion that the ECM (engine control module) was bad and needed to be replaced. I bought a new computer for the car, took it to the dealer to have it reprogrammed, and now it works like a charm. Thanks Terry for the help.



Honda Pilot
on January 13

Terry did an excellent job! His attention to detail and efficiency was clearly demonstrated! Inital estimated time of completion was 5.5hrs but he got it done in 3!

on January 26

I would trust him to evaluate any car I'm about to buy. Very professional and even came out twice since I was having issues with scheduling.

on January 27

Great guy. Fixed it fast, had all the parts. Made me aware of more issues which I will be able to fix myself. Great first time experience!

on March 03

On time, courteous… good mechanic, but provided the salesperson with notes on the vehicle. Not sure this mechanic understood that the purpose of a pre-purchase inspection is not to sell me the car. Information on any defects or issues with the vehicle should be shared only with the person paying for the inspection (that’s me). If the salesperson/seller is tipped off by the mechanic it diminishes the buyers negotiating power.

on January 05

Terry was the mechanic assigned to assess my vehicle. He arrived on time. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable and he took the time to explain what was going on with my truck.

on February 23

He was helpful and explained things so that i understood what was going on with my car. I would highly recommend him.

on December 31

He was knowledgable and honest. He knew exactly what I was talking about and helped me figure out if I had a warranty on my problem (which he didn't need to do). He taught me stuff and showed me what was wrong. I was in good hands!

on February 02

Terry was prompt and very friendly! He quickly ascertained what was wrong with my car and what steps I needed to take to fix it.

on March 19

Terry was awesome. He was prompt, early even and took care of my thermostat quickly and properly.

on December 28

My experience with My Mechanic was awesome. He was even able to show up earlier to fix my car. He was nice and went straight to work. He didn't take long at all. Thank you Terry and I would definitely recommend him to anyone

on December 29

Terry was incredible. Showed up right on time, and educated us through the issue my car was having. He was efficient and so helpful. Great experience all around!


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Volvo V50
on October 06

Terry was early for my appointment (called ahead to make sure it was okay) and was totally okay with me looming on. I called him out to diagnose a fuel smell and, even though he was unable to duplicate smell, he talked me through everything he was looking at. In addition to trying to diagnose my specific request, he did a once-over of my vehicle which was greatly appreciated.



Chevrolet Camaro
on August 10

Showed up 10 minutes early got to work right away knew what he was doing and got it done in a very timely mnnor and very friendly/courtious will definitely recommend to anyone

on October 21

Terry was great, he was on time, very knowledgeable and courteous. He knew what he was doing and explained what he was doing and future career for our vehicle.


  • Other Inspections


Acura TSX
on October 22

Awesome experience, he was early and super helpful. He knew the starter wasn't a problem so he fixed something small and didn't charge the full $330 that was quoted.

on October 25

Terry was great and easy to work with. I felt like he was very trustworthy and did a great job on the car. This was a great experience and I will definitely book him again.

on October 29

Terry arrived right on time, even though he called to let me know he was stuck in traffic & might be running a bit late. He was quick and did a good job!


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Honda Accord
on November 10

Spot on Terry you was right about the original factory lights hid must have been the wrong one or using to much voltage. Both lights are working now, Awesome costumer service Arrived early and knew what he was doing thank you.

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