How to Buy a Good Quality Radiator Hose

You don't think about leaks until all of a sudden your vehicle fails to start, or starts sputtering as you're driving. If the coolant in your radiator is unable to reach the components in your engine, then chaos ensues - your engine will start sputtering and grinding as it overheats and the next thing you know billows of smoke are coming out from under your hood. Assuring that your radiator hose is working correctly will save you from a much more expensive fix in the future.

There are a variety of types of radiator hoses, all mostly made of rubber - although rubber deteriorates rather quickly, it is still the best overall material to make a hose out of.

First, note a few things about radiator hoses:

  • There are two different radiator hoses, and both are required to make the system function.

  • Be sure you check to see which of the two hoses - upper or lower - is damaged, so you're getting the correct hose to solve your problem. If you're not sure which hose is damaged, there is a combo upper/lower hose that will fit either the upper or the lower area

  • There are different radiator hoses based on your vehicle, so be sure to check with your owners manual to get the right version of your radiator hose.

The three types of hoses are accordion hoses, molded hoses and common hoses - and each hose does the job in a slightly different fashion. When you are ready to buy a new hose, here are the two main options you will look at:

  • Molded hoses: Molded hoses can be created from either custom silicone or stainless steel and are pre-shaped based on the equipment manufacturer's custom requirements. These specific hose types were created to make easy connections to the radiator as well as allowing coolant to flow easily. However, they do not fit every different model of vehicle.

  • Flex hoses: Flex radiator hoses have a corrugated cover that bends easily, flexing to fit. These are designed to match OEM specs and contain a silicone rubber to help them form to the correct shape with ease.

Radiator hoses are a critical part of your vehicle's cooling system, keeping the coolant flowing back to the engine and keeping the engine cool and clean.

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28 years of experience
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28 years of experience
Ford Ranger V6-3.0L - Radiator Hose - Emeryville, California
Worked on my sons car and did a stellar job for what was needed. Actually got us in sooner with a cancellation which was much appreciated.
Chevrolet Sonic - Radiator Hose - Vallejo, California
Another great job by Lavell. He was on it. Calls you prior to appointment about questions, thorough in inspection. Prompt and careful during the process. Takes photos and leaves audio notes afterwards. I trust in Lavell to book him again with another appointment. Thanks so much. Glad to find a mechanic to trust and that will come to the house to fix issues.


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37 years of experience
Dodge Ram 1500 V8-5.9L - Radiator Hose - Riverside, California
Yesterday was the second time I used You Mechanic for at home service and Jay again went above and beyond what was expected. As a disabled/retired car guy myself it was hard to hand off my mechanical chores to someone else, but Jay is a Godsend, I can now rest easy now that I have a mechanic who performs and cares as I have my whole life. If you're located in the Riverside area I highly recommend Jay as a great mechanic, and Your Mechanic as a service provider one can trust . . .
Chrysler Town & Country - Radiator Hose - Upland, California
Jay, as I’ve said before, is the consummate professional. He sets the standard for the auto repair industry. This job was just like all the others Jay has done for us - accurately estimated, well done, good advice dispensed. Jay cares for all 3 of our vehicles - a car, van and SUV, one of which is American, one Japanese and one Korean. The vehicles ages are 23, 11 and 6 and Jay has them all running like the day they were new. The best decision I ever made was choosing YourMechanic (and getting Jay)!


20 years of experience
1089 reviews
20 years of experience
Hyundai Elantra L4-2.0L - Radiator Hose - Denver, Colorado
Robert quotes 5.5 hrs on my car repair, but he got everything knocked out in less than 3 hrs! Super professional, knowledgeable and friendly! I'll be booking future appointments with him!
Jeep Liberty - Radiator Hose - Denver, Colorado
Robert is great. He pays great attention to what needs to be done. He only fixes what needs to be fixed. I will definitely use him again.


22 years of experience
91 reviews
22 years of experience
Ford Ranger V6-4.0L - Radiator Hose - Rancho Cucamonga, California
Jamie is a master at his craft he was able to diagnose the problem and locate the leak. I thought I needed a radiator hose but was actually another hose. He made sure he got it fixed and got me on the road again asap. Definitely went above and beyond for me and am sure that's just his everyday work ethic.
Volvo C70 - Radiator Hose - Highland, California
I can’t recommend Jamie highly enough. He goes the extra mile to explain everything and is very knowledgeable. He even came back after work because I had and took extra time to make sure things were good.

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