8 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been a professional mechanic since 2009 and have a passion for what I do. I worked my way up from fixing my friends' cars to running an independent shop to being a certified technician for Toyota, Scion, and Lexus. My goal is to fix it right the first time and I take care of your car as if it were my own. You can count on me to get your car back on the road and running well!





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on June 06

Trung was on time and very professional. He finished the job within time and also ensured that i am aware about further needs of my car. Seamless experience.

on May 18

Extremely satisfied. Trung showed up on time and got straight to work. The whole repair was done very quickly and professionally, with a few suggestions on further maintenance.

on June 16

Trung is very knowledgeable and competent mechanic. It is a pleasure to talk with him and see how he works. I am glad we found him.

on May 08

Trung is awesome! He advised to delay services that I thought I need to a later date so that I do not spend extra money on something that is not immediately necessary. I'd definitely want to work get Trung again.

on April 25

I was totally impressed with Trung. He showed up on time and first inspected the brakes to determine the work that needed to be performed. He recommended not to do the back but do the front. He pointed out also potential issues down the line but did not try to sell. His work was outstanding and he even tightened the parking brake without even asking. The entire user experience was off the chart. The best of it all it was done at my house and price was lower than estimated

on August 10

Trung arrived on-time and provided excellent service and professionalism throughout! Very relatable person with trust and mechanical skills. Was able to replace air filter and tail-light last minute and give great advice for both cars i own.

on October 08

Again, another great experience with Trung. This is my second using Trung and this time to replace all of the Brake Rotors and Pads as well as Flushing the Braking System.

on May 11

Trung was on time... and did great work within the expected timeframe. Explained and showed what he did during the repairs! Excellent customer service! Job well done! Thanks Trung!



Toyota RAV4
on October 24

Very professional and courteous service. Trung arrived on time for 7am appointment. Trung realized it was early AM, and waited for several minutes after making the phone call. Completed work on time and advised me on car maintenance.



Toyota Camry
on August 11

My car rear brake pads were reported to be due for replacements. I decided to give your mechanics a try. Trung arrives on time and completes the job in a timely manner. This is my first experience with your mechanics and it has been a good one. I am very happy with the work.



Toyota Sienna
on January 26

Mr Trung is professional, polite and courteous. He is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do and went about his work in an efficient manner. He is very thorough and i could not find anything wrong once he said that the job is done. He is very pleasant to talk to answered all my queries in a calm composed manner. I would definitely recommend Mr Trung to a friend or colleague. Thanks! -Abraham Amirtharaj



Honda Accord
on February 13

Trung came on time for my appointment. I had originally asked for front and rear brake pad replacement but thought he would also resurface the brake disc. When he came in I asked him about the brake disc re-surface and he was transparent and said that he can only replace. He promptly got the new brake disc and came back later to replace. He also found out that I only needed front brake pad replacement for front and not for rear. He did his job well and communicated promptly.

on February 11

Trung is very professional and knowledgable. He showed up on time and kept everything clean and tidy. My Lexus ES350 had a leaky CV boot (on the passenger side) and I had the Axle/CV Shaft replaced (this is no easy task, mind you). I'm very satisfied with the service and will continue booking Trung for other cars repair.


  • Brake safety inspection


Toyota Corolla
on June 13

I am really happy with the service provided by Trung.. Firstly he came on time and heard my issues patiently .. He diagnosed and explained what is causing the issues... I understood what went wrong and he suggested me the right options... Thank you very much Trung and Your Mechanic team.. Definitely i will refer about your service to my friends....


  • 80,000 Miles Maintenance ...


Scion xD
on June 16

Arrived a few minutes early, and took note of some things (my tire tread) immediately. His photos and explanations were clear and concise, which will be very helpful for future upkeep. Overall a great job! Thanks!

on September 27

Trung was awesome! He was on time, he wore a great uniform, and was really nice to talk to. Everything went smooth and he was able to answer all of my concerns about my brakes. Would recommend.



Honda Civic
on June 17

Trung was so amazing! I can't believe having your car fix could be this painless. I met him right on-time at the parking lot of my place and 45 min later the job was done...he showed me pictures of what he had done and was very patient with me asking so many questions about my car. well done!

on March 02

Trung came on time and helped do an oil-change on my car. We couldn't rotate my tires due to a missing wheel lock key. He is a Toyota guy . But, did a really good job on my Honda.


  • Other Inspections


Chevrolet Spark
on June 19

Trung was very professional and went above and beyond in answering all of my questions, and I had a lot of them. He was extremely patient and showed me exactly the location of his repair and even took photos to show me how it looked when it was taken apart. This truly showed he takes care in his craft and listening to customer concerns. Pre-appointment he was very responsive and even answered my questions via text on a Sunday night! Very glad he worked on my car and will definitely reach out to him again for my car care needs.

on June 21

Trung was able to meet before the scheduled time, which worked out great for me. When he arrived he was very professional and finished the job in less than the estimated time for repair. He also was thorough about documenting the repairs done on the car.

on March 07

Trung showed up on time and went right to work. Did a great job and inspection and let me know how my cars were doing. Great service and definitely will use again for servicing my cars. Vance

on August 23

Trung was right on time, super professional, and really nice! He completed the work well within the estimated timeframe and was just a pleasure to work with,

on March 18

Trung was very professional and friendly. He completed the schedule work (replace headlight) quickly and went above and beyond to perform additional check-ups for my car. He also sent me quotes for the next service that I need on the spot. Overall I am very happy with the service.

on January 24

Trung is excellent and provided complete service, he has complete understanding of Car and explained details where it might impact and how long more part is going to survive and when it would need to replacement, will continue working with Trung for all future services.



Honda Odyssey
on March 23

Came right on time, very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and concerns right on my door step. I have a high standard for service and this is how it should be. Why go anywhere else? I would definitely recommend Trung and use him again for my car needs.

on April 08

Trung deserves 10 !!! Stars!!!! he did a Great Job!!! I will keep using him he was very informative and patient and answered all my questions

on January 17

I had booked an appointment with Trung to take a look at a screeching sound coming from my front driver side tire. He took it for a test drive and 15 min later he had found the root of the problem and had fixed it. Overall excellent work! I recommend Trung to anyone looking for a great mechanic!

on March 24

Trung was great! He not only conpleted my oil change in record time but he also took the time to check my battery, my drive belts, and filters. I would definitely use Trung again.

on April 17

Trung is amazing! He does great work, explains why something needs to be done, and really helps the novice car owner understand what's going on under the hood.

on July 04

Trung,arrived on time.Hard working and never took a break while fixing the car.He installed a starter but the car would not start.He told me to have the battery checked which I did .I was issued a new Battery at Walmart (No Charge) After installing the battery the car started right up.He left me a phone # 408 343 5768 to call but was told by the operator that # was no longer valid.

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