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Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement Estimate for Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement costs $170 on average.

CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
1986 Toyota CamryL4-2.0LService typeClutch Slave Cylinder ReplacementEstimate$189.87Shop/Dealer Price$231.97 - $328.17
2014 Toyota CamryL4-2.5LService typeClutch Slave Cylinder ReplacementEstimate$294.27Shop/Dealer Price$360.40 - $516.48
2007 Toyota CamryL4-2.4L HybridService typeClutch Slave Cylinder ReplacementEstimate$261.43Shop/Dealer Price$316.60 - $442.03
2001 Toyota CamryV6-3.0LService typeClutch Slave Cylinder ReplacementEstimate$192.59Shop/Dealer Price$234.67 - $329.57
2018 Toyota CamryV6-3.5LService typeClutch Slave Cylinder ReplacementEstimate$243.73Shop/Dealer Price$299.58 - $419.51
1994 Toyota CamryL4-2.2LService typeClutch Slave Cylinder ReplacementEstimate$266.87Shop/Dealer Price$327.06 - $480.13
1983 Toyota CamryL4-2.0LService typeClutch Slave Cylinder ReplacementEstimate$189.87Shop/Dealer Price$228.88 - $322.75
2005 Toyota CamryV6-3.3LService typeClutch Slave Cylinder ReplacementEstimate$224.43Shop/Dealer Price$274.59 - $396.28
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What is the Clutch Slave Cylinder all about?

A clutch master cylinder contains a reservoir that stores the brake fluid. It is connected to the clutch slave cylinder through hoses. When you push the clutch pedal, brake fluid flows from the clutch master cylinder to the slave cylinder, applying the pressure necessary to move (engage) the clutch. It has internal and external seals that can fail. If the external seals wear out, the clutch master cylinder will leak brake fluid, reducing the amount of fluid in the car and causing the clutch to malfunction. You may also find leaked brake fluid down by the clutch pedal (inside the car). If the internal seals wear out, the clutch fluid will continue to circulate inside instead of being directed to the slave cylinder. In that case, the clutch pedal will go all the way to the floor when you apply the clutch.

Keep in mind:

Whenever the clutch master cylinder is replaced, it is recommended to replace the slave cylinder (connected to the master cylinder through the hose). When the master cylinder goes bad, it is extremely common for the slave cylinder to follow suit. Note some clutch slave cylinders are installed inside the transmission. To replace this type of slave cylinder the transmission has to be removed.

How it's done:

  • Inspect clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.
  • Check the condition of brake fluid.
  • Inspect the operation of clutch pedal.
  • Remove and replace clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.
  • Bleed all air from the master cylinder.
  • Test drive the vehicle.

Our recommendation:

Usually during an oil change, mechanics check the amount of brake fluid. If you feel a change in the way the clutch pedal feels (softer pedals) when stepping on it, you should have a mechanic inspect the clutch master cylinder and hose. Clutch fluid should be changed every 24,000 miles.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Clutch Slave Cylinder?

  • Clutch pedals goes all the way to the floor.
  • Brake fluid leaking around the clutch pedal.
  • Not able to change gears.

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