How Long Does a Radiator Hose Last?

Your car’s engine needs coolant in order to operate safely. Automobile engines generate a significant amount of heat while operating, and that heat must be removed and limited to a specific temperature range. If allowed to overheat, the engine could sustain serious damage (up to and included a cracked head).

Coolant flows from the radiator, through and around the engine, and then back to the radiator once more. In the radiator, the coolant releases its heat into the atmosphere, and then starts the journey around the engine once more. It enters and leaves the radiator through two hoses – the upper and lower radiator hoses.

Radiator hoses are subjected to very high temperatures, both from the coolant flowing through them, and from the engine. They’re also subjected to very high pressure. While they’re made to be very durable, they will eventually fail. This is normal, and they’re considered regular maintenance items. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you have your radiator hoses inspected at every oil change to ensure that you can replace them before they fail. If a hose fails while you’re driving, it could be very damaging to the engine (the loss of coolant could very easily overheat the engine).

There is no true set lifespan for a radiator hose. They should last for at least five years, but some will last longer, particularly if you’re vigilant about having your coolant changed and your vehicle maintained properly.

Given the importance of having good radiator hoses, it makes sense to know a few signs to look for that might indicate one of them is about to fail. These include:

  • Cracks or splits in the hose
  • Bulges in the hose
  • A “crunchy” feel when squeezing a hose (do not check this while hot)
  • Bulging or damaged ends (where the hose connects to the radiator)
  • Coolant leaks

If you suspect that one of your radiator hoses is about to fail, don’t wait. A certified mechanic can inspect the radiator, radiator hoses and other coolant system components and make any repairs needed.

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Another great job by Lavell. He was on it. Calls you prior to appointment about questions, thorough in inspection. Prompt and careful during the process. Takes photos and leaves audio notes afterwards. I trust in Lavell to book him again with another appointment. Thanks so much. Glad to find a mechanic to trust and that will come to the house to fix issues.


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Jay, as I’ve said before, is the consummate professional. He sets the standard for the auto repair industry. This job was just like all the others Jay has done for us - accurately estimated, well done, good advice dispensed. Jay cares for all 3 of our vehicles - a car, van and SUV, one of which is American, one Japanese and one Korean. The vehicles ages are 23, 11 and 6 and Jay has them all running like the day they were new. The best decision I ever made was choosing YourMechanic (and getting Jay)!


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Robert quotes 5.5 hrs on my car repair, but he got everything knocked out in less than 3 hrs! Super professional, knowledgeable and friendly! I'll be booking future appointments with him!
Jeep Liberty - Radiator Hose - Denver, Colorado
Robert is great. He pays great attention to what needs to be done. He only fixes what needs to be fixed. I will definitely use him again.


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Ford Ranger V6-4.0L - Radiator Hose - Rancho Cucamonga, California
Jamie is a master at his craft he was able to diagnose the problem and locate the leak. I thought I needed a radiator hose but was actually another hose. He made sure he got it fixed and got me on the road again asap. Definitely went above and beyond for me and am sure that's just his everyday work ethic.
Volvo C70 - Radiator Hose - Highland, California
I can’t recommend Jamie highly enough. He goes the extra mile to explain everything and is very knowledgeable. He even came back after work because I had and took extra time to make sure things were good.

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