9 years of experience
Louisville, KY

I've been an automotive technician for 8 years and am ASE certified. I've worked with diesel shops, AutoZone, a Cadillac dealership, and have served with the military. I'm a GM master technician and am comfortable working on all makes and models. I take pride in every service and repair I do, no matter how routine or complex.





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Dodge Charger
on January 16

Great job and very professional. The alternator was difficult to remove because of all the bolts was over tighten. He got the job done and I was able to continue my traveling. I was stranded for 13 hours.

on October 30

I'm from St. Louis and was basically stranded in Louisville after experiencing some car problems. On a weekend at that, when nobody seemed to be open. Terry came out Sunday morning, explained the problem, and fixed it all up. Back to St. Louis safe and in time for the work week. Terry also was awesome in communicating with me online as I did not have a working phone. Highly recommended. Thank you Terry!

on July 24

Greatest kind of person to hire for car servicing. Smart but humble. Punctual. He seems to take pride in being under the hood which is a great quality. Not only do i prefer him but id personally recommend Mr. Reed to anyone.

on September 25

I can't believe I found this service by using Google. Terry was very professional and showed up 20minutes before my scheduled appointment last. He was very fast, efficient, and knowledgeable. I will definitely use this again!

on July 17

Terry was professional, impressive, friendly, and incredibly helpful. He is a fantastic mechanic and a great guy. I will happily recommend him to everyone I know.



Toyota Tacoma
on July 30

Man Terry was awesome! He diagnosed the problem with my truck and was able to fix it. He spent extra time making sure everything was right and was friendly the entire time. Any questions I had he was able to answer. He did all this while it was pouring down rain! Will use again.



Nissan Maxima
on July 03

Terry was awesome! He was very punctual, knowledgeable, and fast. I would absolutely book Terry again and will recommend him to all my friends.

on November 19

Arrived early and was able to get the job done perfectly in no time. Friendly guy, would definitely recommend.

on December 12

Terry was GREAT! The only problem was with receiving payment on site due to reception trouble.

on September 11

Terry seems to be very knowledgeable and polite and friendly. Of the 3 repairs I scheduled , Terry only completed one. He was unable to complete the tie rod replacement because he forgot to bring the tool. He had also forgot to bring batteries for his power tools which made the one repair he did complete take long than it would have if his power tools were all working. And since they bill based on how long the repairs take, this is kind of an issue.



Hyundai Elantra
on September 25

Terry was very knowledgeable and professional. We'll definitely call him in the future for mechanic service.

on September 10

I requested Terry because he is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend!!

on September 03

Terry was VERY professional and knowledgeable!! Would highly recommend!! Excellent Job


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Chevrolet Trailblazer
on August 21

Terry took the time to explain exactly what was wrong and what work needed to be done.

on September 18

Terry has a very trusting and relaxed approach with the customer. Highly recommended!

on December 18

Excellent service

on December 12

Awesome see you soon馃榾

on September 17


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