37 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I hold a master technician degree from factory not just ASE. I also hold ASE certifications. I have been in this business for 38 years. I can provide great customer service and will listen to your concerns and address them with you to make sure your experience with my work will be the best you can expect.





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on March 18

Arrived early, finished quickly, and did an awesome job. What more can you ask for?


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Nissan Juke

on February 10

Professional and knowledgeable

on September 28

John is AMAZING!! He's professional, punctual and really takes the extra time to explain services to my vehicle. He's extremely knowledge about car's, particularly my '97 Chevy Malibu! Thanks to John, I'll soon be able to visit my elderly Mom in Fresno and my son, who's away at college. Thanks John!



Nissan Versa

on September 14

John is the best mechanic I have come across in quite some time. He was very punctual and knows his work inside and out. He is a very calm low key person to talk with. He didn't make you feel like I have no clue about my vehicle and needed repairs. John finished the job in less time than the "book" time to complete the job. If you want a trustworthy and knowledgeable mechanic John is your man. I plan on having John do my future repairs.

on September 30

Very professional nice guy!

on September 26

John is a AWESOME honest guy that took the time to explain everything to me that he was doing and what recommendation is needed. I will always personally request him by name for any service on my car and friends cars. He delivered on time as promised. Never meet a better mechanic. The cost of service was much cheaper the general mechanic shop.

on November 14

always good to talk with a real pro1111

on November 20

Great knowledge and a lot of experience

on November 19

John is the best I ve ever dealt with, there is nothing this guy doesn't know about my bmw a true master I trust him completly (there isn't many I could real y say that about)



Ford Fusion

on November 19

John was very professional and did an amazing job on replacing the break pads.

on December 05

Great mechanic very professional and knowledgeable

on December 26

He was quick and what seemed efficient, but when I went to my car today (mind you I have had no issues with my car since I bought it.) I have a trail of oil coming from the front of my car. I check under neath and the closure that covers where my oil plug is missing and there is a puddle of oil on the ground coming from where the oil plug should be. It is now Christmas and I can't take a chance driving my car to far because it is leaking oil. Also, there is a screw loose on my undercarriage and can fall out at any time. I now have to take my care to the dealer to g Mind you this guy et it repaired. John Paakkari's report and service recordings say I had no issues, leaks or lights on my dash. Thats because he turned the care on with no key, also he reported the wrong mileage on my car, thats because he did not turn my car on or ask to turn it on. If he would have secured the plate and oil plug properly I would not be having the issues I have now. I want my money back and I want them to pay for the cost of what this will be to repair. Now BMW is the only service provider I can take the car to for repairs because of his screw-up. Your Mechanic / John is a horrible service. I will never use it again

on December 19

Awesome job great service

on May 07

John is extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled.



Ford Escape

on May 03



  • Car won't exceed a low sp...


Chevrolet Impala

on May 07

Great costumer service very knowledgeable and professional

on May 24

John was punctual and communicated well leading up to the appt. He was thorough in diagnosing the problem and in making a plan to take care of it. I would work with John on every opportunity for in the future. As a master technician for Chevrolet, his experience shows.

on May 25

Very nice gentleman I would recommend im waiting for him to come back and do my repairs

on May 14

1993 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LAREDO: 3EKF630, V8-5.2L John Paakkari just completed an Inspection/diagnostic and found the fuel pump needs to be replaced. He is scheduled to replace the fuel pump on Thursday, May 18th at 9 am.

on May 18

John was awesome super cool guy.

on May 23


on May 26

John did a great job! He knows his stuff, thought it was the starter and confirmed quickly. Then got the part and installed same day. Thanks John!



Saturn Vue

on May 27

John was on time and very efficient. He is a Great mechanic. The AC now makes ice cubes. Thank you John!!! He know what he is doing and is a Great Your Mechanic Representative!!! Thx Mark C

on May 31

It was immediately apparent that John loves his job. He was friendly and took the time to listen to our issue. John explained what he found in layman terms so I could understand what was happening with my car. I would recommend John to my family and friends and will have him work on all my car again.

on September 10

John was very friendly and knowledgeable, very prompt and had the issue resolved quickly. Think John is a keep for a mechanic!!!

on September 29

Very nice and helpful

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