22 years of experience
Las Vegas, NV

I've been an automotive technician since 1996. I work on all makes and models and can perform jobs from routine service inspections to complex engine work. I'm a true diagnostician and love being presented with new challenges - I look forward to working on your car soon.





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on December 28

I own a 2007 Lexus IS250 my alternator went out on Christmas eve. I shopped around for quotes for a couple of days your mechanic gave me a quote for almost half of what others were asking! So I booked. Michael Showed up and got right to work! Me and my husband were VERY impressed with his work! I am very picky with my car, but i will definitely be using your mechanic and Michael again.

on November 10

Service was done in a timely manner and he made sure to check that everything he did was done correctly. I would definitely recommend. Convenient, easy and fairly priced. Thanks!



Toyota Highlander

on August 01

Michael did a fantastic job. He replaced my starter in the the time he said he would and even cleaned my battery cables. I will use this service again. It's so easy to use. Thanks" Michael" Thanks "Your Mechanic"



Ford Edge

on July 21

Michael came early and did the job that was requested. He was friendly and professional and was a great frist impression for the Your Mechanic service.

on July 07

Really great guy knew what he was doing! Quick service as well and he made sure everything was working and we even took a quick ride to make sure our van was running properly thanks mike



Ford Mustang

on January 14

Great. First mechanic convinced me the car had another problem than the one I believed it did, and like an idiot, I let them "fix" it. Three-fourths way to my destination, the problem I thought sprung up again and left me stranded. Once I got towed to where I worked, Michael came in and fixed the problem, the one I originally knew was the cause of the car's trouble. Screw that other guy & thanks to this one. ;)



Toyota 4Runner

on July 06

This was my first time using Your Mechanic and I couldn't be happier with my first impressions of Michael and this company. Michael is an awesome mechanic. Came in, did the job, was social, and went about his day. This has to be the greatest engagement with any type of mechanic I've ever had. I highly recommend Michael and I will be requesting him in the future!!

on July 28

Great mechanic and a nice guy. I typically like to do my own work and am reluctant to seek outside help. When I need help Micheal is the guy I'll call. Thank you.

on July 01

Nothing but praise for "yourmechanic.com" and mechanic Michael. It is so refreshing to deal with a business who focuses on customer loyalty rather than trying to over charge the customer. Now that my service contract has ended with the dealer, I will (gladly) be using your company for all of my vehicle service needs. Also like the fact you have a referral program so I will definitely send lots of referrals!



Mazda 6

on May 25

The alternator went out on my car and was replaced by Your Mechanic, then within about a week it went out again. (I have since heard that it is not all that uncommon for an alternator to go out shortly after being replaced). Your Mechanic fully honored the warranty, and Michael came out and replaced it in a very timely manner, at no charge. I was also not charged for the inspection performed to be sure that the problem was indeed the alternator. Michael arrived on time, was professional, friendly and courteous and installed a new alternator. My car is now running just fine. I would highly recommend Michael and Your Mechanic.

on April 17

He was right on time and did a great job. I would schedule him again. I did have a problem with my final price being $60 more than what my quote email says for the service done. It's not his fault I'll be contacting the company about it later. Otherwise great service.

on August 16

Had to get my harmonic balancer fixed but the bolt broke in half and part was stuck in the engine.. Michael came back a few days later and got it out and finished the job! Definitely enjoy a mechanic that comes to you and keeps you informed every step of the way!! If needed, I would book a job with him again!!!



Nissan Murano

on August 11

Michael did a great job with replacing the radiator in my 2009 Nissan Murano. Thank you Michael. I hate car troubles, but thanks for helping us through it!

on April 11

Michael performed the task requested (pre-purchase inspection) and inspected some specifics I additionally requested. He also responded promptly to my follow-up questions as I was not onsite when the inspection was done.



