36 years of experience
Los Angeles, CA

I have been an automotive technician since 1981. I worked for Ford as a factory trained technician for over 25 years. My experience is equal between Domestic and Asian vehicles, and over my career there isn't a job I haven't done. I look forward to assisting my customers with their automotive needs.





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Ford Mustang
on August 16

He did a very good job

on July 04

He is on time, thorough, knowledgeable and extremely accommodating. His work is excellent. I have used him several times and will definitely do so again.



Ford Mustang
on February 14

He called and asked if he could show up early, yes please wonderful! He he was fast and accurate at diagnosing the actual issue and the repair its self



Acura TL
on January 30

Excellent work from a very informed, experienced, skilled and thorough mechanic. He is also reliable, polite, professional and takes the time to explain. Highly recommended.

on December 20

Mauricios showed up on time, quickly got to work to solve my escalade's issue. He made the repairs and explained everything to me in a very understandable manner and was super polite.

on November 15

Mauricio was very resourceful, knowledgeable and creative to tackle the extremely complex brake and wheel bearing problem with my car. He definitively succeeded fixing my car beyond my expectations. Good job!! nice and friendly person.

on April 23

My experience is really good and he did an exceptional job on fixing the problem. Also, he didn't lose the bolts when he replaced them after he was finished. Changing the 2008 Chrysler Sebring V6 2.7L thermostat is a very hard job but he did it well so thank you, Mauricio.

on April 22

Mauricio knows how to diagnose and fix your car troubles. He also takes the time to explain why your car is having an issue and goes through an analytical process to find the solution.

on April 17

Very polite, respectful, knowledgeable of his work, he made me feel I could trust him with my truck. He was very patience with me and listen to my concerns. Mauricio, was not bothered by my questions and answered them all ...THANK YOU!!!

on April 08

Again, a true professional. He patiently took the time to diagnose the problem. Unfortunately, the problem is a costly one, but at least I now know the issue. If I decide to repair the vehicle, I insist that Mauricio perform the work!

on March 19

Mauricio is a professional, honest, and friendly mechanic. First, he did a nice and clean oil change which he was booked for. What I appreciate more is that, we noticed a coolant leaking when doing the oil change, he accurately located the crack on the radiator that caused the leaking. Unlike many mechanic shops that likely would pressure you to spend big $$$ to replace the entire radiator, Mauricio suggested to start from epoxy that costed only a few bucks and had been working well to fix small cracks. Really appreciate this!



Porsche 911
on March 08

I am a mechanic and engineer. I raced and restored high performance cars. I can't work on my cars anymore so I appreciate Mauricio. He did a great job on an unfamiliar engine with no supervision. He was on time, polite, neat and a credit to your business.



Mazda 3
on November 04

Showed up on time, completed the job properly and quickly, and even discovered another lesser problem during the diagnostic that I wasn't aware of (and didn't push me into getting it fixed right away just so he could have more work).



Ford Escape
on December 16

Mauricio arrived on time and completed the repair professionally. The repair took longer than expected and required an additional part. Mauricio obtained the needed part and completed the repair. Additionally, there was a problem processing my payment, and Mauricio waited patiently while I contacted my bank. I hope to see Mauricio again for my next repair.



Honda Odyssey
on December 15

I had a very good experience with Mauricio and would recommend him. He would go above and beyond to meet his customer's satisfaction. He is one of the best and down to earth mechanic I know.



Chrysler Pacifica
on March 16

Mauricios called to let me know he was outside my place...he was in time, super friendly and knew how to make an uncertain situation possitive. I told him what 3 reputable shops told me what the problem was and he received what I had to say and made me feel like I knew what I was talking about. After he check what what I told him, he told me something completely different. He did a thorough diagnosis and then told me the problem wasn't at all what these 3 other so called professional shops told me. It was something that was extremely less expensive by hundreds of dollars and he guaranteed me that his diagnosis was in fact the issue. All I have to say is he was right and I already told about 10 people about your mechanic and the the super awesome job Mauricio did!!!!!!!! Excellent×100

on March 19

Very good experience with Mauricio. He came to my office and fixed the brake problem I was having with my car. Very friendly and professional mechanic. I highly recommend him.

on August 02

Mauricio was unprepared to change the battery on my car. I had to show him where the battery was located on the vehicle. He should have done some homework as he had obviously never worked on this make/model of vehicle before. He also did not bring a battery tender which should be standard for replacing a battery so you do not lose electronic settings and for some vehicles require a trip to the dealership to reset the computer. Lastly Mauricio did not complete an inspection of the vehicle - I know the front tires are underinflated yet his "report" says he checked everything and they are properly inflated.



Honda Civic
on November 28

Excellent in every respect. He diagnosed the problem correctly, fixed it efficiently, was clean and neat about his work. An excellent, A1 mechanic.



Saturn Ion
on June 27

He is knowledgeable without being condescending, friendly, on-time, and trustworthy. I will be requesting him again.

on November 01

Very friendly and professional. Dealt with the issues as they came up and performed the required tasks to complete the job to satisfaction.

on July 18

Mauricio was great to work with and performed the job in a professional and timely manner.

on March 24

Friendly and did the job quickly. He didn't charge me for labor on the diagnostic visit because he was here for only 2 minutes.

on December 05

Mauricio was very helpful. My car was not starting and he was able to diagnose the issue within minutes of arriving. Happy to be driving again.

on March 23

Mauricio showed up on time and had my mirror replaced in no time at all. He's very friendly and I would highly recommend him.

on April 07

Mauricio fixed the timing issue on my van and was very friendly and transparent. Definitely will use him again if needed.



Ford Focus
on March 27

Extremely helpful , great guy , can't go wrong! Went above and beyond expectations. Will be using this service again.

on May 31

Did extra through inspection of vehicle before I made purchase. Well pleased with his level of service, Thanks



Nissan 350Z
on March 18

Mauricio was on time, and knowledgeable about my vehicle,he got to work promptly and finished in a timely manner.

on August 07

As always a great experience and trust him completely.

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