36 years of experience
Columbus, OH

I have been in the automotive repair industry for 35+ years. I have experience on domestic,Asian and European models. My knowledge span covers model-T to current production years. I have worked for various establishments from Goodyear, Firestone, independent shops to dealerships. I have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and repair you vehicle right the first time.





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on April 19

This was not the first time Michael has worked on one of our cars, and he was again courteous, knowledgeable, and expedient with his service.

on March 12

Awesome experience. Very knowledgeable and did the job to a T! Its a reason why he has all positive reviews, great work and a quality price. I don't know how much more I can add to what all the other great reviews customers left before me. He is my new go to guy!

on March 12

My experience was excellent very knowledgeable and a pleasant guy got straight to the point let me know what I needed to worry about first-hand and what I needed to worry about later I would recommend him to my friends five stars all the way

on March 02

Michael was very professional, kind, courteous, attentive. He listened to what I had to say and helped to find the solution to the problem. Thank you, Mike, for everything you did to get me back on the road. 馃槉

on March 09

Great work, on time and very friendly and nice. Knows what he is doing and knows his way around cars. Will have him do more work with my car.

on February 27

Had a wonderful experience w/ YourMechanic and Michael as their rep. He was kind, thorough, and willing to answer my repeated questions. In this instance, the cost was also worthwhile. Very likely to consider this service again and Michael was excellent!

on February 14

He was on time (early even!) And got the job done ahead of schedule. Our Chrysler needed a lot of brake work and he took care of everything correctly, the car is running much smoother now. Michael is very knowledgeable and we will absolutely book with him again in the future.

on January 30

Michael is extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. He gives good advice and is a joy to work with. He gave me complete confidence in the purchase of the car we were considering.



Chevrolet S10
on January 29

My first experience with yourmechanic.com. I will recommend it to everyone I speak with. What an awesome service AND I am so pleased to know that Michael will receive notice for any further work I need completed. Keep up the great work !!! --Chuck

on January 25

I had an issue which turns out to be something different. Michael was very knowledgeable about the situation. I had a diagnosis done and will be booking Michael again for the remaining job that needs to be completed.

on January 23

Michael was knowledgeable, shared experience with me, made some awesome recommendations and even though stout Mechanic did not handle my type or repair, made sure I had a list of reputable shops to take care of me.

on November 28

Very thorough with the 50 point inspection...very professional and knowledgeable...Car issue fixed in a short amount of time and now starts right away

on September 30

Michael worked with me every step of the way and told me exactly what was going on but unfortunately was unable to replace the radiator because of where the radiator sits and it was quite bent but not his fault at all. If it was not like that, then Michael would have had no problem replacing the radiator. If my car is in need of any other services, Michael will be called.



Ford Fusion
on October 12

Had a great experience with Micheal. He is very professional and make sure the job is done correctly.Micheal was also very helpful with additional information on my Vehicle.馃憤

on October 10

Firstly Micheal was punctual. He came before the appointment time. He was very professional. He explained everything very nicely and coherently. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to have a used car inspected before buying it.

on October 15

Michael was AWESOME!!! Such an encyclopedic knowledge of extremely beneficial information on car problems/solutions. Even when other mechanics couldn't figure out what the problem was with my car, Michael DID and successfully repaired it. He showed up at my house ON TIME (actually he was 20 minutes Early), he was extremely friendly and most importantly, GENUINE and HONEST, which most auto-mechanics and auto-repair shops are NOT nowadays! He gave me very valuable information on future upkeep on my car and answered ALL of my dozens of questions. He was VERY PROFESSIONAL and I could tell he truly cared about me and didn't try to "snake-me" out of my money on unnecessary repairs like they do in the shops. Because of my satisfaction and experience with Michael today, I'm referring my whole family to him. FIVE STARS!!!!

on October 14

He doesn't just come to do the service. He offers advice and teaches you on what he's doing to your car. It's nice to have my car fixed but he also passes on knowledge so that you know why the car needs what he's doing. Great mechanic.

on October 30

Michael was early to the appointment, knowledgeable about the repair, friendly and courteous. I immediately felt that he was trustworthy and would request him again.

on January 19

He was amazing. He called ahead. I received an email and was able to track his whereabouts. I never knew this service existed. Michael was super nice, knowledgeable, and he took the time to explain everything. I would recommend him to everyone. I am very inpatient and was super excited that he arrived a little early and the job did not take long. Thank you so much

on January 20

I like his work the first time and now again. I like the fact that he is know the cars and has many years of experience. I will continue to ask for Michael.

on January 14

He showed up on time and diagnosed the problem quickly. He seemed very knowledgeable. I can't speak for his work yet because this was just a diagnostic appointment, but I am planning to use him to do the work. This whole process was so convenient; I wish I had found YourMechanic sooner!

on January 14

Michael was very professional, honest, and I felt like I was treated fair, and I will not go to any other place now that I've found this app!! It was not stressful, and I loved the convenience and he is a great mechanic! Michael was friendly, and gave me step by step details on what was happening and things about my car! I didn't have a long time to wait on him, he actually came early! Thanks Michael!

on November 07

Michael arrived about 15 minutes early, explained the process and then got to work on my repair. I appreciated the convenience of the service, the heads up (without pressure) of items that may need to be checked in the future, and the quality work that was done. I liked the 'no-surprise' aspect of this service and felt like I was not being taken advantage of.



Chevrolet Equinox
on January 06

Michael was fantastic!! I can't say enough about his professionalism, flexibility and ease of doing business with! You guys have earned a customer for life! I've also shared my experience with my family and you should see at least three new customers. I hope I can work with him again on my automobile issues!



Dodge Charger
on January 05

Michael is very professional, he arrived early which was great. I had him replace the alternator and serpentine belt. When he arrived he explained everything he would be doing he did a 50 point inspection and gave me report of things that would need repaired in the near future. He has a lot of knowledge about vechicals. I'm very pleased with is work and truly would recommend him.

on January 09

Michael was excellent in explaining what was going on with my vehicle. Friendly, comfortable, and knowledgeable are the words that immediately come to mind. He came out to my vehicle a total of three times and helped me each time even if he couldn't do much. This most recent time, he educated me on what was going on and opened my eyes to some issues that I had no idea about. I appreciate his amazing customer service and honesty. Micheal, thank you.

on November 14

Mike showed up early and completed the work early. He stuck around after to chat about cars and gave us advice for repairs that need to be done and others that could be postponed. We like Mike!

on November 16

Mr. Woods was on time and came prepared to do the requested work. He is very knowledgable and professional. He is a walking automotive encyclopedia. I enjoyed meeting him. He gave me a great deal of important information about my truck.

on November 29

Michael was early to the appointment, and explained everything he was going to perform. When he was finished up, he talked to me about several items to look for in the near future. I would highly recommend Michael for any automotive repairs.

on December 22

Showed up early performed promised service underestimated time and was very friendly and knowledgeable. Would like to have this man over for a beer.

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