14 years of experience
Seattle-Tacoma, WA

I've been an automotive technician for 12 years and am ASE certified. I've worked with an airline and with a transit company repairing buses. I specialize in Ford and Chevrolet vehicles and am comfortable working on all makes and models. I take great pride in my workmanship and always do my best to get your car running safely as quickly as possible.

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on September 14

Max is a lifesaver! He went above and beyond to track the source of the oil leaks in the Miata I wanted to buy and gave me an accurate estimate of the cost to seal the leaks. He even stayed later and helped me negotiate a better price with the dealership. Thanks for helping me buy my very first car, Max!

on June 15

Prompt, courteous, showed me how to see that one belt was loose and cracked from age and that the other two were cracked. He came to replace the loose one but was prepared with the others. Explained that they would be OK for awhile or he could do all at once in same hour of labor. After price check and my approval he replaced all three. Now my old '88 truck will keep on keepin' on without another belt going out. He then checked out the whole truck and made recommendations of other minor repairs but left me feeling assured that these could wait for my budget to be ready. Thank you Max.

on July 01

Max was great! He showed up on time, performed the work that was required; it was exactly what I expected. He was very professional and courteous and easy to talk to. I feel like I know my vehicle better now because of Max's help. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone!



Lexus RX300

on December 16

Having a mechanic come to you is such a novel idea; put the money in the hands that deserve it, ie. the mechanics not the shops. Cost of service & parts was a decent percentage cheaper than I'd pay taking / towing the vehicle elsewhere. Max exceeded my expectations both professionally and personally -- a tough combination in his field.

on September 20

Max was on time and took time to accurately diagnosed the problems of my car. Very knowledgeable and took time to explain and showed what need to be changed/repaired. Max took an overall check up of my car and pointed out what needs to be changed in very near future. I definitely want Max to do all the repairs /replacements my car needs. Just like having "general physician" of my car. I loved my toyota car that I want to maintain it and prevent wear and tear which for this, I can trust Max. Thank you! Marina



Infiniti G35

on September 01

Max is punctual, knowledgeable, and empowered me to feel confident about my vehicle and the service he put into it. On his first visit to my house he was sure to call before he head over and he was extremely polite. I was really nervous that I would end up with another mechanic that wanted to take advantage of my lack of car smarts. I really didn't want to end up feeling ripped off. Max made sure he explained everything to me without making me feel silly and, in the end, saved me a bunch of time and money. I got really good vibes from this guy and, if need be, I will definitely be using him again in the future.



Ford Explorer

on July 06

Max was on time, and VERY helpful and very kind! I have had people in the past who have tried to take advantage of the fact that I am a girl and "don't know cars". But this was not the case with Max! I will for sure be using him again if needed! He knows his stuff!

on December 14

Showed up on time, and Max was the antithesis of the other mobile mechanic I had called earlier that did not show up or even had the courtesy to call. Will definitely use your service again.



Jeep Wrangler

on November 16

Max was extremely polite and helpful. He changed my brakes quickly and he gave me a quick lesson on maintenance and even helped me top off my oil!

on December 27

Max was punctual, polite, and professional. I walked away with a better sense of my car's overall health and really appreciated that. Thank you!

on September 20

Max completed the replacement of my car's (4) coil ignitions and (4) spark plugs and changed oil within the expected time frame./window.

on June 13

Super friendly and very efficient guy! Love that he comes early or on time for the appointments and gets straight to work.



Ford Ranger

on July 24

This guy is the only one I want to service my vehs. Very knowledgeable . I am so glad we found your company.

on October 27

Max was polite, on time and knowledgeable. I'll definitely call him the next time I have a car issue.

on January 24

Max was knowledgeable, pleasant, and very fast, would highly recommend max. Thank you max

on October 26

i made the notes that my plug in did not work in the box before he even came and he told me things i already knew and made a statement that when i set the appointment and he came plugged in and said he couldnt do anything what is that?

on November 12

After he replaced our brakes, I started to hear a faint noise that sounded as though something was rubbing. I finally took the car in for a second opinion, and they found 2 issues: 1) the calipers were not securely fastened on both wheels because the pins that pull the pads away from the disc at non-braking times were not fastened and 2) he put a left caliper part on the right wheel. The parts themselves looked like they were +25 years old--extremely rusty.

on August 02

Max came out he did the regular test on my car.but the problem is he has never seen a system like this so how could he give me the correct answer to why my car was overheating . I talked to him two weeks in a row he said he would come out but each he was a no show. u guys already took my money but I still don't know why my car is overheating. Can you please send me so help?

on February 25

Max showed up on time, got right to work and did a great job! Thank you!

on July 05

Max was very helpful and honest with me, which I greatly appreciated.

on August 04

Great mechanic, easy to work with. Straight forward and polite.



Acura MDX

on August 18

Max did a great job. Was timely and efficient and friendly.

on January 20

It was very good on time nice smart and fixed it in no time

on October 19

Showed up on time and complete job on a timely manner.



Saturn SL2

on July 09

Very polite, thorough. Explained everything.

on May 04


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