12 years of experience
Atlanta, GA

I've been an automotive technician since 2005. I'm experienced with Domestic and Asian vehicles, and am an Acura Certified Master Technician. I attended automotive technical school and look forward to demonstrating my knowledge to my customers.





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on September 18

He was here on time and got done quick.

on September 15

I was purchasing a car for my daughter's 16th birthday and I wanted to make sure it was going to be safe, reliable, and not have issues the seller didn't disclose. I booked online with Tung and he performed a thorough pre-purchase inspection. In addition to the report I received, he also called me once he was finished and gave me his professional opinion on the condition of the car. He didn't find any structural or mechanical problems and I went through with the purchase. The inspection fee was a small, worthwhile price to pay for peace of mind! Thank you Tung! I'm seriously considering using Your Mechanic again for convenient routine maintenance!



Honda Element
on September 06

Tung was prompt, very courteous, and fixed my car quickly. His communication with me was excellent. I'm extremely happy with the service he provided.



Toyota Sequoia
on August 30

Very good experience. I am new to YourMechanic and I was very pleased at the service and results. Your prices were competitive. I will use your service again.



Jeep Patriot
on August 27

Tung performed a five star service within the estimated time. I extremely appreciate his work and I definitely will be using him again for future car maintenance work.

on August 14

Tung is great. He is honest and very professional. He also took the time to show me the other things I needed to know about the car. Thank you very much.

on September 03

Tung professional and arrived on time. However, he did not double check his work. He did not replace the hose that connects the engine to the exhaust and a screw was missing from the engine after he changed my valve cover gasket. He also left tools behind which he hasn't called back to ask if he left because he knows he did a rush job. His work was just as I predicted.

on June 30

Great experience! Tung took the time to inspect my car and diagnose the problems accurately. He was transparent with the cost and exactly what parts needed replacing.



Saturn Ion
on September 14

Tung and I both acknowledged that the new starter was running HIGH. The internet search results below show what he should have done: first check to see if any Diagnostic Trouble Codes have been set. Common causes of high RPM excursion at start-up are typically: large vacuum leak, throttle plate stuck open, cruise control stepper motor stuck in one position; faulty throttle position sensor, and/or faulty idle air control motor or solenoid. If you request a diagnostic by a certified YourMechanic technician, he or she would first check to see if any Diagnostic Trouble Codes have been set. If no codes were set, the technician would go through the referenced possibilities until the root cause of the high idle is found. Once the idle excursion is resolved, the rough running condition would be evaluated. The causes of rough idle "slightly" overlap the problem areas cited above but there are lots of additional causes such as faulty fuel and ignition system components and, of course, mechanical problems such as uneven cylinder compression, burnt valves and so forth. If you desire to set up a diagnostic to resolve both the high idle and rough running condition, please schedule with YourMechanic.

on February 13

Tung was AWESOME; absolutely-100%-terrific. He replaced a harmonic balancer on my Nissan. I've always been either frustrated or stressed when dealing with mechanic's, but not Tung. He showed up right on time, made absolutely NO mess, and my car is running flawlessly. He even made a few suggestions for maintenance that I would have never thought of myself. It's safe to say that I'll only be using him for repairs from now on!



Honda Civic
on August 28

This was my first time employing the services of Your Mechanic. Tung made this a very efficient and pleasant experience! He offered to arrive earlier because he had completed the appointment before me. This was very convenient for me so I accepted. While here, he answered every question I had with both a verbal and visual explanation (like showing me what a new brake pad looks like compared to my worn ones). I plan on contacting Tung for any of my car issues moving forward!

on February 02

If you are looking for sn honest and excellent mobile mechanic you have found him, Ting is the best mobile mechanic I have seen so far! He is vey professional, knowledgeable, and timely....he will give you an honest quote for your car repair and he is excellent and efficient in his work. You will not find a better mechanic in the Cobb County area. Definitely check out Tung...You wont be disappointed. I will definitely use him again!!!



Kia Optima
on February 08

Absolutely first class mechanic. Did the job quickly, gavery helpful info on things that could be done later, gave a great adjusted quote....I couldn't be happier.. As a retired army SSG, I love a professional. Good job. Tung. (Even my kids likes him)......

on February 20

My experience with Your Mechanic was even better than expected. Tung was extremely kind and a great mechanic! He explained everything to me in detail that was wrong with my car and fixed it! I would definitely recommend Tung!

on April 26

Did a great job today. The parts store had given me the wrong part and he allowed me to run back to swap for the correct part. Really appreciated that.

on April 20

Tung was friendly and answered all of my questions. He was on time and left the yard exactly as it was. I highly recommend him and will be using him again in the future.

on April 07

The report that I received from the pre-purchase inspection allowed to get many things repaired from the used car dealer as part of the purchase negotiation. I now have the peace of mind that the car I purchased for my daughter will be get good working order.

on April 09

Definitely would recommend Tung to anybody using YourMechanic. He was fast with replacing my brakes and was early to my appointment time. Definitely would use him again.

on March 29

I like that he took the time to check items that we potential used car shopper may not think to check on our visits - such as the spare tireand jack. I like the pictures and the overall rating.



Acura TL
on March 29

I was very pleased with him and the work he did to my car. I would recommend him again and the mobile app service again thanks to him and the service. I tell anyone that need something done with there car I will definitely tell them about the service and Tung.

on March 21

I have very good experience working with Tug. He is knowledgeable and quick in his diagnostic. He has also explained car problems very effectively.

on August 29

Tung is very professional and knowledgeable about the repair process. Top notch! Highly recommend!



Ford Focus
on June 30

Arrived on time. Fixed the problem right away. And helped identify another issue going on. Very patient and worked in the pouring rain.



Toyota 4Runner
on August 11

Very professional, on time, courteous and very respectful of my time and convenience. Would recommend him to all my family and friends.

on March 04

Excellent Service. He is clearly an Acura expert, and was able to quickly disagnosis the problem and offer a solution at a fair price.



Jeep Wrangler
on March 03

Showed up on time and worked quickly. Needed to run back to get additional parts which was an error on my end. Did a terrific job.

on February 23

Tung is Extreamly fast and and accurate shows up on time and he doesnt waste any time so you can get back on the road fast.

on August 30


on March 16

Tung was prompt, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. We will most definitely utilize his services again in the future.

on March 11

He was so helpful and made sure I was taken care of. I will recommend him to anyone!! Thanks so much for being an expert

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