23 years of experience
San Antonio, TX

I have 22 years of experience as a service technician and have held the title of ASE master technician for 17 years. I was an automotive repair instructor at a professional trade school and have worked at Chevrolet, Suzuki, and Mitsubishi dealerships, as well as independent repair shops. My specialties are electrical and diagnostic work but I'm experience in all areas of automotive repair.





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on December 26

Isai arrived early, worked efficiently, and demonstrated much knowledgeability regarding the issue at hand as well as general maintenance tips and tricks… all while remaining super conversational, friendly, and professional. Just as I have my go-to San Antonio barber who I know knows his skills and has mastered his craft, Isai has likewise earned a preferred place in my book based on the great experience I had with him.

on November 01

Isai was timely and communicated well with me. He explained what he was going to do and showed me the new part. When he was finished he contacted me and showed me the completed working door handle. I will use him again.



Ford Ranger
on December 02

Excellent work. An honest mechanic that gets the job done correctly and explains everything in great detail. Thanks Isai...

on October 24

I said was prompt, very very professional and extremely informative. He made sure I understood everything he had done before he departed. If I need maintenance on my car in the future, I will be requesting him.

on October 26

Very punctual, very professional. Told me what needed to get fixed along with alternatives and explained everything well. Will definitely use again in the future.

on October 09

Isai was prompt and handled the wheel bearing replacement quickly and accurately. We were lucky to get him when we had our spark plugs replaced and we requested him this time because he did such a great job on that first job. I'll ask for him every time!

on October 14

Great experience. He took the time to explain everything he was doing to me so that I could understand. Very knowledgable and highly recommended! I am so pleased with the work he did, the speed at which he did it and the way he conducted himself. Nothing but positive things to say about him and my experience with this company.

on June 24

Isai was terrific. He was able to arrive early because he had finished his prior appointment more quickly than he expected. He took care of my ac problem and was gracious in answering other questions that I had as well. I will definitely recommend him and I will be scheduling him for any future work that I may have.

on October 20

He was early for the appointment. Very knowledgeable. Provided exactly the info I needed. Provided me with prices on additional work. Left me feeling at ease about my car. Amazing mechanic.

on June 19

Isai has done several repair jobs on my cars and I've been highly satisfied with his work. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any vehicle repair work.

on October 18

Isai called to say he was available earlier than planned. Worked out very well. He replaced the started and explained the difference between the parts he gets and the parts that are sold in auto stores. I'm very glad that he was the mechanic that was assigned to my van. I will use Isai every time.

on October 13

Very helpful and very nice. He fixed my heater hose as it had broken open on my Chevy Aveo. I hope I don't have any more issues for a while but, if I do I want Isai to work on my car.



Toyota Tundra
on October 11

Isais was very professional and courteous. I found out after he arrived that the work would not be warranted due to me supplying the parts. I knew the parts I had purchased were of good quality and that Isais's ability to do the job would be sufficient to do the work without a warranty. I was very happy with the work he accomplished.

on September 23

It all went very well. Isai seemed very experienced and talked to me at length about what he found and why the inside of my tires were scalloping and making road noise.

on October 08

Isai was able to arrive a little earlier than scheduled which was great. My car is an older car and it uses a carburetor not fuel injection. Finding a mechanic that knows how to work on a car with a carburetor can be a real challenge. I found Isai to be very knowledgeable and through. He answered all my many questions. He is very friendly. I certainly would use him in the future.

on September 15

Isai showed up on time, he was very patient and friendly. He is competent and he's good at explaining things to you and make it easy for you to understand. It was definitely a pleasant experience and I will recommend him and this company for sure to my friends and coworkers.

on September 26

Mr. Rodriquez did a careful inspection and diagnosed the problems with my 2004 GMC Sierra's AC and right turn signal. I booked the appointment online and was notified by Your Mechanic of the appointment and some suggestions to make the appointment go smoother. Mr. Rodriquez was on time and completed the work in a careful and prompt fashion. My AC and right turn signal are working wonderfully and I'm very happy with the expertise, professionalism, and time to complete the repair.

