26 years of experience
Tulsa, OK

I've been an automotive technician since 1992. Over my career I've worked for Meineke, Sears, Midas, Chrysler, and Ryder. I've worked on all makes and models of vehicles, with specialties including electronics and air conditioning service. Providing excellent communication and customer service is my goal in every job.





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on February 17

Extremely knowledgeable, very respectful and kind. We're very grateful! Will definitely recommend to everyone!

on February 04

He really seemed like he wanted to help,and seemed like he knew what he was doing,he was friendly as well,I have nothing bad to say ,he was also right on time.



Toyota Camry

on January 30

I was very pleased with the work ethics and knowledge and courteous manner that Nathan displayed as he worked on the Camry. I would have him come again if needed. Very detailed.

on February 14

Nathan made our family feel comfortable about taking care of the problem with our only car. I will defiantly recommend him to my coworkers.



Honda Civic

on February 09

Nathan was professional and genuine. He took the time to explain what he was doing and advised me on ways to help my car run better.

on January 04

He was great overall. He was professional and knowledgeable of what he was doing. He had a sticks no-trash policy which was a plus. Great mechanic. Definitely would recommend.

on January 04

Having mobile repair available was fantastic in order to help care for a disabled family member. And Nathan was very understanding and patient with our special needs and took the time to answer lots of questions. We'll definitely call him again.

on January 03

Nathan does a great job at keeping you informed about what he's doing, and his recommendations for what needs to be fixed now or what can wait. He's extremely friendly and very polite. He's my go-to mechanic for any issues or even just questions.


  • Check Drive Belts


Toyota 4Runner

on January 13

Nathan is a professional he knows what he’s doing he explained everything had a great attitude and I will definitely use him many more times

on December 13

No complaints here. Nathan T. was an amazing mechanic! He arrived a bit early for appointment on the plus side. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond to check one thing extra on the side of what I thought was the main problem and if not for that I'd still b without a car. Highly recommend!



GMC Yukon

on December 07

Nathan did a greart job replacing my Water pump and radiator. He also replaced the Power steering pump and now he has replaced my fuel pump.He is very knowledgeable in auto repair and from my experience having him repair my 1999 GMC with 248,000 miles I would recommend him to service all my future repair needs

on December 07

Nathan was on time for the appointment and is very knowledgeable about my car. I look forward to him completing the service once the parts arrive.



Ford F-150

on January 23

Nathan was great! He was early and he found the issue and explained the ins and outs of fixing it. Awesome job!!!!

on July 02

My parents are 88 & 90 years old, and since I do all the driving for their care.. It defineatly took the burden off me to take the car to a shop, wait for it, or make are turn trip to pick it up. The car is a 94 Lincoln and the window part and drivers door handle are hard to locate, so we wil see him when the parts are available to him

on November 16

Great guy! If you're interested with the work being done on your car, he will talk you through, every step of the way. When I had questions, he would answer and explain everything. Will definitely use nathan again for my mechanic work.

on October 14

Nathan was amazing! I will be using his services again. He was very thorough and explained everything to me. YourMechanic is such a genius concept! Why would I go to a repair shop again, when I can have the mechanic come to me?



Lexus GS400

on November 06

After having my car sit in my garage for a month with a dead alternator, I found, and more specifically, Nathan Thorne.'s website was super easy to use, they already had the repair I needed in their system, gave me an exact quote, and let me pick when the repair was going to happen. Now the best part. When the mechanic came out, he determined that the repair was going to take significantly longer than they had quoted...AND DIDN'T UPCHARGE ME. He just did the repair and said since the company's quote on the time for the repair was wrong, he would just deal with them. Couldn't have asked for better service and will definitely recommend and use Nathan Thorne again.

on August 27

While I wish that Nathan could have provided me with better news about my car, he is a very thorough and knowledgeable professional. He showed up on time and carefully went over all of my problem areas on my 2009 VW Rabbit. Based on our discussion, I decided not to pour more money into fixing the problems with the car and instead got a pretty good price for trading it in.

on November 17

Nathan provides very good service. He is very friendly and patient. He explained me what is wrong with the car and give you proper advice. Very good overall communication.

on August 27

Very reliable with giving information and details on diagnoses and suggestions on vehicles. Was punctual and organized and kept me updated as he did his job on my vehicle. Im going to recommend Nathan to everyone... My mechanic is the Future



Hyundai Entourage

on August 03

Nathan was on time and very nice. He worked on my car , we talked and he got the job done. My car is finally running again. I will be using Nathan again and recommending him to others.

on August 22

Nathan Thorne is very professional and knowledgeable. As I cannot lift very much or even get under the car which is due to my health Nathan was right there. Worked fast and I am very pleased.

on July 29

I was a little unsure having never used the YourMechanic service always having to use the typical shop and either get a ride or a tow to the shop. This was service came in very handy and Nathan was very nice and helpful. If I need help again I would use him again no question.

on July 17

Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable as always. I would highly recommend Nathan and will certainly call him again when I have something I can't figure out.

on July 07

He was professional and seemed very straight forward and honest. He took the time and patience to explain what was going on with my truck. I greatly appreciate being treated with respect.


  • Custom Diagnostic


Chrysler Pacifica

on June 30

Nathan was great. He really knows his industry and is genuinely looking out for you. He didn't just tell me what was wrong, he explained the problems and made sure I understood. He answered questions about another problems I was having with my car other than then one he was called out for.I will definitely be calling Nathan for the repair work that needs to be done and any other work i need done in the future. Highly Recommend.

on April 13

Nathan is a super nice and friendly guy! He is very knowledgeable and is very honest! He is not the type of guy to tell you that you need to have stuff done that you don't! He's not there to screw you over! Definitely recommend him!



Kia Rio

on September 02

Excellent service. Worked very hard to uncover the ultimate problem with my car and even came out on his day off to help us out with it. We would definitely recommend 5+ stars

on September 05

Nathan is (as my husband put it) a book of knowledge about cars. I was hesitant having a different mechanic than the one I have used for all of my other services with YM. Only because my previous mechanic was very good as well. However, I will be requesting Nathan for all my future repairs! He knew exactly what our truck needed and reassured us our last service was done correctly. Prompt, professional and very informative. Thank you Nathan!

on September 08

Nathan is an amazing mechanic, I highly recommend him. I was nervous initially, since I never done this service before. At the end of the day I told him I will never take my car to the shop again... Highly recommended..

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