9 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been a professional mechanic since 2009 and have a passion for what I do. I worked my way up from fixing my friends' cars to running an independent shop to being a certified technician for Toyota, Scion, and Lexus. My goal is to fix it right the first time, and I'll take care of your car as if it were my own. You can count on me to get your car back on the road and running well!





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on December 11

I had originally scheduled an appointment with Trung for my brakes to be done on my corolla. When he took off my wheels to inspect them, he was honest and showed me that my brakes didn't need to be replaced. I'd highly recommend him to anyone with a Toyota. I have used him several times for transmission flushes, front brakes, oil changes and the like and he always does a good job.

on December 09

Trung Do was amazing! Great service, quick and efficient! Trying was very professional, polite and overall a great mechanic! He explained what needed to be repaired and he replaced it in a timely fashion. He is very honest and genuine and I definitely recommend him as your mechanic and to go guy when stuck in a situation as I was! Thanks for all of your help!

on December 05

A very nice guy! Quick, efficient and very honest. I now have an appointment scheduled this Saturday and only trust Trung to work on my car! Thanks again and I'll see you soon!



Lexus RX330
on December 06

Trung was very efficient, and very knowledgeable. He took the time to answer all my questions, show me things, and allow me to make a fully informed decision. I recommend Trung for all future service needs, especially on a Toyota/Lexus vehicle.



Toyota Camry
on August 18

Trung was very professional. He confirmed the appointment a day before (I have had previous mechanics reschedule many times), and arrived on time. He also finished replacing our brake pads in an hour and ten minutes - very efficient. We would definitely book him again.

on August 25

Trung was terrific - arrived 15min EARLY, diagnosed my car issues quickly and efficiently, and provided an excellent quote. I would no doubt work with him again and recommend him to my friends.

on April 25

I was totally impressed with Trung. He showed up on time and first inspected the brakes to determine the work that needed to be performed. He recommended not to do the back but do the front. He pointed out also potential issues down the line but did not try to sell. His work was outstanding and he even tightened the parking brake without even asking. The entire user experience was off the chart. The best of it all it was done at my house and price was lower than estimated

on March 24

Trung was great! He not only conpleted my oil change in record time but he also took the time to check my battery, my drive belts, and filters. I would definitely use Trung again.

on September 09

Trung Do does the very best he can to ensure proper diagnosis. I have trust in his abilities and would be happy to work with him again. He gets my recommendation.

on September 13

That is the first time I tried your mechanic and the experience was positive. The mechanic arrived on time. While he was working on the car I was able to do my work. So I saved around 2 hours that I can now spend with my family and friends.

on September 12

I had an oil change and tire-rotation service with them, and my experience has been great. The guy, Trung Do, called me a day before to confirm the appointment, and showed up on time. My car also have the problem that the service light (SRS) is on for a while. Trung did a diagnosis on it and explains in detail what he did and what we can do next. Beside oil changes, he also inspected the car, and show me that the rear brakes are almost worn out, and gave me the quote both online and on the premise. I choose not to fix it for now, and he didn't pressure me on it. The great thing about on-site service like is that there's 100% transparency, and you know for sure they are working on your car, in a timely manner. I had my service on my drive way in front of my house; it save me a lot of time going back and forth from the auto shop. I used to go to auto shop in the neighbourhood, only 2 miles away, for regular car service, which is already convenient, compared with many others. But this on-site service saves me even more time, and I'm rest assured that the oil HAS been changed. I also think you should sign up with big companies in bay area to provide on-site oil change service to their employees. You already got the mobile work force that can service them on their parking lot. These bulk-sales deals would be a good way to get your words out!



Honda Odyssey
on September 13

Trung was awesome, told me I didn't need the parking brake shoe replaced but that it just needed adjustment, saving me $120. I'll be booking a new appointment with Trung to have scheduled maintenance performed.

on September 14

He did an excellent job on my is250 oil change. Friendly and very knowledgeable about car. I will recommend him to all my friends and family for his services. Thank you for saving me money and time.



