Battery Replacement Estimate for Audi Q7

Audi Q7 Battery Replacement costs $232 on average. Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates.

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YourMechanic Price
$212 to $270
Labor: $70 -$120
Parts: $142 -$150
Average Dealer price
$377 to 440
Average Shop price
$261 to 313
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CarServiceYourMechanic PriceShop/Dealer Price
2010 Audi Q7V6-3.0L Turbo DieselService typeBattery ReplacementYourMechanic Price$232.14Shop/Dealer Price$298.08 - $438.75
2007 Audi Q7V6-3.6LService typeBattery ReplacementYourMechanic Price$255.65Shop/Dealer Price$331.61 - $473.32
2008 Audi Q7V6-3.6LService typeBattery ReplacementYourMechanic Price$255.65Shop/Dealer Price$331.49 - $473.11
2012 Audi Q7V6-3.0L Turbo DieselService typeBattery ReplacementYourMechanic Price$229.14Shop/Dealer Price$294.41 - $432.88
2009 Audi Q7V8-4.2LService typeBattery ReplacementYourMechanic Price$258.49Shop/Dealer Price$335.01 - $478.74
2012 Audi Q7V6-3.0L TurboService typeBattery ReplacementYourMechanic Price$223.49Shop/Dealer Price$287.27 - $421.44
2009 Audi Q7V6-3.6LService typeBattery ReplacementYourMechanic Price$259.20Shop/Dealer Price$336.09 - $480.50
2010 Audi Q7V6-3.6LService typeBattery ReplacementYourMechanic Price$220.65Shop/Dealer Price$283.84 - $415.97
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Parts required for a Audi Q7 Battery Replacement

$142 to $150

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Chet arrived a few minutes early! Being an Audi owner/enthusiast, I was very pleased to learn how knowledgeable he was on Audi vehicles and he took the time to explain his work and make recommendations for maintaining my Audi. Overall, this was a far better experience than the last independent 'Audi specialty' garage I used. I will definitely work with Chet Storch and YourMechanic again!
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Rusty, was very professional, showed up on time, took pictures of the car, and explained the work that was going to be done. They did what their website said they were going to do. When the work was done, he sent me an email explaining with recorded message of their work. I had some of my own parts and they reduced that amount of my bill when the work was complete. They also did a complete car inspection and let me know the overall health of the car and status of the rest of the car. I was very pleased with their service and would definitely use them again and recommend them.
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I was a little sceptical of how this might work but there was no need for any concern. TJ kept me informed prior to the appointment and provided clear summary of the work and approach he was to carry out. Not only did he fix the fault, he also provided a inspection making recommendations of what work might need to be carried out. The cost was extremely reasonable as well, less than all other quotes I received from traditional garages backed up with a 12 month warranty. An appointment was arranged for the following day whereas other garages I had to wait at least a week. Plus there was the convenience of being at home. Excellent experience and will not hesitate to use YM again. Ideal for the busy family. TJ is passionate about what he does and provides an excellent customer service. Thanks!
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All about Battery Replacement

The battery is the sole source of electrical power for the car. The battery is charged during vehicle operation by the alternator. If the battery is not charged sufficiently, you will not be able to start the car or use any electrical components (lights, radio, etc.).

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