Ford Explorer

on April 03

Michael was prompt and courteous. He arrived exactly on time and performed everything he said he would do. I would HIGHLY recommend him again and will tell all my friends about him as well!!

on March 24

Michael was very cool. He was on time, we went over the process and everything went great because I was in the garage watching TV while he was working on the car and it didn't even distract him.

on February 23

hey mike where is my service report and i got charged 70 insted of 64. i have no paperwork on what u found about my oil pan, a pro disposition, a written quote on how to fix it. i need all this for crook mechanic, AAA, and local pd. thx man !

on September 17

Michael was outstanding; he arrived on time and completed the service work on my car quickly and professionally. I did not want to have my car towed and really appreciated Michael coming to my home to fix my car. I highly recommend Michael. John M



Toyota Camry

on September 20

Michael was great. He was on time and very skilled. He took care of everything and I highly recommend him for any repair you might need. We are very satisfied!


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Chrysler Concorde

on February 22

Excellent Mechanic. Through analysis, found the problem and it was solved. Will request him again and as before promote your service to friends and neighbors.

on October 10

Michael was very professional on time and didn't excellent job repairing my truck. He also did a thorough inspection of everything else on the truck at no extra charge I recommend this service to anybody instead of opting to have your car towed and pay out rages service fees. I have recommended the service to many people including my father-in-law

on October 13

Michael was professional and knowledgeable. He came to the agreed place before me to make a pre-purchase car check. He answered all of my questions about the conditions of the car and possible repairs.

on December 12

Michael called to let me know he could come earlier if it was okay with us. He was courteous and done in a flash. I will be using this service again!



Ford Explorer

on December 24

Michael was a good mechanic. I scheduled a spark plug change along with the spark plug wires. He ended up breaking one of the plugs in the head of the engine. I recommended he use WD-40 to help with the removal before the plug broke. He didn't use my suggestion that time, and the plug broke, but used it on the rest of the plugs and they came out fine. When he called me after, he seemed to indicate the broken plug was no bodies fault and it broke due to the age of the plug. This bothered me but I didn't say anything. Here's the part where "Your Mechanic" stepped up. Your Mechanic called and said they would find an agency to remove the broken plug. They found a local mechanic to extract the broken plug and replace it with a new spark plug. This was amazing for a company to take responsibility for getting my vehicle running. I recommend Your Mechanic to everyone. Try them once....work is performed at the convenience of your own home and at a better cost than bringing it to a shop. You won't go back to a shop.

on December 16

Very professional and thorough! Michael showed up on time and he was already waiting for me next to my truck when I came out. I told him my concerns and the concerns brought up by few mechanics when I had my car smog checked for registration renewal a few weeks back and the issues always annotated by the mechanics who regularly change my oil for the last 2 oil changes. I was given few quotes by those auto mechanics to rectify those alleged issues. Michael, after inspecting my almost 20yo truck, gave her a good bill of health and said not to worry since she's good for the long drive to CA and back. Michael saved my truck from the unnecessary repairs thus saving me substantial amount of money. Thanks for the $aving$, and for the peace of mind! .

on December 03

Showed up on time. Didn't mind working outside, even though it was windy and cooler than usual. Credited back my card for work requested that wasn't necessary, did a thorough inspection and explained the repairs done and specific problems identified. Work was completed ahead of schedule. I will definitely use his service again and recommend to others.

on November 24

Michael is very knowledgeable and courteous. He got the completed the oil change and inspection incredibly quickly and provided advice on a couple of areas I was concerned with. He made me aware of what he was doing as he was doing it.

on November 08

It was a very pleasant experience working with Michael. I was told from another shop that the power steering pump and hose would need to be replaced and quoted $700. Upon the first few minutes of Michael looking at the car, he found only the hose for the power steering assembly needed to be replaced which was considerably cheaper. No issues, no hassle, or worries with Michael replacing the hose. He answered all of my questions and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He'll be my go-to-guy for all my maintenance request.

on November 19

Did exactly what I needed him to do. Fixed rear drum brake that was completely disassembled and leaking fluid. Charged me the price that was quoted by the website. Michael even stayed after finishing the brake to help me fix a battery issue that was causing troubles.

on October 05

We could not be happier with the repairs made by Michael. He was not only early for the appointment but he did a great job. He checked out everything and gave suggested times to get various things done to the car down the road. We will definitely request Michael for our future needs. Thanks, Michael.

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