Brake Rotors/Discs Replacement Estimate for Honda Accord

Honda Accord Brake Rotors/Discs Replacement costs $251 on average. Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates.

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YourMechanic Price
$166 to $522
Labor: $98 -$352
Parts: $68 -$170
Average Dealer price
$265 to 749
Average Shop price
$201 to 579
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CarServiceYourMechanic PriceShop/Dealer Price
1996 Honda AccordL4-2.2LService typeBrake Rotor/Disc - Front ReplacementYourMechanic Price$362.32Shop/Dealer Price$441.57 - $555.19
1998 Honda AccordL4-2.3LService typeBrake Rotor/Disc - Front ReplacementYourMechanic Price$200.17Shop/Dealer Price$246.14 - $338.09
1995 Honda AccordL4-2.2LService typeBrake Rotor/Disc - Front ReplacementYourMechanic Price$360.54Shop/Dealer Price$439.44 - $551.79
2000 Honda AccordV6-3.0LService typeBrake Rotor/Disc - Front ReplacementYourMechanic Price$202.72Shop/Dealer Price$249.29 - $343.13
1989 Honda AccordL4-2.0LService typeBrake Rotor/Disc - Rear ReplacementYourMechanic Price$206.49Shop/Dealer Price$252.77 - $332.76
1993 Honda AccordL4-2.2LService typeBrake Rotor/Disc - Front ReplacementYourMechanic Price$410.80Shop/Dealer Price$500.37 - $625.37
2016 Honda AccordV6-3.5LService typeBrake Rotor/Disc - Rear ReplacementYourMechanic Price$391.46Shop/Dealer Price$481.80 - $667.37
1999 Honda AccordV6-3.0LService typeBrake Rotor/Disc - Rear ReplacementYourMechanic Price$206.54Shop/Dealer Price$253.51 - $341.91
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Parts required for a Honda Accord Brake Rotors/Discs Replacement

$48 to $72
$24 to $116

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Peter is an amazing mechanic. If I were able to give 10 stars for this review I definitely would have given more stars. My appointment with Peter was set of 7am in the morning and I get a text at 6:45am from YourMechanic saying Peter was outside. The problem is that I slept through my alarms and my phone was on silent so I didn't wake up on time. I wake up and run really fast downstairs to move my car while hoping Peter doesn't cancel on me. Peter doorbells at 7am (probably wondering why I'm not outside or responding to the text) and I open the door and I go outside and the first thing he does is make a joke that it's early and for me to relax and get some coffee. haha what a sigh of relief! Whewww, great my appointment is still set! I move my car to the curb (I should have done this earlier per the instructions, I blame me old alarm clock) and Peter takes over and starts changing my oil and rotating my tires. I was still half asleep so I go inside my house and make some coffee. A small disclaimer - I never go to the dealerships or autoshops because I've had problems where the mechanics would change my oil, but not the filter. This has happened to me once at a dealership and twice with other mobile mechanics. So since this is my first time getting my oil change with YourMechanic it's important that I do my due diligence to see if Peter is an honest mechanic. About 20 minutes later I go outside just to chitchat and to see how the car is doing. Usually the mobile mechanics I've used in the past would hide all their oil packages and filters in their car or they use off brand oil. Not with Peter and YourMechanic! All the items were placed out in the open for me to see and no hiding of the filter that he was going to use. He changed my oil and rotated my tires in a timely manner and nothing was rushed unlike those express oil places. You really can tell Peter enjoys being a mechanic and you clearly can tell he has MANY years of experience by the way he organizes his work and cleans up after. I am definitely going to use YourMechanic again and ask for Peter whenever I need service done on my cars. It was a breath of fresh air having Peter as my mechanic to service my car. Not just because he did a great job, but it might be because he's an older mechanic that has way more knowledge and has more experience than the younger mechanics here in San Diego. I've noticed a lot of the mobile mechanics and express lube shops have younger mechanics that don't do the quality of work that older mechanics do. For that, I am more than satisfied to have an experienced master mechanic finally do quality work on my car. Thanks Peter and YourMechanic. I will be using you guys again soon!
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Allen did a great job on my 2007 Honda Accord. I needed to get my front rotors replaced and he did an awesome job! He got the job done in less than an hour and I thought it would have taken him the full 2 hours. Great mechanic and great guy overall. Thanks again, Allen!
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All about Brake Rotors/Discs Replacement

A brake rotor is a smooth metal disc attached to the wheel hub. Most new cars (1999 and above) come with rotors at each wheel. Older cars may have drums instead of rotors at the rear wheels . Brake rotors play an important part in the braking system. It is the friction between brake pads and rotors that cause your car to slow down and stop. As the rotors wear out (become thin or warped), they are unable to dissipate the heat caused by the braking system. This will cause the brake fluid to boil and reduce the effectiveness of brake system significantly.

Brake Rotors/Discs Replacement Estimates for Popular Honda Models