15 years of experience
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I've been an automotive technician for over 12 years and Toyota factory trained. I've worked at Toyota and Kia dealerships, as well as used car dealerships and Sears. I specialize in domestic and Asian vehicles and am comfortable working on almost any make and model. I love the automotive industry and do my absolute best to diagnose and solve any problems you encounter!





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on August 30

Chris was very professional and did a great job, He kept us informed of the timeline, especially when he needed to go get parts. I would certainly recommend him for future work.

on March 01

Chris was able to confirm my suspicions about the truck's starter and take a look at a few other things as well. All in a quick and timely manner. I'll definitely be seeing him again.

on October 13

Chris let me watch the whole process. He was extremely efficient and thorough. The service was a very positive experience and I have already recommended it to 2 people who just made their own appointment. Thank you!

on July 17

I would like to say thanks to Chris for providing such good services. A very nice person who knows what he is doing. I will not hesitate to use his services and recommending him to others in the future.

on July 16

I was not able to be present at the time of the inspection but Chris was very thorough with the details in his report, I got all of the information that I needed. It was a pleasure doing business through Your Mechanic, Chris especially. -You were very helpful


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Isuzu Rodeo

on July 03

Amazing experience! Chris was honest, friendly and very competent. Clearly has experience and knew what he was doing. Quickly diagnosed car issues. Will book future appointments with him. Highly recommended!

on February 08

Thank you for being honest with your findings about the car I was thinking about buying. Your findings saved me some potential trouble that could have happened.

on January 22

Chris was great! On time and very detailed! Got the job done and it was not easy taking apart my Lexus in the Marriot parking lot. He was amazing and If I ever have problems in Lauderdale he is the one I would call! This is an incredible service .,..on a weekend and completely fixed in a few hours!


  • Oil or Fluid is leaking


Kia Sportage

on July 25

Great service. It was quick, easy and reliable. I have been looking for someone to diagnose my car with an honest answer. Glad I discovered my

on January 06

Chris was very knowledgeable, all I had to do was describe what was going on with the car and he knew right away what it was. Got up and running in no time.

on January 02

Chris saved me a lot of heartache by performing a pre-purchase inspection on a vehicle that was over 1,000 miles away from where I live. I had already talked with a salesman at a major dealership who had informed me of "two or three minor issues" with the vehicle. Thanks to Chris' thorough inspection, he identified numerous other problems and he uncovered a couple of lies the salesman had told me. So, all in all, the money spent utilizing Chris' services was well worth the investment. THANKS, CHRIS!!

on July 24

Chris was courteous, friendly and worked quickly. He answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable that he was working on my car. Would definitely get work done by him again!

on July 14

After the first diagnostic a few days ago, he came on time, work on my truck in my office parking lot for two hours. Now my truck doesn't have the squeaky noise that used to have. Great experience! Thank You Chris!

on February 18

Chris was on time for the appointment and he immediately set to work and did a perfect job. He is one of the best mechanics that I have ever had.

on June 29

I have never been so pleased with a service person as I was with Chris. He was knowledgeable, extremely capable and it was a wonderful experience for me. Now I have to find other things wrong with my car for him to fix.

on June 13

Very pleasant person. Explanation of problem was in detail description. Inspection went well, will be using him to make the repair

on June 19

that's how it's done in an efficient and conscientious effortthat's hella was John and inefficient and conscientious effort

on December 15

Very knowledgeable. Took his time and properly diagnosed problems with my car. Would recommend to friends and family.

on December 31

Chris arrived on time. He was very friendly, very knowledgeable and professional. I am glad i choose




on March 17

I thought that this return work would be covered by previous install and was surprise to see a $70 charge to my charge card? Perhaps this was in error? I supplied the gas as I did previously it leaked out due to a a faulty fitting not seen during installation I guess? Please advise.

on July 26

Seemed like a job I could do myself at first glance until I saw what was involved. Glad I had an expert do it.

on August 11

He was quick to spot the real problem with the car, went to get the parts, and fixed it in a timely manner!

on July 11

Nice guy, very knowledgeable. He explained everything need it after the diagnostic. I highly recommend him!

on August 18

Excellent experience with Chris, he's an expert in his field and goes the extra mile for his customers.

on August 26

It was a pleasure dealing with Chris. I think you will find him as friendly and helpful as I did.



Toyota Avalon

on May 30

Excellent customer service. Completed job despite under quote in hours by YM. Very knowledgeable.



Nissan Altima

on July 02

I'm very satisfied with Mr Chris Vesci services there on time very polite and did a good job thanks Mr Chris Vesci



Audi A4

on September 09

price was over WHAT IT should be . the time of work was done on my car was only 1 hour and 15 min and not 2.5 hours as i have been told which meant basically I got over charged . i just dont have the time or the negative energy to fight this mechanic car owners BS.

on May 04

Tech seemed knowledgeable but not very friendly. Just seemed like it was a hassle to look at my car and diagnose the ac problem even though that was the service I paid for.

on March 13

On time, finished repair faster than the estimated time, super professional and friendly :)

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