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Hi, I'm Art. I have been an automotive technician since 2009. My experience ranges between Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. For the last few years I have run my own mobile repair business, so I'm accustomed to working on cars outside of a shop. My customers can count on me to bring a polite, friendly, and professional attitude to every appointment.





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Honda Accord
on December 01

He's very informative and patient. I had a lot of questions which sometimes can overwhelm others. He was attentive and elaborate enough for me to understand the steps and purpose of the work that I had done on my car. I will definitely book again when I have my front breaks replaced

on June 20

Got my Hyundai's oil changed. Also found out some valuable information that Artem found during his 50 point check. He was quick and informative. Even went as far as to show me how to check my brake pads and my rotors. Already scheduled another appointment with him to get more work done. Will definitely work with him again!

on February 20

This is for a power steering flush and coolant top off. Artem did both of those in a little over an hour which was within the two hour window scheduled by Your Mechanic. He also inspected all the other fluids and showed me the levels to which they need to be refilled and the colors at which they need to be replaced.



Mazda 3
on October 15

I cannot Thank you enough Artem! He took care of my car explained each step he was taking. Replaced the 1st part then took the car for a test drive and knew the other parts were needed.

on March 17

Very impressed with Artems work. someone you can trust and rely on went above and beyond the wheel bearings he replaced for my 2000 jaguar. finished on time and showed me the old bearings. And he diagnosed the check engine light for free with the computer. And told me why was it on. I will highly recommend him to a friend or relative. Look forward to continue doing buisness with you to work on my 2000 jaguar s type 3.0



Hyundai Accent
on July 09

Artem was very early to our appointment. He was very patient and informative. He taught me how to check my spark plugs, and my fluids. He even told me I didn't need a really expensive service that a previous mechanic had told me I needed. He took very good notes and photos. Overall I will be requesting his services again in the future. Very happy with my service, and even happier that my baby is in good hands!

on October 03

Art was great. Was very clear and upfront about what he was doing and helped me get my battery replaced and back to operational. Would def recommend.

on November 21

I used YourMechanic for the first time and was very happy with the entire experience. Artem arrived on time, calling me to let me know exactly when he would be arriving. He was very nice and finished the work quickly. I had mentioned that I thought that I needed more work done and would make another appointment for that but Artem said that I was his last call that day and if my car needed more work he could do it that day. Turns out that my car did not yet need additional services but when it does I will be requesting Artem!!

on June 08

Artem was great! He called me in advance to let me know he was running 10 minutes late, which was fine. He was provided the wrong oil filter by the YourMechanic parts depot, but took it upon himself to drive across town at his own expense to procure the correct part from the local dealership! He went above and beyond and I trust YourMechanic will compensate him for his effort. He was friendly and helpful and made sure to reset my oil change light on the onboard computer.

on October 11

He was very helpful with my BMW and showed interest in letting me know what had to be done to fix up my car. Although I only chose the Pre-Purchase inspection, he went out of his way to focus in on some key issues on my car including some possible fuse issues, battery issues, and wheel assembly issues. Overall it was apparent that he knew his stuff and was open to explaining everything to me clearly.

on December 10

Art did a great job on a very tough complete cooling system replacement - radiator, thermostat, and both hoses. Very knowledgeable, fast, and thorough he was first class all the way. This job was quoted to us by the local Mercedes-Benz dealership at $2500 plus tax -- total with came out to right around $900. Couldn't be more pleased with Art's work and friendly attitude, will definitely use him in the future. Added bonus was that he cleaned up the entire garage floor before leaving - not just his stuff but swept it out clean!

on December 08

He was very Professional and did a Super Great Job ~ He was extremely through and explained everything that he was doing. He is an asset to your company. Thanks Art Rita

on December 14

He had no problem relaying information in layman's terms and was able to clearly show me where my car was having its issues. I never once felt like I was being "shakedown" for additional services. Will definitely use again!

on October 10

Art showed up promptly and ready to work. He is professional, nice, detailed, and very knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable asking him questions. Once work was completed he went over everything in detail. Definitely glad to have had him service my car and look forward to using him for any future car services.

on December 16

Artem was great. He is very knowledgeable and helped us to understand what the problem was with our car and made some very good recommendations. He was very thorough and professional and we were very happy with his diagnosis, service, and assistance.

on August 04

Arrrit arrived promptiy for a pre-purchase evaluation. He is very knowledgable. Hr confirmed my thoughts about a car I was purchasing and showed me several major issues. Thanks to his expertise, I saved myself from a major money pit and did not purchase the vehicle.