on September 20

Isai was punctual and very thorough. Although the issue he discovered with my vehicle could not be taken care of at the time, Isai guided me through my best options that would be most cost-effective and beneficial to me and my family. Do not hesitate to book Isai. He is straight forward and efficient! I will be using him again!

on June 30

Isai was able to arrive early and called to see if that would be ok. He arrived and promptly got to work on what initially appeared to be a computer issue. After some checking, it did appear to be a problem with one of the computers, but I don't think he was convinced. He did some more checking in the engine compartment and found the problem ... a connector had become disconnected ...voila!!! Great guy! Great service! Thank you very much, Isai!

on September 06

Isai should up on time and just like the inspection service he provided last week, the repair was done at my work site. He spend time to help me understand my car, the repair and even how to submit my receipt to my extended warranty company. I highly recommend this service and this mechanic.

on September 19

Isai was very friendly and super-professional. He really did a great job on diagnosing small items that could add up with my used vehicle. The car dealer stated he had never seen such a detailed report and was willing to work with me on covering all the repairs. I completely feel confident in saying I would recommend Isai to any future customers.

on September 21

Isai was punctual, friendly, and did a great job on the oil change and tire rotation! I will definitely use My Mechanic again because It was easy to book and convenient!

on September 02

This is the second time I've hired Mr. Rodriguez to inspect/repair my vehicle. Overall, I appreciate his honesty, punctuality, amiability, and respectfulness. Although I had originally requested over $330 worth of services, he told me that I didn't need them. He simply charged me for the following services: (1) steering wheel diagnosis, (2) drive belt adjustment, (3) drum brake adjustment, and (4) tire rotation. Notably, when I asked him to clarify the "tire rotation" service (since the tires hadn't been rotated), he explained that the site's system listed it as such on account of him having to remove the tires. However, on the YourMechanic website, it states, "Rotating worn-out tires is of no use since the purpose of tire rotation is to extend the life of tires. If this is the case, the mechanic will not rotate the tires and we will not charge you for the service." So I'm still skeptical about the charge. I also asked him whether he was able to adequately assess the condition of my vehicle by checking only the right side, and once more he addressed my concern in a timely manner by citing his last inspection one and a half years ago. I had driven this particular vehicle 5,000 miles since then, so from his point of view as an expert, it was safe to assume that the other brakes were fine. Nonetheless, based on our previous encounters, his refusal to charge me for services I didn't need, and the enthusiasm he showed in teaching me about cars, I have no reason to distrust him. I appreciate his time as well as his expertise, and I look forward to hiring him again.


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GMC Envoy XL
on August 24

Isai was very of course very professional and courteous. He explained everything in a way that made sense to ensure that I was a well informed consumer. Also, he was able to beat all other quotes I had been given. I will definitely recommend his services!

on August 17

Isais was very helpful and explained what was wrong with my car. He discussed the options, made sure I understood the pros and cons, and allowed me to decide. He is returning tomorrow to replace the battery. I am really happy to have found YourMechanic Services. I found Isais very knowledgeable and professional and would highly recommend him and YourMechanic Services.

on September 16

Isai is one of the most knowledgeable and honest mechanics I have come across. He is very professional and personable and stands behind his work. I highly recommend him to anyone.

on June 11

Great diagnosis! Being able to trust someone to repair my daughter's car when I am a 1000 miles away is priceless. Kudos to "Your Mechanic and Isai " for a job well done. I highly recommend "Your Mechanic" for anyone looking for trustworthy affordable car repair!



Toyota Prius
on August 10

Isai is very professional and friendly person. He describes your car issue with a high level of detail so even non-car person can understand. Highly recommend this mechanic!

on September 08

Isai was great. He was punctual and very polite. He fixed the problem and explained a few things about the car. I would for sure recommend him to a friend!

on June 30

For some reason the address and GPS came up wrong and Isai ended up going in the wrong direction. But we connected via phone and redirected him to my place. Great service. Very polite and clear explanation of service and recommended solutions to other vehicle problems. Would definitely recommend this tech and Your Mechanic to other.

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