19 years of experience
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

I've been an automotive technician for over 20 years and am ASE certified. I am Honda factory trained and have worked at independent shops. I'm happy to work on most makes and models and pride myself on going above and beyond to provide the best possible care for your car or truck.





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on July 20

Rusty was on time. This is the second time he has come for a car issue we had and both times he has been extremely professional. He is the reason I have continued to you the service.

on July 21

Rusty is awesome, he is the most honest mechanic I have ever met. Rusty will always give you one on one time to tell you about the condition of your car and ways to improve it. He is also very knowledgeable I highly recommend!



Nissan Rogue
on June 27

Rusty is the best mechanic I have ever had. I have followed him and used his service for 8 years. So glad he is with Your Mechanic, it is so convenient, the price is right and the work is always the best. I've never had anything go wrong after Rusty has worked on my car.

on June 22

Seemed like a really nice guy and very professional, on time, courteous. Gave an honest assessment of all the issues he discovered with the car. No high pressure upsale tactics on the things that weren't really related to getting me up and running again. Fixed the shift selector cable and I'm back on the road. I was a bit skeptical about this site and the whole "mobile mechanic" thing. I can't speak for all of them, but this guy is definitely one of the good ones.



Lexus GS300
on July 15

Very well mannered and a true professional. He has been my mechanic for years and I would trust no one else with my cars and trucks.

on June 20

Rusty was polite and very thorough. Since he was doing a warranty work inspection on work done previously, I really appreciated the time he took to check out the car.

on June 15

Rusty was extremely friendly and offered an immense amount of knowledge. He took his time and covered all bases on the vehicle. It was extremely hot outside and he never once didn't have a smile on his face. Highly recommended!!!

on July 13

Rusty was very timely and was able to diagnose the problems thoroughly and quickly. Very friendly person and easy to talk to.

on June 01

What really stuck out to me about this mechanic is that, the day before, he realized that he was in the area and messaged me, asking if i wanted to get my appointment done early. This might be a standard service that the company offers, I don't know, but everything that i got form him when I met him follows up on that. He was friendly and courteous, while still being professional and knowledgeable. I asked a question, and he gave a precise and detailed answer, along with a little bit extra, which helped me to diagnose a completely separate problem that my car had been having.

on May 18

This is the second time Rusty assisted me with my vehicle problems. He was fantastic! Told me in laymen terms what was wrong, what needed to be fixed. Very friendly and easy to talk with. Very very smart guy! Will not hesitate to call on Rusty again, should the need arise.



Mazda Protege
on May 16

Rusty did an amazing job. He arrived ten minutes early and chatted with me before he started working. I definitely will be requesting his services again.

on May 03

Rusty was very understanding and accommodating. Well prepared and knowledgeable.. Got the problem solved very quickly using his equipment and made some recommendations.

on June 30

Rusty was a very good mechanic he got my door handle fix for me. He was on time and he did a very good job

on March 06

Rusty did a great job on my brakes. My truck feels back to normal now. Looking forward to seeing Rusty on a couple of weeks for my transmission flush.

on February 27

Rusty showed up on time and explained what he was going to do and how long it would take; after the service was completed he went over his recommendations and next steps. Overall, this was an enjoyable experience.

on February 03

Rusty was incredibly helpful and friendly! He explained the problems my car had thoroughly and in a very professional manner. Will be recommending him to my friends!

on January 30

Rusty was great! He was very nice and very knowledgeable. I will definitely be using him again for future services and will recommend him to everyone.

on January 21

Rusty is truly a heaven sent Angel. I feel so blessed. He's the best mechanic in the entire world. Any work I need done on my truck I will book him. Before he started the work he did a thorough examination of my truck and was very open and 100% honest about what needed to be repaired right away. He came out to replace my wiring harness and alternator. I like how he showed me that my wiring harness had been scorched and that it needed to be replaced first before replacing the alternator. He went above and beyond. Once he finished the repairs my truck was a good as new. I cranked it up and it sounded really good (It used to have a severe squealing noise before he fixed it). I was so excited and told him that It had been months since my truck sounded this good..



