15 years of experience
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I have been an automotive technician since 2003. I'm Silver Certified by Hyundai and have worked at major dealerships like BMW, as well as independent shops. My abilities cover a wide range of Domestic, European, and Asian cars. I look forward to assisting my customers with their automotive needs!





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on February 15

The worst decision I have made to date was to allow him under my hood of my Porsche Cayenne. My car was running perfectly, I simply wanted to do maintenance service work of changing spark plugs and cleaning it to keep it in excellent condition. My appointment was scheduled for 9am, he didn’t show up until 10:21. The job was supposed to be a 4 to 6 hour job, he was done at 11:47 when my receipt was emailed to me, only taking 1 hr and 20 minutes. When he arrived the first thing I asked him was Have you ever worked on a Porsche before? Because I am aware that foreign cars are built differently and take a certain familiarity to work on them. He assured me he had and that he works for a Mercedes Benz dealer..well after he completed the work and I got into my car to head to an appointment, my car started shaking and vibrating as soon as I got up to about 20/25 mph and above..I’m extremely concerned as my car did not do this before the spark plug work..I call your mechanic and report this as soon as I reach my destination. They send him back to check my car. This time he looks at it and says it’s my tires causing the car to shake and vibrate violently..saying they aren’t balanced or weighted..I’m livid..like are you serious..I just bought 4 new tires and rims a month ago and had no problem up until he touched my car. I googled it and this is a common problem ppl experience after spark plug changes and even under google the remedy was to make sure no parts were bad, check proper wiring, and make sure the wires were connected correctly. He did none of that. He didn’t check the wires to see if they were bad or check to see if the spark plugs were bad or something was connected wrong. All he did was say it’s my brand new tires and tell me to contact the company if I was still dissatisfied. I did, and their remedy is to send someone out to check to make sure his work is right..but guess who they were going to send..THIS SAME GUY..unbelievable..I’m so disappointed with this whole process..of course I told them not to send this guy and the next guy they could send won’t be for 2 weeks, so I am going to have to pay a real mechanic to correct whatever he did wrong to my car.. this was a huge mistake on my part using this service.



Chevrolet C2500

on February 11

After 4 failed attempts at fixing my truck from other mechanics, Jahmar was able to figure out my issue in a short amount of time and got me back on the road. I'm very impressed with his knowledge and service.



Mercury Capri

on January 30

Service technician was competent and quick. Got the job done without me having to deal with the hassles of normal repair shops (i.e. car drop off, getting ride to/from while it's being serviced, etc.), not to mention it being less expensive.


  • 150,000 Miles Maintenance...


Mazda 3

on December 20

Jahmar was very easy to work with when it came to my Mazda 3. I scheduled a 150K maintenance and he showed up at my door where my Mazda is. We moved my car to a parking spot (instead of street parking) so he could rotate my tires he explained. I told him I had to leave but my girlfriend would be home to grab the keys if he finishes early. He called me a few times to inform me he was done so I had my GF pick up the keys. After speaking to him on the phone, the only thing he mention that I will have issues with is my brakes (which is in my report) that can be replaced by the next oil change. Jahmar is very professional and did a great job on my car, felt good to hear him say my car was in good shape for the mileage! Will book him again!

on November 29

He arrived in a timely manner. He had knowledge on the questions I asked him. He informed me it was my throttle body and throttle position sensor that needed to be changed. Prior to booking the appt., my car kept shutting off whenever it was idling for too long and also when I step on my brakes to slow down. HORRIBLE experience ever dealing with my car other than overheating issues I had in the past due to needing a new radiator. Any who, he was quite good on providing me advice. Thank you Jahmar for having the patience because we know my car took forever to finally show its true colors LOL before you were able to diagnose it.

on December 07

Jahmar was early. Went straight to checking out our Beetle. He knew what was wrong quickly and have an appointment next week for the repairs.

on September 21

Jahmar was professional and honest upon assessing the problems with my vehicle. I would refer him and I will request him again. Thank you for your great service.

on November 02

100% satisfied. On time, did everything promised. Charged agreed upon price after work was completed. I love this whole process and will definitely use it again.



Chevrolet HHR

on October 27

Yes, he arrived on time and very happy with his service! Knew what he was doing. I Wil request him next time I have service done.

on January 23

Jahmar was on time and very helpful, would use him again for sure!

on November 23

Prepurchase inspection was just as expected. Provided ample photos & review of the vehicle.

on December 03

Jahmars provided a great service. Also he provided good information about mechanics.

on February 02

Super Great Service!!! Highly Recommend!!!

on October 11

Did a good job, still following up on results, job done in a timely manner , good disposition, thanks!


  • fuel distrbuter


Mercedes-Benz 500SL

on February 05

Everything was very professional.

on November 05

He was very helpful and I was not charged for what I didn't need done to my car.

on January 26

Polite knowledgeable mechanic

on December 12

Very knowledgeable. Told me what was wrong in plain terms.

on January 05

Excellent service and very personable

on December 04

Very Good at what he do. I will recommend him to friends.

on November 14

Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and thorough. What more can I say?

on February 09

It was cool

on December 20

Did a great job will request him again !



Hyundai Sonata

on January 26


on January 10

Excellent machanic

on January 20

Very nice and knowledgeable.

on September 21

Very professional and knowledgeable. Would use again

on September 08

Good communication for pre-purchase inspection

on December 14

Excellent experience!




on November 05

He is professional and knowledgeable

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