Toyota Sienna
on January 26

Mr Trung is professional, polite and courteous. He is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do and went about his work in an efficient manner. He is very thorough and i could not find anything wrong once he said that the job is done. He is very pleasant to talk to answered all my queries in a calm composed manner. I would definitely recommend Mr Trung to a friend or colleague. Thanks! -Abraham Amirtharaj

on February 11

Trung is very professional and knowledgable. He showed up on time and kept everything clean and tidy. My Lexus ES350 had a leaky CV boot (on the passenger side) and I had the Axle/CV Shaft replaced (this is no easy task, mind you). I'm very satisfied with the service and will continue booking Trung for other cars repair.

on October 05

He was great . We are a building of 36 units that I am the President of the HOA and plan to recommend your service . I would like Trung to service our building .



Honda Accord
on February 13

Trung came on time for my appointment. I had originally asked for front and rear brake pad replacement but thought he would also resurface the brake disc. When he came in I asked him about the brake disc re-surface and he was transparent and said that he can only replace. He promptly got the new brake disc and came back later to replace. He also found out that I only needed front brake pad replacement for front and not for rear. He did his job well and communicated promptly.

on January 24

Trung is excellent and provided complete service, he has complete understanding of Car and explained details where it might impact and how long more part is going to survive and when it would need to replacement, will continue working with Trung for all future services.

on October 16

This was my first time using YourMechanic and I would use them again. I liked the convenience of not having to take my car to a shop and knowing how much I would be paying before I scheduled my service.

on January 17

I had booked an appointment with Trung to take a look at a screeching sound coming from my front driver side tire. He took it for a test drive and 15 min later he had found the root of the problem and had fixed it. Overall excellent work! I recommend Trung to anyone looking for a great mechanic!



Honda Accord
on August 28

Got my battery replaced had excellent service, got lot of questions answered. Trung performed many checks and made sure my car was in functional condition. He also warned me about low coolant level.



Nissan Altima
on November 19

Trung's insight and customer service never seize to amaze me. He helped make my wife feel safer on the road by installing new brake pads, thanks Trung for your awesome service sir! Hats off to you!


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Ford Escape
on November 15

So convenient. I didn't want to have to make an appointment at a garage and sit somewhere carless, so this was perfect. My mechanic came on time, I gave him my keys and went back inside to eat breakfast. He called me when he finished and was super nice the whole time. I also loved that he called me when he was a couple minutes away to make sure I was prepared, then called me again when he actually arrived.

on November 04

Trung did an excellent job working on my vehicle. He showed up early and made helpful recommendations about what my car needed. He adjusted my brakes and also flushed the transmission on my car in a follow-up appointment.

on November 18

Trung did a pre-purchase inspection on a 4Runner that I was considering buying. The owner said it "runs excellent." The car had major mechanical issues and Trung's inspection saved me at least $2,000 in repairs. There was a slight language barrier but his diagnostic skills are top notch and were worth the $120 fee. I won't purchase a used car without YourMechanic's pre-purchase inspection services. Having mobile mechanics willing to travel anywhere in the Bay Area is a huge plus. I will also consider them for repair/maintenance services once I purchase another car based on this experience and the repair order quote. :)

on October 23

Trung's professionalism is stellar and honest! I am grateful for his time and thoroughness in maintenancing our two vechicles. Once again Trung amazed us. A+ service.

on October 25

Trung showed up at agreed time. He is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. He was able to cope with my dilettante questions, his responses were always informative, complete and courteous. He noticed that my breaks are worn too much, went to a store and replaced them during the same appointment, thus saving my time. So far my car runs great. All his recommendations make sense, and I will definitely be Trung's permanent client.

on October 24

I had a great experience with Trung, he completed a oil change for me at my apartment. I got a notification when he was on the way. He arrived on time, completed the work in a timely manner. He was professional and polite. I would use him again. It was great having him come to my home to save me time.

on December 12

Wow! So amazing. I really love the service last time but Trung took it to a whole new level. I had a crazy day at work and he just handled everything and texted me at each step of the way.

on October 07

Trung is great, he made sure my car passed smog check and offered an to do oil change himself without any extra service fee. This is why I want to go to Yourmechanic all the time. He explained what things can go wrong in the future and recommended the required maintenance for the car. Good people with great expertise!

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