Honda Pilot
on January 13

I have used many mechanics in my day and Rusty is probably the most knowledgeable mechanic I have ever talked with, not to mention showing up on time and completing the work when he said it would be done, because he came prepared. I have to admit I was very skeptical about hiring an online mobile mechanic (wasn't sure who or what was going to show up) but when Rusty arrived, he let me know he was here and got straight to work. This guy is definitely NOT a "shade tree" mechanic, if you are thinking about using this mobile mechanic service Rusty is the guy to go with.

on December 23

He was very helpful and detailed in his evaluation of the vehicle I was interested in buying. I could not be there in person, but because of the pictures and information he provided about the vehicle I was able to be confident in my decision to purchase he car.

on December 19

We are so happy and impressed with Rusty that recommending him is a must. Highly highly recommended. He did a Pre-purchase car inspection for us where he met us at the specified dealer on time. He put our minds at ease with him being so thorough, knowledgeable, and he went above and beyond even in explaining and answering our queries and concerns. Very approachable, honest, courteous, patient and professional. We can't believe there is still someone like him. Now, we understand why his reviews are just perfect, he totally deserves it... Thank you Sir Rusty. You are a blessing.

on December 05

Rusty was very good, on time and very knowledgeable. He preformed the services ordered and was also able to diagnose a separate problem I didn't know about.



Volkswagen Golf
on November 17

Rusty came out to replace a starter on my sons 1999 Volkswagen Golf. He was on time, even sent a text to let me know he was on the way and showed a map of his current location. He was friendly and answered all my questions. He didn't even laugh for more than a few seconds when I showed him what I thought was the starter which was actually the air conditioner compressor. Very knowledgeable and professional. He did an overall check on the vehicle after replacing the starter and again answered any and all questions I had. I would definitely recommend him for your mechanical needs.

on November 19

He diagnosed the problem right after the first mechanic they sent out diagnosed and fixed a issue that wasn't right the first time. I wish I would have gotten Rusty on the first try and then I would not have had to pay 2 times for others mistakes



Dodge Caliber
on October 10

Rusty arrived right on time. He explained what he was gonna do and got it done in a timely manner. Great guy and I am glad he was able to get me taken care of.

on October 05

Fantastic Service! Rusty was very professional and friendly. He is very knowledgeable about car repairs in general, and specifically my vehicle. He arrived early and came prepared with the right tools and knowledge to take on the job. As it turned out the repair needed less parts that I purchased, and I will be returning what was not needed and saving even more money. Rusty also completed a thorough inspection of my vehicle, inside and out(he is great with paying attention to the details) and let me know of any trouble areas, along providing quotes for services I intend to schedule in the near future. I could not be happier!

on September 25

Rusty came on time and was well prepared with everything needed to repair my vehicle. Rusty is extremely knowledgeable, honest and has a great personality. He ran a full diagnosis after the job was completed and gave recommendations on needed future repairs.

on August 28

My car wouldn't start, but all the electrical stuff was working. He came to my house the same day within a couple hours of me scheduling. Listened to my troubleshooting attempts and basically diagnosed the problem from just looking. He put the machine on to confirm it was the battery. He went and purchased the battery & filter, replaced them and had my car running in no time!



BMW 328i
on August 03

I’ve had my valve cover gasket replaced, brake pads & rotors replaced and 100k maintenance. Rusty is friendly, professional, reliable and very knowledgeable. Although I am sure Your Mechanic has lots of great mechanics, I don’t want to use anyone else but Rusty!!!!

on July 15

Rusty was prompt, professional and addressed all of my concerns. The service was convenient and affordable, I wouldn't hesitate to use Rusty's service for any future work and will definitely be recommending him as well as Your Mechanic.

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