11 years of experience
Nashville, TN

I've been an automotive technician since 2006. I grew up in a family of mechanics and have worked on everything from heavy equipment to generators. I love working with customers to figure out the reason your car isn't operating at its full potential - and then performing the necessary job to get it running well.





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on September 21

The most painless automotive repair experience i have had in my life! Joe was very friendly and professional. I provided the parts (serpentine belt), all i had to pay was labor cost ($74). Service and price well worth it!!!

on September 19

Joe was very thorough and very straightforward in his work.Joe was the exact mechanic I was looking for.Someone that gets down to the root of the problem. Very good experience and looking for to him working on my vehicle.

on August 16

Joe came out early, went over the job and would have done it if the parts were not rusted together. He charged me for the call/diagnostic, a fair price, and made professional recommendations on what to do next.

on August 12

Awesome mechanic, have had him twice and both times he was very helpful and informative. He always takes care of anything extra I need and if there's any concerns I have about any part of the car he always makes sure to check it out too!

on September 18

As always very professional and personable. Makes sure that all my questions are answered and I feel like I'm not being taken for a ride.

on July 28

Joe was a pleasure to work with. He showed up to my home on time with everything needed to complete the job and didn't leave until he was positive everything was satisfactory to me. I will definitely use him again. A great guy and superb mechanic.

on August 12

This will be the third time he has serviced our ONLY car so he is always helpful, understanding of the importance of fixing it in a timely manner and absolutely makes sure that we are on the same page

on August 07

Sent me a text and updated me on his arrival time, very knowledgeable and courteous, finally feel I have a good trustworthy mechanic

on July 21

Gave an honest and unbiased opinion of condition of car and any future problems that are likely to pop up. Responded promptly to any concerns.

on August 07

Completed work and everything seems to be working well. The final pricing ended up increasing compared to the original estimate, but I think was more due to YM not booking the proper amount of labor on the spark plug wire replacement. This was my first experience with YM and will most likely use them again.

on July 02

Joe was one of best, honest mechanics who's helped me in a very long time and I truly appreciate all of his recommendation for solution to my vehicles issues.

on April 20

Joe was very thorough. I felt much better and more knowledgable about what is going on with my truck. I would definitely use this service from now on and also recommend this to others. The convenience is awesome.

on January 06

Joe was wonderful. He arrived right on time, I was concerned about him working in such cold weather. He was not concerned at all and said he was use to it. It is great to find a mechanic I can trust.



Honda Accord
on July 15

Professional, knowledgeable, fast, and seemed like an all-around nice guy. My whole experience was great. So happy and THANKFUL that a service like this exists!!

on February 26

Joe was great. This was my first experience with YM. I would like to say it was a smooth and flawless experience, but upon arrival, Joe realized that the wrong part had been ordered by YM (I have a hybrid Mariner vs. standard). Joe was apologetic and kept me updated throughout the entire process. He completed the repair the following day and the cost of the repair was significantly less than the price that had been quoted by a local repair shop. I will definitely use YM again and highly recommend Joe.

on September 24

Joe was great very thorough, seems very honest and not trying to cheat consumers which has been my experience in the past with vehicle repairs, looking forward to booking an appt and would tell friends and relatives.



Ford Taurus
on December 08

Joe arrived 30 minutes early to the appointment, and I didn't even realize it! He changed out my fuel filter while I was at work, and I came back out to get my keys from him exactly an hour after he started, true to the estimated labor time. My favorite thing about the service is that I wasn't pressured into any further repairs. Work was performed perfectly within scope.

on December 21

Joe was AWESOME! I called to let me know that he could come earlier and was actually already here so I didn't have to wait on him. All I had to do was give him my keys. He was finished in less than an hour and then gave me some great recommendations on things I need to have done on my car and talked to me about some of my concerns that I had previously. I will definitely use him again!



Kia Optima
on May 12

Joe was awesome. Did a great job. I would highly recommend. The only issue I have is with the site. I expected to pay exactly what I was quoted but was charged more. That's on the site not Joe's fault

on May 02

Joe went far above my expectations. This was a great experience . Showed up on time did the job and heater/a.c. Is blowing again. The cost was $111 less than my local garage's quote and the convience was good, didn't have to do without my car all day or ask for rides. I will be using Joe again.

on April 29

Very nice guy, did great work and spent time talking about my vehicle and explaining the other diagnosis. It was great to have our SUV fixed in our driveway first thing Saturday am. Having the option to supply your own parts is a HUGE plus. I'd highly recommend working with this mechanic. Dudes a straight shooter from the hip. Hard to find in the world of car repair.

on April 25

Was nervous and skeptical. Work vehicle is 15 years old. Only need it for a few more months,until new one gets here.Everything went as planned. I was thoroughly impressed. Joe called inform the job was done. I will recommend him and your mechanic. I will be using this service again.



Pontiac G5
on January 04

Joe was great; plan on using him again for all my servicing needs. I had several services scheduled to be done: Joe told me which ones I didn't need, or wouldn't need until the future and kept the ones I did.

on January 18

Joe was very thorough with the pre-purchase inspection and clearly explained the car's condition. It's a shame I don't live in Tennessee but if I did I'd definitely refer to him again. Thanks!

on March 31

Joe was great! He actually had to come out twice because a part needed to be ordered and each time he was professional informative and fast! I would highly recommend him! It's good to know I now have a go-to mechanic!

on June 12

Joe was excellent at diagnosing the problem with my truck and gave me the confidence to complete the repair myself. He made it clear that I was welcome to contact him for advice if needed (which thankfully I didn't) once he'd left. A proper gent, thanks!

on October 27

Joe acted very professional and did a great job getting my car running. He was very friendly and explained everything in detail. In addition to the explanation he took the time to show me the things he would recommend instead of simply adding them to a report. This type of service is extremely rare.



Ford Ranger
on February 16

First timer w this service..seems much better and safer than using Craigslist. There was a glitch w website that allowed mech to be scheduled the next day..but then was notified on day of appt he was already booked up.."your Mechanic " is suppose to give him 24 hrs any rate Joe called and explained.. he came out next bz day and completed the work..takes pics of part etc..has detailed bill..didn't have to be there w cash like Craigslist guys.Would use them again..



Ford Escape
on May 31

I have never used a mobile mechanic service and did not know what to expect. Joe was professional and did a great job. I will definitely use his service again.

on November 23

Joe is a nice guy that does good work in a professional manner. I recommend him to anyone looking for convenient and quality auto service. This is my first experience with Your Mechanic but I will use them from now on. Price is much cheaper than the dealership and you don't have to worry about whether or not you actually received synthetic oil or some generic cheap oil because the mechanic shows up with the parts, fluids, etc. for you to see what is being used. With big box store auto centers and independent garages, you never really know what you are getting.

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