15 years of experience
Chicago, IL

I've been an automotive technician for over 12 years and graduated from Lincoln Technical Institute. I've worked at independent shops where I focused on domestic vehicles. I have a great deal of enthusiasm and passion for what I do and take real pleasure in working with customers to get their cars back up and on the road!





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Nissan Altima

on January 29

William was prompt, courteous, informative, polite, and knowledgable. He took great care of my car and explained each step of the process and how to prevent my battery from dying in the future.



Honda Accord

on October 31

William went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that my brakes got fixed. I was sold the wrong part from my car not once but twice. William drove me to the store to get the right part and fixed my vehicle in no time. I truly appreciate his hardwork and dedication to making sure I was a happy consumer.

on September 08

William did a great job installing the wheel bearing. I had to go to Firestone so they could loosen the lug nuts that were put on too tight and William waited till I got back. William was also very informative on what repairs my car needed. I will request William for future repairs.



Honda Accord

on November 14

Bill was very punctual. In fact, he was earl which was perfect! He was so professional and his expertise was very apparent! I totally recommend this service and if you happen to get Bill...you got lucky! Will always use this service going forward!!!

on November 29

William was very polite and respectful. William was determined too repair my car. I appreciated his concern. I would definitely recommend him to a friend or family member.


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Chevrolet HHR

on December 31

William was very kind, knowledgable in repairing my vehicle. I am very, very happy with his service. I would definitely recommend William Green to my family and friends.

on August 03

William was pleasant, friendly, informative and professional. He's so good at what he does he accidentally fixed my A/C in addition to completing the scheduled repairs. He's the only mechanic I want to deal with from now on. If he's busy when I call I will wait until he's available. Sincerely, Margaret Gardner


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Ford Fusion

on August 01

I was told I needed a new alternator. He came out on time and explained to me that I didn't not need one and the reasons why. He did a complete inspection and although he could not figure out why the car stalled, I am happy with the service and feel secure that the all point inspection came back good. He also gave me a list of maintenance that needs to be done which I could see and understand after he showed and explained to me, unlike going to a repair shop and being told this and this is recommended and wondering if they just want money or if it's really needed. William if you're reading this, last night the plugs were changed, throttle cleaned and air filter changed. Tires are being replaced and coolant system flush happening now. Transmission fluid change in a month when I get more money! Thanks so much for answering all my questions and being patient.

on July 31

He was a very concerned person about my vehicle as if it was his he discovered everything that was wrong. He's a great mechanic and I recommend his services on and off the job to anyone who has been without their vehicle. He is the one like neo from the matrix keep up the good work noe oops I mean william



Jeep Cherokee

on December 22

William was great, he was print and knowledgeable about jeeps as he was driving the same car as I, and I had the utmost confidence that he was skilled in the job I had for him. The repair was quick and clean. I was quite pleased with the work done.



Infiniti G37

on June 20

This was a great experience! I highly recommend yourmechanics and William, who was prompt, polite, and efficient. My car battery was replaced in less than an hour at a fair cost.

on June 17

Very good mechanic, he knew instantly what happened to my car. Although he didn't repair anything, he was fully knowledgeable of the issue and helped address my concerns.

on June 20

Saved me a lot of money and stress, thought I was going to have to replace an engine, and instead he found a leak in the radiator. Worked quickly and was very easy to get along with.



Volkswagen Jetta

on June 03

William showed up early, inspected and confirmed the issue, and replaced my battery. William is very polite and pleasant to work with-- I asked him to take a look at my brake pads, which he did and confirmed that they did *not* need to be replaced-- refreshing since some folks will suggest unnecessary work! Overall, five stars, very happy with the service.

on January 25

I had an appointment with William, and i was very pleased with his knowledge of automotive mechanics. He was a very personable individual,also he was prompt with his arrival time which i was very pleased with. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you William.



Chevrolet Impala

on April 03

William was absolutely fantastic! He arrived on time, was very professional. His extensive knowledge of cars showed in his work. He was quick and efficient. I will absolutely return to him. Thank you William!



Cadillac Escalade

on April 04

Will was awesome, showed up 10mins early and replaced my battery and had me all good to go in 30mins tops. Real good guy and I can tell he has been in the business a long time. Great first experience!!!



Buick Century

on January 25

He was very cool and got right to the source of the problem. Made sure the job was done right and he came a long way to fix my car. I'm very satisfied with the services and would highly recommend this mechanic

on September 13

William was on time,reliable, and honest. Informing me of some issues that I knew were to be true pertaining to my vehicle..overall I was very pleased with his services and expertise. .

on December 08

Will be booking him to do the work, checked the jeep out, told me what was wrong,left message on my dashboard, to let me know what time he was arriving.



Honda Civic

on September 22

Knowledgeable and efficient. He got the job done and went the extra mile to explain everything and provide very helpful advice. Will definitely request him in future.

on October 15

Words cannot describe how impressed I am with the service I received from William. I had two appointments with him. One where he diagnosed the issue a second where he fixed it. He showed 20 mins early for the first appointment and 30 minutes early fornthe second! By the time he left my car was in tip top shape and I didn't have to go to a junkyard, dealership, autozone, NOTHIN. To know the service is backed by a warranty was just an added layer of satisfaction to the service. Yourmechanic is the only mechanic I'll ever need!!



Geo Prizm

on October 17

William is a great guy. He was on time and knew what he was doing. After replacing a few things in my car myself, I knew I needed a new starter. William replaced the starter in my car, which was a hard job. He did a great job and my car started. I would definitely recommend William and will be using him again in the future.

on October 02

My car was stuck in my garage andoor would not start. William kept his appt (early) on a Sunday morning and got me started. Woot woot. He is amazing. Thanks to William, I am back on the rode and can drive to work Monday. Very informative and timely mechanic. Women will feel comfortable and he was cool to come to the south side without issues. Great dude.

on December 28

Very professional. I appreciated the effort William took the time to explain the problem and how I could diagnose any other issues myself.

on May 14

Mechanic William inspected my car, told me the reason the car wouldn't started is that I needed a throttle position sensor. He wasn't able to do the repair but I appreciated he honest and the knowledge that he was giving me about the part a needed. If he had done the repair it would've been a five star but I'm thankful for his help anyway, nice guy.

on November 24

William had a slight delay in showing up (out of his control) but he was very professional and willing to be flexible. We had to set up a new time and he promptly showed up at that time and took care of our problem efficiently. He seemed knowledgeable about the problem and took care of the problem within the projected time. We appreciated the convenience and efficiency of using Your Mechanic.

on October 07

He was very helpful, fortunately he was able to detect the problem but unable to fix it. He sent me a quote for what I do need done and that helps out even more.

on January 28

William was great. The situation was not ideal and while I really needed a brake flush he pointed out that it would be a waste of money, since my worn front brakes would not allow the full benefit of a flush.

on March 12

William was solid, showed up on time and his pre-purchase inspection provided the additional confidence I needed to purchase a vehicle from a dealer.

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