9 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been a professional automotive technician since 2009, but grew up working on my own cars. Since then I've been employed by major chain automotive stores as well as high performance independent shops. I have experience working on all kinds of Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. Getting the job done correctly the first time is my priority in every customer interaction.

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BMW 328i

on December 29

Awesome. I had to leave for work while Adrian was handling the car, and a couple minutes later I got a brand new battery, a very detailed inspection report, and an invite to book a brake fluid change. Best part is I didn't have to move the car or get it towed to a shop to get the battery replacement.



Honda Civic

on December 23

He was available early and called to see if it was convenient. He arrived quickly and installed my new battery without a hitch. Friendly, efficient, and professional.

on October 23

Adrian did an excellent job! Great all around service,very thorough job, on time, & good communication with his customers. 5 stars we would definitely use him again!

on October 07

Adriane went beyond duty to make sure we can get the car inspected in the tight and late timeframe He was attentive friendly and professional. Thank you !!!

on December 28

tested the battery first to makes sure it was not the problem, suggested replacing the battery first before replacing the starter. Vey knowledgeable and efficient. Great Work - thanks!



Honda Pilot

on March 14

Very professional and quick. He came and was quick and detail in his work. I got five things changed including drive belts and steering fluids.

on March 17

Swell fella I mean really just cool laxed kind of professional and super sociable. Really knows his stuff about cars and performance.

on December 02

Great service, was super quick with the oil change. Only thing, he forgot to reset the oil change indicator after so I had to do it myself. Otherwise, great service! Also, let me know if there were anythings to watch for with my car.

on March 27

Showed up ahead of schedule. Got my brakes done in no time. Definitely knows what he is doing. Very happy with services provided.

on February 12

Showed up early, even with navigation sending him to the wrong lot. Got the job done quickly and was very friendly throughout.

on October 07

Fast, efficient, and thorough. Summarized unknown issues effectively. Couldn't ask for better service.

on January 29

Personable and trustworthy. I needed a flat tire replaced, and Adrian was timely and fast on that.

on April 01

Maybe this is a YourMechanic strategy in general, but my appointment with Adrian was not really helpful. He was very rushed, didn't mind to explain the issues to me and just gave a quote to change oil for everything. I looked at the oil later myself and it didn't appeared that it was that bad. I felt that it was just a quote to change all the oil and get money from me. Honestly, I wish it was more detailed inspection for the money I've paid. It's a very very basic inspection. I wish I can get my money back.



BMW 330i

on April 16

Generally do not like posting negative reviews but Adrian was a huge disappointment. Did not find him professional in how he presented and carried his task.



Honda Fit

on November 04

Adrian was friendly and courteous, I would ask for his professional help again when I need it.



Chrysler 300

on January 17

Just needed my radiator replaced. It was only suppose to be a 2hours and 20mins job. Turned out to b a 6 hours job. He got frustrated during the job and was throw tools and stuff. He broke the thermostat housing by pulling the hose over and over instead of loosing the clamp. And damage a lil of the new radiator. Now the job is done but I can't drive cuz it doesn't have enough radiator fluid and I Dnt feel comfortable with the job cuz he wasn't sure about his job tooling me it might have a leak and that he can come back. He also didn't turn my car on b4 leaving to make sure it turned on after discounting a lot of stuff.. my quote was for only $200 but I got charged $277 for replacing the radiator and flushing the radiator and replacing the thermostat housing. He didn't want to flush the radiator and he broke the thermostat

on March 17

DO NOT USE THIS GUY! This has got to be the worst inspection I have ever had done. The most INCOMPLETE inspection. I visibly saw dent marks on the driver side of the car when I went to check it out on my own. I recruited YourMechanic to look at the details of the car that I could not notice. In the report I got back, Adrian did not even notice the dent on the driver side!! He barely took any pictures. He mentioned that the engine did not sound normal but did not explain why. His voice notes were 1 second long (basically, there were no voice notes) but oh but he was sure to make note of a follow up repair!! Quoted me at $330 for break system flush including parts. This guy just wants money. This service is unacceptable and I would not recommend this guy to anyone. I had a previous service done by Mark at YourMechanic and that guy was amazing. Adrian was not even OK. He did not even call me after the service (which lasted about 20 minutes so it explains why it wasn't thorough). My previous mechanic Mark called me and let me know everything going on with the car. DO NOT USE THIS GUY!

on January 30

Adrian arrived on time and did his job in a competent and courteous manner.

on February 23

Very happy with his work. Showed up on time. Did the work and left:-)

on February 01

Timely and efficient, very smooth transaction and experience. Will book Adrian again.

on December 05

Adrian took care of business promptly when he had the needed parts.



Honda Civic

on November 09

Arrived on time. Communicates well, and he fix my car very quickly.

on November 09

On-time arrival and fast / accurate service. Will book again



Dodge Dakota

on June 20

Very professional and knowledgeable. Could not be happier.

on January 31

Great job, showed up early, was done quickly.

on January 14

On time and work was done quickly. Thanks.

on June 03

Last oil change Adrian left oil filter loose which allowed engine oil to leak out. Potentially damaging engine.

on January 25

Quick, friendly, and very helpful.

on December 21

Very patient calm and good worker

on October 22

Great job, thanks for the help.

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