Ford Taurus
on November 28

Arrived right on time. Very personable. Did a great job. Cleaned up. He obviously knew what he was doing.



Infiniti I30
on September 19

Got a phone call from Art 25 minutes after the appointment time. The part that was supposed to be available when he called the parts place yesterday was not there. He said he has been waiting for more than an hour for the parts to be delivered from another store. I would have liked it if he had called me before the appointment time. When he got here, however, he was very professional and got the job done within the allowable time. He checked everything, unlike the other guy who came to me from last time. I test-drove with him to make sure the job was done correctly. As we drove, he noticed the wheel bearing seemed to be out of whack. My wife and I were suspecting it might be the wheel bearing that made noise to the car but when we took it to my mechanic in Lafayette who I have been going for the past 20 years, said the noise was because of the engine mount that we just replaced. The engine mounts were bad but Art stated that would not make the noise we are hearing. He even told us how we can check to see which side wheel bearing is bad while driving. Although he arrived late outside of his control, he did everything right after that. I would give him 4 and a half stars but no way to do that. As to the, I give them 3 stars because the original guy who was supposed come out last Friday called and left me a message that parts weren't available, so he would like to come and do it either Saturday or Monday. I called and left him a message to call me back but he did not call back. So, I ended up calling to change the mechanic on Monday for Art to come on Tuesday.

on May 16

Well it was good. Util i discovered a burning smell. It bumped somethng he had droped something rubber dowb on the exhaust. Lucky i discovered it and was able grabbes before any perment damaged. He should of doubled checked. Other then that it was good experience



Toyota Tacoma
on June 20

Did a great job. Got the starter changed out quickly & everything works perfect now. Would definitly use his services again.



Lexus IS300
on October 17

Very efficient. completed acrsther complicated job in no time. If a nedd will arise, I will definitely use his services


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Mercedes-Benz C240
on September 06

After rescheduling twice, he showed up at 4:45 for a 4-4:30 appointment. He was a little sloppy and left oil stains on pavement. He was also covered in grease from prior appointment, so i asked him not to test drive the car as he would have soiled the beige leather interior.



Ford Explorer
on December 07

Artem was awesome. On time and friendly. Explained what was going on and what needed to be fixed. Thanks man!

on November 15

Good experience. Friendly and helpful. He explained things clearly and showed us how to detect the same problem in the future.

on December 08

Attend was very professional, answered all my questions and completed the job to my total satisfaction.



BMW 325Ci
on May 29

He showed up on time but left right after for over an hour because he said he did not have all the tools he needed. After coming back, he did the job which is why he gets two stars. When I went out to finalize the transaction, he was smoking and decided it was okay to flick is cigarette on to the ground in front of my house. I should have checked under the hood to make sure everything was good before he left but I didn't. When I did, I noticed that he did not reconnect the MAF sensor (not a big deal) and that he broke a bracket off on my radiator fan. Now yourmechanic has been jerking me around for a week. Let this guy touch your car at your own risk. Also I would stay away from yourmechanic in general. They are nothing more than a craigslist mechanic.



Toyota Sienna
on July 07

Very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Changed Spark plugs on our Toyota Sienna.



Toyota 4Runner
on August 05

Service was fine, he arrived 1 hour 20 minutes after appointment time because he had to get the brake pads.



Ford Ranger
on July 08

Artemis was prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone .

on December 19

Great service and explanation

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