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Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a friendly and professional automotive technician with over 25 years experience. Customer service is top priority. Specializing in European automobiles.





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Chrysler 300
on October 04

My experience with Alex is what i was looking for i recommend him to any one if you want a top notch professional mechanic



Mitsubishi Galant
on September 01

Great Service and this was my first time with your company. Alexis came as scheduled and did a great job. Thank you!!! i will definitely use your company again if needed.



Toyota Corolla
on July 26

I was very happy with the service that I received with Alexis. He checked the problem and replaced my battery. He was professional and performed the service call without delay. I would be happy for him to return for any future service calls.

on May 11

Super nice guy. He did a very thorough inspection of my car. He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and concerns. I felt very confident with his findings and recommendations. So glad I found this service and I will definitely call on Alexis for future car repair needs.

on September 20

Alexis arrived on time, was very professional and knowledge, and even completed the job early. I would highly recommend him to others and will definitely be using him for future services.

on September 10

Alexis was right on time, very polite and helpful. Within minutes he was able to determine what was wrong with the car. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Alexis

on March 28

Once again, Alex was very efficient. Clean, quick and thorough. Alex changed the oil on my 16 year old car without spilling a drop. His inspection of the car was very important to me and he was very helpful in explaining the status of the car and what I should keep an eye out for. Alex really went out of his way to offer the best service possible. Thank you for another great your mechanic experience. I really can't see myself taking my car back to a shop.

on July 29

Alexis arrived in a timely fashion in fact he was early and that was good. He handled himself in a very professional manner. I appreciate the service because it set my mind at ease about whether or not to purchase the vehicle. I had no idea that such a service (mobile pre purchase inspection) existed. I will tell others. Thank you kindly!!



Toyota Camry
on November 21

God must be playing a joke on me! Best Mechanic Experience to date. I logged on to YourMechanic because as usual some man said he'll put the brakes on and then realized all he would get is the money owed to him and nothing else, so, of course, he flaked. I sat on my couch, looked up and said "That's it, God! The real men like President Obama, Dr. Creflo Dollar and Steve Harvey must be some type of illusion. They must be some type of fluke that only exist on TV. That's it God, all men are...(you can imagine the rest)." But then, Alex showed up. Unfortunately, I wrongly anticipated the absolute worst, but to my surprise, I got the quintessential best. It was almost surreal. He was genuinely polite (in Miami this is rare). No really, like polite and professional for no reason at all, just because he is obviously a true professional. He showed his ID when I asked and it didn't seem to bother him at all that I asked (like some people I know). He also patiently answered all of my inquiries. He handled the parts of my car like they were his and then I was really stunned when I came outside and he cleaned up! No, not regular clean up. Not "man-version" clean up (no shade to all the meticulous men out there whose Mama and Grandma didn't play the radio, please keep it up). No, I mean he put stuff back in the right boxes...(hello somebody), closed the boxes back (take the wheel, Lord!), cleaned the driveway of every nut, bolt, screw or whatever they are called (Pass the bucket and let's do a building fund offering! Hallelujah!). Best of all, I felt so comfortable (i.e. he did not crack nasty jokes or try to hit on me). When he drove off, I looked up to the sky again, but this time I said "I hear you God, the joke's on me!"

on July 19

Alexis was great! He was very helpful and walked me through everything he was doing. He was early, fast and efficient. We will definitely be using him again.

on March 03

Very friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, honest, and frankly answers all your questions. He's approachable and relatable. That is a massive plus in a mechanic nowadays.

on March 07

Mr Molina was everthing i checked in question 3. The type of mechanic all mechanics should pattern themselves after. Thank you yourmechanic. Great job

on March 17

I just want to take a moment to commend Alexiss. Alexiss arrived on time, was professional and courteous. He was extremely thorough and conducted multiple function checks on my vehicle. Your team is extremely lucky, to have such a dedicated employee on their staff.

on May 19

Amazing service. Alexis was on time and did the work quickly. Not one ounce of mess anywhere and very organized. I was a bit on the skeptical side of trying out this website for a mechanic job. But after this type of service i would recommend it to anyone right away. Will definitely use this again. Also Alexis was very knowledge and helped me understand other issues of the car. Thank you

on September 17

Very professional Alexis was honest and really suggest the services that car need Very clean and organized work He is a great mechanic !!!

on June 25

He was on time, and the service was very good overall. However, some weird noise started after the job he did, although he warned me that it could happen.

on March 15

Amazing experience! Alexis came on time, completed work quickly and expertly, and the overall experience was terrific. Thanks again!



Cadillac CTS
on June 28

He got to work right away on my car. He finished it in about an hour and explained why my alternator probably stopped working

on September 29

On time, straight forward performance, very professional. Highly recommend.

on July 20

Good work. Alex was thorough, professional, kind, and went the extra step in getting the job done. I recommend highly.

on August 31

Service was quick, Alexis was was friendly and courteous. Car is running great now.



Audi A7 Quattro
on June 20

Excellent! Very professional. Everything was done as needed. Very easy and pleasant experience.

on June 06

Showed up ahead of schedule and explained everything that he saw going on. Great experience.



Toyota 4Runner
on March 23

Alex was on time, professional, and very informative. Overall I had a great experience.

on May 15

Good experience and a competent mechanic in Alexis. I would call on him again if needed.

on May 03

Alexis arrive on time to our appointment and did a good work, thanks for your opinion and recommendation

on June 17

My mechanic Mr. Alexiss did excellent job that was more than my expectation.Thanks

on October 01

Not an easy job to do, but Alexis got it done quickly and professionally. Thanks!

on August 02

Alexis replaced my oil pan, however soon after the job was done, I noticed that the car started shaking whenever my air conditioning was turned on. I have contacted YourMechanic about this issue and they decided that the problems are unrelated. Thing is, I would not mind paying for something that I know for sure was caused by me or old age/ mileage. However, I know for a FACT that my car is regularly maintained and that this issue just does not pop up randomly...

on October 03

He arrived on time. I was not home when he checked the car, but he didn't leave any useful information in the report. Marked everything as ok and suggested no further repair on the vehicle ( even though the car does not start )

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